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  1. https://www.kalahariresorts.com/covid-19-update/ " With the recent guidance from the state officials restricting large gatherings, we have made the decision to temporarily close all locations and plan to re-open as directed below: Ohio, Friday, June 5, 2020 Pennsylvania on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 Wisconsin on Wednesday, May, 27, 2020 Lake Delton Waterfront Villas, now open* Trappers Turn Golf Club, now open" I think they are too optimistic about the PA location reopening next month. The county Kalahari is in is still in the red level (stay at home). They might not get to yellow by then It has to get to green to reopen.
  2. Six Flags Great Adventure is reopening the safari as a drive through attraction (how it used to be before 2013). https://www.nj.com/news/2020/05/six-flags-drive-through-safari-is-back-after-coronavirus-restrictions-loosened.html
  3. Diamond Elite and Diamond Members It sounds like Platinum and Gold Members are at the same priority reservation level as season pass holders
  4. I'm guessing the penalty will be similar to anyone with a Diamond or Diamond Elite membership and has to reserve preferred parking. If you reserve it, and don't cancel up to the day before your visit and then don't show up, you lose preferred parking privileges for 30 days.
  5. I like that idea, the closest they have gotten to that is having green lights on Dominator and Eagles flags on the tower when the Eagles were in the NFC Championship and then the Super Bowl 2 years ago. https://facebook.com/dorneypark/photos/and-dominator-stays-green-gobirds-flyeaglesfly-superbowlbound/10156018187836788/
  6. That's what Disney does for their thrill rides and coasters and it is great for fast dispatches.
  7. That would be great. At other parks that already have them at the exits to rides like Hersheypark, I used sanitizer after almost every ride just to be extra cautious (and also was my hands frequently as well). I'm also hoping to see Valleyfair, Michigan's Adventure, Dorney and Worlds of Fun all get coasters soon. Even if they start to add coasters to those parks in 2022, that would make it 14 - 15 years since those parks last got a coaster that is still operating.
  8. I think that's an interesting idea, especially since in addition to the thrill rides added to BGW, they lost their antique car ride (although that was around 14 years ago) and dark ride both of which Kings Dominion has.
  9. I'm kind of surprised to see weaker pass sales with how cheap they are. I paid around $150 for my 2020 Gold Pass with Premium Dining. It's almost ridiculous that $150 gets you into all Six Flags parks with free parking, 2 meals and a snack every visit and a souvenir bottle with free refills all season, multiple bring a friend free tickets (including a free friend ticket just for buying the pass) and other smaller perks. That's the Great Adventure price, other Six Flags parks charge even less than that.
  10. 1. Bat 2. Diamondback, 2nd favorite coaster I have ridden in any Cedar Fair park I have been too 3. Millennium Force, my overall favorite steel coaster including non Cedar Fair parks. 4. Other, GhostRider 5. Stinger
  11. Hersheypark, they have one of my favorite coaster collections and adding a B&M Hyper will only make it better. They also have a great non coaster ride lineup as well with all different thrill levels.
  12. It's like that at almost all larger parks this time of year. Great Adventure frequently has to have people park in their separate gate water park parking lot because the main lot and over flow lot fill up during Fright Fest. Yesterday Hersheypark had 3 hour waits for a few rides and that's with the park having no haunted houses, mazes or scare zones.
  13. Potential pros: Cheaper season passes/memberships, longer operating season, more coasters and rides open for Winterfest, Winterest open during the early afternoon, free souvenir cup with refills with the top dining plan, more dining plan options, a snack with the dining plan, more parks in the chain get a new ride almost every year, cheaper All Season Flash Pass/Fast Lane. Potential cons: more restrictive dining plan hours, extra fees like tube rentals in water parks and some rides may not allow phones in line, possible worse operations and more closed rides, parks with a current Six Flags near them could suffer, parks are more crowded because of cheap season pass prices, more ads throughout the parks and coaster trains could be wrapped with advertisements, few or no more major coaster investments.
  14. I'm looking forward to having a Raptor coaster 2 1/2 hours away. I haven't ridden either of the Raptor coasters but since the reviews of those 2 have been so positive, I am expecting it to be a great coaster. I also like that it has 12 seats per train and 4 trains to help the capacity and allow Great Adventure to run multiple trains during Holiday in the Park (if it is open). Because of maintenance, the coasters that only have 2 trains like Superman and Green Lantern go to 1 train operations for most of November and all of December.
  15. I am probably over analyzing this but All Season FastLane Plus went from $125 in 2018 and 2019 to $175 in 2020. Maybe there is an increase because there is going to be some new addition that will be on FastLane?
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