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  1. What gets me is how did The Beast have 2 kids but no wife? Is he a worm then?
  2. AE: "You are mow leaving the station at i mind numbing 2MPH"
  3. i must saying im starting to agree... IK SHOCKING ISN'T IT? i would say for cheapest would be replace suports and track and change rosebowl. Honestly, I'm trying to help... Re-read your posts. Use spell check. Copy and paste everything you type into Microsoft Word if your internet browser doesn't come equipped with a spelling and grammar check of its own. Either you are really, really rushing, or you are not the age that our terms of service require you to be in order to create an account here. Or (worst of all), you are of appropriate age and still making these errors without even bother
  4. now dont take it that im said in stone with my decision give me the start of next year's season for more/full solid answer.
  5. i think food and drinks first then a official decision on SOB then Crypt improvements and then Backlot and then Invertigo repainted
  6. I must say i'm starting to agree... I KNOW SHOCKING ISN'T IT? I would say cheapest would be replace supports and track and change rose bowl.
  7. I think this is one of the biggest problems with water rides. All I can think of is Cedar Point. You can choose either the splashdown with the enormous wave, the raft ride with the waterfalls and geysers, or the flume ride that sprays hoses right in your face. There's no light misting anymore. It's like, you will be soaked, dripping, and drenched all day, it's just a question of which method you'd like to get there. But as people have said, as long as they make $5.00 family dryers, I wouldn't expect that to change... how about something like its a small world.
  8. for harry potter ride i would recommend riding tht the night of a concert. ex. if a concert starts at 6pm ride tht at 6-7pm. but for everything else i would HIGHLY RECOMMEND express! i guarantee 15min or less for everything else NOTE: harry potter ride and rip rocket roller coaster have NO express. express cost about $50-70 per person U WILL HAVE LOADS OF FUN!!!!
  9. Of all the rides worth paying for the licensing rights to, Flight Deck is pretty much dead last. Rides like Backlot Stunt Coaster and The Crypt would actually be improved by regaining their references to Italian Job and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Flight Deck / Top Gun would be pretty much the exact same ride even if it were named Poo Poo Coaster 2004 (not that I'm insinuating that it's poo poo). Flight Deck is probably the worst name on record (why couldn't it just be "Afterburn" like Carowind's Top Gun?), but again, I think this is being read into a little too much. Really. i would say as
  10. possibly going back to paramount naming and "special effects" for the rides?
  11. another thing tht would be nice for this ride is "Fast Pass" again
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