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  1. Peanuts is also a theme they don't have to revamp every couple of years. Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon change their lineups all the time. Whatever's popular now with kids may not be a little down the road. The Wild Thornberrys, for example, had been off the air for years before the log flume lost the theme. Peanuts, though, has been stable for well over half a century.
  2. We made the mistake of going right to MT when we got to the park and had to wait 4 hours. It would have been shorter but the ride decided it just didn't want to run a couple of times. They were routing people through the Crypt building so it was neat to go inside there after all this time. The ride itself was fine. Smooth and fast and very rerideable. The shed was... interesting. Nothing mindblowing but cute in its own way. I had no expectations of the shed going in so anything I got was just icing on the cake. I like it.
  3. I didn't make it KI last year, but I'll be there this Saturday. What, exactly, did they change about the parking gate last year? Anything I need to know so as not to cause a traffic fiasco?
  4. On one hand, it's a highly visible ride with good capacity. It's almost iconic within the park. On the other hand, it's not the smoothest ride out there, and the section of the park it's in could use some revitalization. We've already seen Shockwave and GASM get scrapped, and rumor has it SFMM's Viper may be on the chopping block. Large Arrow loopers just don't age well. If they can make better use of the land, well, I won't stand in the way of progress.
  5. Mystic Timbers, of course. After that, who knows? Definitely Diamondback and Banshee at some point. Might go for a spin on Boo Blasters or Woodstock Gliders. Beast if we stay long enough for a night ride. I try not to plan things too carefully. It's often more fun to wait and see what the day brings.
  6. Exactly. Why go to the trouble of maintaining a lift system and ride vehicle when a simple tube slide accomplishes the same purpose?
  7. Yes, you definitely need to ride Storm Chaser. It was my first, and thus far only, RMC, (missed out on Lightning Rod) and it was amazing. That first drop is something else.
  8. Sadly, I didn't make it to KI this year. We went to Holiday World on opening day for Thunderbird, Kentucky Kingdom for the first time since reopening, and Dollywood for the first time ever. KI just wasn't a priority in comparison. We'll definitely be there for Mystic Timbers next year, though!
  9. I was very impressed with the park this year. Clean, landscaped, operations were on point for the most part, but yeah, the area around the old drag strip was a real low point. I have to assume they have plans for it, because there's nothing between Storm Chaser and Raging Rapids other than an overgrown, fenced off dirt pit. It's really the only eyesore.
  10. 32 years old and probably in the best shape of my life. I find that it's not my body that keeps me from marathoning but my attitude. I've found that I prefer taking things slowly and savoring the park experience rather than going for ride after ride.
  11. "Welcome back, riders. Gillette Mach 3 hopes you enjoyed your ride on Top Gun."
  12. I was lost pages ago. There is no logic in a speculation thread. Just pass the popcorn.
  13. Yeah, I assumed it was just because it was early in the season, new parts hadn't been broken in yet, etc.
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