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  1. I am probably over analyzing this but All Season FastLane Plus went from $125 in 2018 and 2019 to $175 in 2020. Maybe there is an increase because there is going to be some new addition that will be on FastLane?
  2. I'm going to remain optimistic and hope for a coaster but I know it is probably unlikely.
  3. I'm really hoping that isn't going to be it for 2020 especially since the park is long overdue for a new coaster (although I realize it's probably not happening) but Island Water Works isn't in the best condition with various things in the structure no longer working.
  4. Dorney sent me a free Fast Lane Plus reward. I already have All Season Fast Lane Plus (I'm not sure if I would be allowed to redeem both on the same day and give the Pass Perks Fast Lane wristband to someone else).
  5. It looks like the program varies by park. Kings Island and Dorney's rewards look similar with Dorney also having bring a friend tickets as rewards. Kings Dominion has no rewards, just entires to win a VIP experience: https://www.kingsdominion.com/tickets-passes/season-passes/pass-perks
  6. I have ridden 148 coasters. Wooden Coasters: 1. Boulder Dash, The layout is great with a lot of air time, it uses the terrain well and you feel like you are racing through the woods.2. El Toro3. Ghostrider4. Comet (Hersheypark)5. The Beast6. Lightning Racer7. White Lightning 8. Twister 9. Great White10. Thunderbolt (Kennywood) Steel Coasters: 1. Millennium Force, I like how this coaster is smooth, the overbank turns are fun, the first drop is great and the ride time is great, not 30 seconds like some other coasters.2. Nitro3. Diamondback4. Raptor5. Banshee6. Maverick7. Montu8. Talon9. Dueling Dragons: Fire10. Dueling Dragons: Ice If only currently operating coasters count, my 9 and 10 ranked steel coasters would be Cheetah Hunt and sooperdooperlooper.
  7. At Disneyland, it sounds like smokers are going to have to walk to an area outside the parks past the security checkpoint to be able to smoke. If it's like that at Disney World too, I can see smokers ignoring the rule at both resorts and trying to go to a quieter area of the park and just smoke there instead and hope they don't get caught rather than take the time to leave the park, smoke and wait in a security line again. I have never smoked and never will but I would have preferred they keep 1 or 2 smoking sections in each park away from the crowds and had a policy like at Six Flags, if someone smokes outside the designated area, they get kicked out of the park with no warning or second chance.
  8. Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa. The only smooth part of the ride was the pre-lift section and lift hill. It gave me an almost instant headache. Only the Tiger side was running and it was so bad that even if the Lion side had been running as well, I would have skipped riding the 2nd track for another coaster credit. This was with the Millennium Flyer trains and I would hate to see how rough the coaster was with the original PTC trains.
  9. My last trip to Kings Dominion was 2003 before becoming a coaster enthusiast. The only coasters I have ridden there are one side of Racer 75 and Woodstock Express. I was hoping to get back there in the next few years and was really looking forward to trying Volcano.
  10. Very cool, Horizons is probably my most missed ride from all of WDW and it is interesting to see some close up video of the ride. I miss the old Epcot in general, all those high capacity rides that were 10 - 15 minutes and had so much to see. I wish they would have kept Horizons and World of Motion and built Mission Space and Test Track elsewhere like maybe Mission Space in Wonders of Life's spot.
  11. After visiting the park tonight, I can see why the new entrance is needed. It wasn't crowded at all (most waits for the coasters were 5 - 15 minutes except the coasters running 1 train like Great Bear) and getting there at opening, the line to get into the park was all the way to where the tram drop off is. It took 15 minutes which isn't terrible but on a crowded day it would probably take much longer.
  12. I think that does hurt attendance. Not only just coasters but new rides in general. Dorney got nothing in 2016, 2018 and 2019 (and both 2017 rides replaced rides that were removed so no rides were gained). I don't think Michigan's Adventure has gotten any kind of ride additions recently either. And in Dorney's case, they have their main competitors adding coasters every 4 - 5 years and some kind of new ride almost every year that coasters aren't added.
  13. I'm looking forward to whatever they add. If it was a different style hyper coaster than Skyrush, I think it would be a good addition. Skyrush is a love it or hate it type of ride. Nitro and Diamondback are my 2nd and 3rd favorite steel coasters and if it ends up being a B&M hyper, I'd be happy with that. I also hope that whatever the addition is has decent capacity. The most recent coaster Laff Trakk, can get a 45 minute wait on days the park isn't crowded and last weekend had the longest wait in the park at 2 hours (sooperdooperlooper was also 90 minutes at one point on Saturday to give an idea of how crowded it was). Fahrenheit is almost as bad.
  14. I remember going there in 1996 because it was free to enter during the CNE. Getting a chance to play N64 early was probably my favorite part of that day because of how hyped I was for the console to be released. I still remember playing Mario 64 for the first time and seeing Mario run around in 3D was amazing. I was also talking to one of the Nintendo workers there about how excited I was for the system. They ended up giving me a Donkey Kong Country VHS tape and a N64 t-shirt that I still have.
  15. I wish they gave more time to process the season pass to get the free upgrade to gold. For Great Adventure it has to be processed by September 30th, if it was until the end of the season or even before Holiday in the Park begins it wouldn't have been that bad.
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