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    any thing in a park of fun be a fair, carnival, festival, amusment park or theme park

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  1. Well... it will probally be a ride because that seems to be the pattern in the last decade
  2. Inside-Larosas by Diamonback (because it has mozzarella sticks) Outside- Micky d's
  3. And it seems Vortex is now red with blue supports
  4. But the crypt is like a haunt ride alreay with the demons and such
  5. Does Kings Island even use Timberwolf anymore there website has no listed shows nor Wikipedia Anyone know?
  6. fear the four and my spoungebob one The SB 1 is from a looooooong time ago
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    And i like B&M for makers
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    (hi im new)What is Your top three favoratepark managers :Mine 1.Cedar Fair 2.six flags 3.sea world parks and entertanment top three ride inventers 1. HUSS 2. intamin 3.TOGO (i know there out of buissness) Top five Parks 1.Kings Island 2.Cedar Point 3.six flags new jersey 4.dolly wood 5.six flags new england top 10 rides 1. Vortex at KI 2. Flight of Fear at KI 3. Firehawk at KI 4. Bizaro at SFNE at 5. kingda ka at SFNJ 6.Tenesse twister at Dolly Wood 7.Diamond Back at KI 8.Mantis at CP 9. Millenium Force at CP 10.White Water Rafting Rides Thanks for voting;)
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