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  1. Just a follow up to say all went well on our trip yesterday. The crew at Mystic Timbers couldn't have been more helpful. Actually, everyone at the park was just wonderful. The cane was truly a non-issue. While the "big rides" are past me, I still ride more than just the train and the carousel. (As a matter of fact, got to ride Mystic twice. What a ride!)
  2. Thanks, Harmony. I usually do get a ride access slip to help accommodate on some rides.
  3. Thanks for your reply. That's what I figured, but you just never know. Aiming for Thursday or Friday this coming week, fingers crossed!
  4. Hello Everyone! It's time for me to make my annual trip to the park. And as what (sadly) seems to be the case, I've contacted the park via telephone and managed to stump the representative. I wanted to know if I would be allowed onto rides (such as Mystic Timbers) where they state no loose articles are permitted on the platform. It would seem logical that they would be permitted, but with Cedar Fair's recent crackdown on such items I wanted to make sure. She referred me to their website (which I had checked); their accessibility guide (which I read); and then told me to check with the offices here when I arrive. <sigh> The reason I called was as to not get disappointed once I get there. So, I turn to you and ask does anyone have any experience with this this year? In years past it hasn't been an issue, but I do know policies change. (And yes, I do know that you folks are NOT Kings Island representatives and are NOT the official word, BUT, you all have been there many more times than I and can offer practical advice.) As an aside, you might remember me from last year asking about strobe lights and ride cameras, and your advice was very welcomed. (Especially to the person who warned me about walking near the strobes on the Great Pumpkin Coaster. Holy cow! Those were bright.) Anyways, thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.
  5. Thanks Indy. And I understand this is not an official Kings Island site, and my actual mileage may vary. But I truly have appreciated everyone's help here.
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply. If you recall a while back, I asked the board about the issue with strobes, and mentioned that Guest Services can sometimes be less than helpful. Well, tonight was another example. I wrote the park regarding opening time, and their reply was simply the gates open at 10. I appreciate you folks here having the "real" answers. (And as an aside, I wrote them 6 weeks ago regarding a food allergy issue, and of today, the only response I received was a note saying "they'd look into that and get back to me.")
  7. I'm finally getting to make my KI trip this coming week. It's been almost 10 years since my last visit. The park website states park opens at 10. In years past, I remember being allowed into the park before 10 , but being held near the front gate until 10. Is that still the case?
  8. Thanks everyone for your help. I've taken notes, and I think I'll be ready come June. One ride I did forget to mention, and again, my memory is unclear, is Backlot Stunt Coaster. I seem to remember an on-ride photo for that, but the current guide doesn't list any strobes.
  9. Thanks, MDM. That type of warning (about Great Pumpkin) is important for me. I never would have thought of that. I'll keep that in mind when travelling through Plant Snoopy after dusk.
  10. Hello Everyone, You all were a great help to me in answering my questions about Mystic Timbers. (Looking forward to that one.) I just finished looking through the 2017 Rider's Guide, and now I have a few more questions for the "experts." (As I mentioned the last time, for folks at Guest Services are pretty good at what they do, but basically have "by the book" answers.) The guide mentions the use of strobes on The Beast and Diamondback. I'm assuming those are Photo strobes. If this old man's memory serves, the one for The Beast is on the left-hand side at the base of the first drop. I've ridden Diamondback, but cannot remember where they take your picture. I'm assuming no photos for Adventure Express, Racer, or Bat, the other coasters I tend to ride. I noticed they said Eiffel Tower has them at night. Anyone able to clue me in for that? The other peculiar one for me is WindSeeker. The Cedar Point version warns of strobe lights, but the Kings Island version does not. Anyone able to shed any light (heheh) on that? Finally, are there any hidden pitfalls in the park I should be aware of? Thanks again for your help.
  11. Thank you everyone for the replies. I'm hoping to give this a go this summer! I think I'll be able to handle "the shed" just fine. I should add, as far as a camera flash goes, I usually check ahead of time for cameras and locations, and then make it a point to look away. (Needless to say, they don't sell too many on-ride photos to me!) Thanks again...and happy riding!
  12. Thanks Electricsun....your description helps me out quite a bit. It's giving me hope that I might be able to ride.
  13. Unfortunately, Guest Services hasn't been as helpful for me in the past as you might hope. I did check the Disability Guide for this year, and all they say is strobes are in use. However, that warning is on any ride where a picture is taken. As for Guest Services, I remember going down one year and asking about strobes on "Flight of Fear." The clerk at the office had no idea. She in turn called down to the ride...and THEY had no idea. That's why I often turn to the folks who have actually experienced the ride to have a better idea of what to expect.
  14. Hi Folks, I'm looking at the POV's of Mystic Timbers, and the ride looks right up my alley. The concern is "the shed." I'm not looking for spoilers, but I am concerned if strobe lights are in use. I'm usually fine if a camera flash is in use. (Though it's helpful for me to know where that is located as well.) However, heavy use of strobes, such as what I've been told was in use in "Boo Blaster's" final room, will create a seizure risk for me. Thanks for your help.
  15. Nope, just a one-shot trip. But been coming to KI long enough to remember the building being the Enchanted Voyage (and not the Smurf knock-ff <grin>). And yes, the song STILL plays in my head.
  16. Thanks for the replies. Appreciate the information. Guess that's a ride I'll have to take off my list. Oh well, at least I have a few others to chose from.
  17. Hi Everyone - Long-time lurker, First-time poster... I'm planning a visit on Monday, and it will be my first visit since the change over from SDATHC to Boo Blasters. My body has bad reactions to strobe lighting effects, so I have to be careful with such rides. Before, I knew there was the flash of the on-ride photo just after you leave the loading turntable. However, as long as I knew it was there, I was able to handle it ok. (One flash and it was over.) So I guess I'm asking 1) is the on-ride photo op still there and in the same place; and 2) Is there any other place that could cause issues. As I looked back at previous accounts, it sounded like the ending infolved strobes, but I couldn't determine for sure. (And incidentally, the on-line disabilities guide on KI's website (from 2010), gives me no warming of strobes of any sort.) Thanks for your help with the questions.
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