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  1. I have tried to watch the Delirium video on this site many times however it never seems to work? Why is this happening? Is it down?
  2. i would love to go since i will be in the area at the time, but im not afriggen season pass holder!
  3. My theory is that the clearings will be for a coaster in 04 and that the 3rd attraction will be new floorless trains for topgun.
  4. they need to take out magilla's and the krabby patty shop thing and make a replica of the krusty krab somewhere.
  5. But when they do, it will suck. Park subways only sell a few of their sandwiches and they are all overpriced and "6 inches" (they appear 5 inches) GO BUBBA GUMP! I ate at the ones in new orleans and pkd. GREATNESS ON A PLATE!
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