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  1. I don't see anything wrong with Terpy's posts here..... He contributes more than enough to this site and I wouldn't ever consider his posts obnoxious.
  2. Those photos are amazing and I too remember the days of Nickelodeon at Paramounts Kings Island. Those were in my opinion the better days of the area we now call "Planet Snoopy". My favorite attraction in that area was "Runaway Reptar" now know as "Flying Ace Aerial Chase".
  3. The space that was formerly occupied by The Crypt attraction is not empty or un-used and I see no reason to consider it that. The roller coaster that once stood proudly at Kings Island, Son of Beast's station is being used for the purpose of frightening people in October and yes at the moment, The former land that Thunder Alley was sitting on is empty besides the placement of construction equipment and garbage (Concrete). WindSeeker is a used thrill ride at Kings Island that I very highly believe will probably operate at KI in 2013. Also Welcome to KIC!!
  4. What is your experience on Flight of Fear at Kings Island? How was your first ever ride on FoF? How does it compare to the last ride you've taken on it? Do you like the effects or could they be improved? Share YOUR overall ride expirience and what ideas you may have on improving it in the future.
  5. Most likely you will not find me while I'm at Kings Island, I get in line for one ride and then rush to the next.
  6. I am mccarthysnerd and me and Son of Beast do have something in common, something that does make it possible for me to be told things by certain people of certain power over Kings Island and Cedar Fair concerning Son of Beast. Thats all I'm going to say.
  7. Nobody is playing anything with you and I don't have to "share" anything with you. Like he said, I was probably better offnot tellling you guys and letting you find out when the announcement is made. Thanks for the un-needed rude comments.
  8. I'm not lying because I have no reason to lie, I have been anxiously awaiting something like this for as long as you guys have Just because you hear something like this doesn't mean that you have to assume that I'm lying. You can all email the same question and hopefully they give you the same answer. Its what I was told and what I'm going to believe. Son of Beast 2013
  9. The tallest, fastest wooden roller coaster in the world Son of Beast.
  10. I just got the news about Son of Beast..... The long awaited news!!! I e-mailed Cedar Fair with quite a few questions and they said this..... "A desicion concerning the future of that ride will be made before the 2013 season starts" Which was followed up with a Thanks for asking type thing...... I have emailed them SO many numerous times and they finally decided to answer. Now all we can do is hope that the right decision is made
  11. What have your expiriences been like on Delirium at Kings Island? Was it smooth or rough? Did it make you sick to your stomach? What was your overall ride expirience on the Delirium?
  12. I saw alot of Kings Island billboards as I passed through Indiana last week and they all had a picture of Raptor on them........ My main observation was that they were Kings Island billboards with a picture of Cedar Point's Raptor on them?
  13. I think it is okay to have a coaster that "goes over" the parking lot but not a coaster that has to have supports in the parking lot. Invertigo goes out over the parking lot but not actually into it which is okay BUT..... At Cedar Point which is the ultimate roller coaster destiantion in the United States I would excpect nothing but a roller coaster swooping over my head as I get out of my car. At Kings Island, A roller coaster that actually goes through the parking lot would not be as normal but also kind of expected. The announcement may be like a Diamondback annnouncement, where Cedar Fair won't say anything until they already started construction and if thats the case then they will probably say "Disaster Transport and Space Spiral have been removed for further expansion" It is really hard to tell if DT and SS will be going to the scrap-yard or being relocated but I think that Space Spiral has a better chance than DT because DT was not a very we'll liked coaster and may not be worth moving to another park unless it was moved somewhere like Michigan's Adventure, like said above...... King's Island still has a possibility of getting something new for 2013 but at this point I wouldn't count on finding out for a while. As Son of Beast's chances of surviving slowly fade away, Kings Island can start to rejoice because they can get something new in the place where the pile of wood called Son of Beast now sits. A new coaster? New park area and further expansion into the tree's? An updated Son of Beast? I guess we will see....
  14. When I saw this topic, I knew that it was going to be great because it had the name Son of Beast on it But I was wrong....... This type of thing calls for a different type of facepalm......
  15. Being mccarthysnerd, My answer would have to be Kings Island and always will be. Unless I change my mind.
  16. I have seen the video mentioned above more than once but I have no idea where to watch it now. I first saw it on the news as "shark6495" did but then I saw it on the internet a few months ago...... Where I saw it, I do not know......
  17. Happy Birthday Millenium Force, I hope Son of Beast is still stadning to see its birthday on the 26th of this month when it also turns 12...... And Yes, I will be at Kings Island on the 26th to wish Son of Beast a happy birthday......
  18. Thats something to look forward to, and even the new Smurf Drop!
  19. That may be the best idea yet! But along with the creepy, demented storyline of Son of Beast, I'm not sure how we'll Papa Smurf laughing would work out.....
  20. Thanks, everyone who replied, because usually I try to answer other peoples questions on here, being "mccarthysnerd" I know a "few" (A lot more than I have room for in my brain) things about Kings Island and try to help everyone here! Thanks everyone! I get to find out next weekend, how crowded the pass processing is when I start my Kings Island filled summer....... (May-October)
  21. How long does it take you to get your KI season pass processed? I know this may sound funny coming from me but in ALL the years I have been going here I have Never got a season pass until now, I don't really know why, But I was just wondering how long it takes to get it processed.
  22. I was confused when I read Cedar Fair and then Cedar Point?
  23. Don is a nice guy, he helped answer my questions about The Beast last year.... He was VERY nice and polite about it.
  24. If Kings Island were to tear down Son of Beast than I would like for them at least to put in 1 more attraction in its place, and a good one at that, because tearing down a world record breaking coaster is unfortuanate, especially being Son of Beast.
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