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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Regular passes for 2011 also did not include Haunt. That's why I had to buy two gold passes (wife and I) when only 1 person really needed the free parking.
  2. Lines for The Beast were out to near the Pizza place and Diamonback was past the Buffett building. Super crowed tonight.
  3. I had to park in row 75 by the electric poles past the enterance to boomerang bang. Its certainly crowded. WindSeeker is 90 minutes or longer wait.
  4. Right now the park is the busiest I've seen it this year.
  5. The $70 price point is all the appreciation I need.
  6. I'm 29 years old so I won't be scared. Just want to check it out.
  7. They don't even call it 'pro wrestling' anymore. Its 'Sports Entertainment' and they aren't 'wrestlers' they are 'Superstars'. So, they aren't acting like it's a sport at all.
  8. 2nd thread this month about someone ignoring orders and then complaining about their 'treatment'.
  9. Hehe as a fellow attorney I always laugh at the (necessary) disclaimers on a message board.
  10. Confirmed Open by their twitter. http://bit.ly/o1wLRk
  11. Hopefully Whodey gets the message that it's probably not a good idea to break the law and then complain about it. When I was at the park Saturday I heard a few ride ops talking about phones on both The Beast and Stunt Coaster. Maybe it's a point management has been stressing recently.
  12. Diamondback was working last night from 7:30 to close.
  13. If the increased revenue brings new rides or themes I'll be in support of this move. However the Capitolist in me doesn't think this will happen.
  14. 1. no 2. Yes At Great Adventure they block off at least two rows per train for Fast Past users. So that slows the line down because less people in the general que can board per hour.
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