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  1. Match 1 The Beast (8) vs. Top Thrill Dragster (2) Match 2 Magnum XL-200 (1) vs. Millennium Force (10)
  2. Match 1 The Beast (8) vs. Flight Deck (2) Match 2 Magnum XL-200 (9) vs. Vortex (2) Match 3 Top Thrill Dragster (7) vs. The Racer (3) Match 4 Millennium Force (7) vs. Diamondback (3)
  3. Match 1 The Beast (7) vs. Raptor (2) Match 2 Firehawk (3) vs. Magnum XL-200 (6) Match 3 Top Thrill Dragster (9) vs. Gemini (0) Match 4 Maverick (1) vs. Millennium Force (8) Match 5 Diamondback (7) vs. Flight of Fear (2) Match 6 Iron Dragon (0) vs. The Racer (9) Match 7 Vortex (9) vs. Mean Streak (0) Match 8 Blue Streak (1) vs. Flight Deck (8)
  4. Diamondback vs. Magnum XL Racer vs. Blue Streak The Beast vs. Mean Streak Drop Tower vs. Power Tower (drop side) WindSeeker KI vs. WindSeeker CP Delirium vs. MaXair Flight Deck vs. Iron Dragon Adventure Express vs. Cedar Creek Mine Ride Viking Fury vs. Ocean Motion
  5. Match 1 The Beast(10) vs. Wicked Twister(4) Match 2 Firehawk(7) vs. Adventure Express(6) Match 3 Invertigo(0) vs. Top Thrill Dragster(10) Match 4 Flying Ace Aerial Chase(0) vs. Maverick(10) Match 5 Son of Beast(1) vs. Diamondback(10) Match 6 Wildcat(6) vs. Iron Dragon(7) Match 7 Mantis(4) vs. Vortex(8) Match 8 Surf Dog(1) vs. Blue Streak(10) Match 9 Woodstock Express CP(1) vs. Flight Deck(10) Match 10 Woodstock Express KI(6) vs. Mean Streak(7) Match 11 The Racer(10) vs. Corkscrew(2) Match 12 Flight of Fear(11) vs. Great Pumpkin Coaster(0) Match 13 Millennium Force(10) vs. Backlot Stunt Coaster(1) Match 14 Gemini(10) vs. Junior Gemini(1) Match 15 Magnum XL-200(10) vs. Disaster Transport(2) Match 16 Cedar Creek Mine Ride(1) vs. Raptor(10)
  6. I would take out the crypt and the building and put in something like wicked twister at Cedar Point
  7. I've been to Kings Island many times, but I've never seen the fireworks. I'm going in a few weeks and hope to see the fireworks, does anybody know where the fireworks are set off.
  8. It's the same way for me, I was just wondering what they are doing to those 2 webcams.
  9. Does anybody know why the webcams are down on the main website. They've been down for over a month.
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