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  1. After visiting the park tonight, I can see why the new entrance is needed. It wasn't crowded at all (most waits for the coasters were 5 - 15 minutes except the coasters running 1 train like Great Bear) and getting there at opening, the line to get into the park was all the way to where the tram drop off is. It took 15 minutes which isn't terrible but on a crowded day it would probably take much longer.
  2. I think that does hurt attendance. Not only just coasters but new rides in general. Dorney got nothing in 2016, 2018 and 2019 (and both 2017 rides replaced rides that were removed so no rides were gained). I don't think Michigan's Adventure has gotten any kind of ride additions recently either. And in Dorney's case, they have their main competitors adding coasters every 4 - 5 years and some kind of new ride almost every year that coasters aren't added.
  3. I'm looking forward to whatever they add. If it was a different style hyper coaster than Skyrush, I think it would be a good addition. Skyrush is a love it or hate it type of ride. Nitro and Diamondback are my 2nd and 3rd favorite steel coasters and if it ends up being a B&M hyper, I'd be happy with that. I also hope that whatever the addition is has decent capacity. The most recent coaster Laff Trakk, can get a 45 minute wait on days the park isn't crowded and last weekend had the longest wait in the park at 2 hours (sooperdooperlooper was also 90 minutes at one point on Saturday to give an idea of how crowded it was). Fahrenheit is almost as bad.
  4. I remember going there in 1996 because it was free to enter during the CNE. Getting a chance to play N64 early was probably my favorite part of that day because of how hyped I was for the console to be released. I still remember playing Mario 64 for the first time and seeing Mario run around in 3D was amazing. I was also talking to one of the Nintendo workers there about how excited I was for the system. They ended up giving me a Donkey Kong Country VHS tape and a N64 t-shirt that I still have.
  5. VekomaRulz

    SIX 2019

    I wish they gave more time to process the season pass to get the free upgrade to gold. For Great Adventure it has to be processed by September 30th, if it was until the end of the season or even before Holiday in the Park begins it wouldn't have been that bad.
  6. VekomaRulz

    Has anyone been the only one on a certain ride before

    None at Kings Island but I have gotten solo rides at other parks. Dorney: Talon, Hydra, Thunderhawk, Stinger, Laser Great Adventure: Bizarro, Runaway Mine Train, Batman the Ride, Great American Scream Machine, Skull Mountain
  7. I'm glad you liked Zumanjaro. I also agree about Jusitce League. It almost feels like I am at a park in Orlando with the queue and the ride itself being so high quality. Nitro is also my 2nd favorite steel coaster. I couldn't decide if I liked Nitro or Diamondback better but gave the slight edge to Nitro. The Dark Knight used to have more theming and effects. Sadly, many stopped working or were removed within a few years of opening like the billboards that were holograms.
  8. A lot of Great Adventure's rides are even worse than Great Bear's exit and entrance setup. Zumanjaro, Superman and Green Lantern are the 3 really bad ones. I think they have 1 train running on each side of Lightning Racer all but 1 time I have been to Hershey this year. I hope they at least kept all rows open while you are there. There have been times they close the middle rows even with a full station and 1 train on each side.
  9. It's my favorite spinner as well for the same reason. Other spinning coasters like Sierra Sidewinder make me dizzy.
  10. Great report. Operations have been worse at Dorney so far this year. Only 2 people checking restraints at Talon and Hydra compared to 4 in past years. On Thursday I was wearing a watch because there is no clock in the water park and was timing Talon's dispatches and they were averaging 4 minutes (the train I got was waiting on the brake run for 2 1/2 minutes). There have also been bad operations in the water park and Thunder Canyon. I would have not expected 40 minute waits for either of those coasters on a Sunday in June. Wild Mouse is the slowest moving coaster line in the park. Usually 4 cars running, 2 adults per car maximum and the confusing loading systems make it a bad wait even on a slow day. I skip it much of the time even with Fast Lane because of how the cars slam into some of the brakes. Hershey's version is still running great with few brakes but less cars have been running this year.
  11. Traffic can be bad during rush hour. The Schyulkill Expressway is bad almost all the time. Normally I would say the Phillies wouldn't add too much traffic because attendance has been horrible (even though they have been playing great this year) but since it's against the Yankees, I expect a lot of people from NY to be making the drive to the stadium and it will make traffic worse. Dorney rarely closes early because of bad weather, low crowds unlike Great Adventure that will close early if crowds are low because of weather.
  12. Knoebels has no gates or formal entrances. Just open pathways from the parking lots to the park.
  13. VekomaRulz

    Dorney and Kings Dominion

    Besides the coasters at Dorney, the whip is a lot of fun. It's a classic Mangels version and is somewhat rare. Thunder Creek Mountain is also a different type of log flume that is built on a hill. A lot of people seem to like Demon Drop, especially if they have memories of riding it at Cedar Point (I'm not a fan because of how painful some parts of the ride are). There is also the Zephyr train from the 1930's that saved the park from closing during the Great Depression that is unlike most amusement park trains.
  14. They should be running maximum trains on everything except El Toro (my 2 visits this year have only had 1 train running and haven't heard that the 2nd train is running), if the park is empty, they may go to 2 trains on Nitro and Bizarro although unlikely. I was there 4 weeks ago on a Friday and even later in the day when schools left and the trains were going out half full, they still ran 3 trains.
  15. All were former Six Flags owned parks except Wet n Wild Phoenix. If Six Flags also had gotten Wild Waves and Elitch Gardens, it would be similar to the same parks they owned in the early 2000's.