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  1. PGA: Paramounts Great America they have it decked out with Spongebob's Pineapple house and a Patrick statue sitting on rock they also have bubble machine behind the ride.
  2. Well you may not BUT a lot of parents will...Spongebob is popular among toddlers,Tweens,Teens and Adults so I think the movie will do VERY well at the Box office when it opens. Paramount already has a ride themed to Spongebob its called Spongbobs Boatmobiles.
  3. Cool I might just have to do that Coney rocks I havent been their in a long time
  4. I always like the Color of the Tower and I like the french The REAL effiel tower is awsome by far.
  5. Let me just say the show was Really Odd.
  6. I miss McScrappys Farm And Scrappys Slide!
  7. Leave it to ol scoob to get things right! Sounds like the new cartoon is wicked! I would mind seeing the smurfs back in PKI hey Iam sure more people would to take there kids to see the smurfs and to see them for themeselves
  8. Hey its for a Good cause.
  9. they closed it down in 1997
  10. I just dont like smelling that nasty smell or having smokers around kids who do it just to get there FIX!
  11. Cool if Azrael does look like a CGI Garfield that movie and new cartoon will Rule.Iam sure the Smurfs comeback will be huge.
  12. YAY!!!! I love the smurfs they were so cool,and as for Pound Puppies returning thats just too awsome.Care Bears are cool...so a new Smurf series wont be what like the one from the 80's? I dont care man,as long as the Smurfs are back I will be very happy.sounds like a Revenge of the 80's is upon us. and as for The Smurf Ride Returning I would LOVE that! I grow up with that ride it was my first Ride ever!!! I think IF Paramount ever got the Rights to The Smurfs they should make a river adventure ride like the Jurassic Park River Adventure at IOA but make it themed to Smurfs...Have it start out as all happy go lucky in Smurfvillage and then as you travel down the riverbank a log knocks you off course and into the river near Gargamels Manor and as you travel down the waterfall near Gargamels Manor Gargamels Cat comes after you!!! HEY just givin ideas off here.
  13. Dino2003


    Yeah and its gonna be called Jimmy Neutrons Rocket coaster....
  14. Dino2003

    The Italian Job

    ^ I think you have something Their scoob!
  15. aww who doesnt love Al?? Iam sure it was just a simple mistake.
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