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  1. Kings Island could possibly be maintinaing Son of Beast but they might not be too. If they are we wouldn't have seen them during the season because they would have done it when we couldn't see it. And now we wouldn't know because the season is over. My only hope is that they are maintaining SOB but if not, they will probably end up remodeling it for the 2013 season.
  2. most likely 2003 but it might be from 2004
  3. Does anyone have any good pictures of SOB?
  4. I do think that the Crypt will be operating next year but it could also be dismanteled when we return with the building left while they dicide what to do with it. If it was dismanteled there would probably be no sign that said "The Crypt" at the old entrance and their would probably not even be a a new notice saying that the ride is not operating.
  5. That will probably be a very fun thrilling ride to go in the place of pitfall.
  6. I would have to say that it is a close call between park atmosphere and coasters but I would have to say that I miss The Beast most of all because it is my favorite thing about Kings Island besides everything else. I love it's woodie roughness and layout while twisting through the depths of the forest. I do also miss just being at the park all together. The employees are always so respectful and caring for park guests, which has always made me feel very welcomed to the park. I also kind of miss FOF and Diamondback along with the rest of the coaster's.
  7. My thoughts exactly on that post. I am really surprised no decisions have been made yet on what to do with the ride, but if you really step back and think it has only been 2 FULL seasons of the ride being close, 3 overall seasons of it being closed. That isn't a terribly long time compared to oh say Drachen Fire that closed down in 1998, was put up for sale in 1999, lay dormant until opening day 2001 where a train was circuiting the course to possibly re-open the ride, and then demolished in February of 2002. Remember that Drachen Fire was a steel coaster not wooden. I think sometimes a steel coaster could last longer SBNO than a woodie.
  8. Why do you believe SoB deserves 1 more chance & what makes you believe it is 2013? I think it is 2013 because if KI was to do anything with it at all they couldn't do it in 2012 unless they have secretly already started with construction because what ever they do will take quite a while. So 2013 I believe will be the year of the return of SOB. Second, I believe it deserves another chance because it is the worlds tallest, fastest wooden roller coaster and anyone who never got to ride it but wanted to was turned away with no notice that it would be closed for 2+ years, while most coasters are given final rides or at least a more in depth explanation for closing reasons. KI would not have let it sit this long if they weren't going to do something with it and I think with Action Zone being the next in line for an update/remodel, SOB will be the start of that renovation of Action Zone. SOB Project 2013
  9. I think if you look at the 2013 KI map you will probably see SOB or the remodeled SOB. My opinion is that this coaster is probably getting 1 more chance and that will be in 2013. Kings Island would not just be leaving it to sit there if they didn't want to do something with it because everytime I go to KI someone, somewhere kid or adult asks why there is a big pile of wood sitting in Action Zone. Which leads me to believe that they want us to speculate and spread rumors about SOB until they actually tell us what will happen. So I think this is what might happen to SOB. "Son of Beast Project 2013"
  10. Technically, we're calling it the offspring of the 1979 Wooden Coaster, The Beast. I'm sure that any religious connotations carried by the name are completely coincidental, like most of the "Ungodly" things people manage to find in the park. It's name is what it sounds like (Son of Beast) which just means exactly that, it means it is the son of the longest wooden roller coaster in the world, The Beast.
  11. I agree that they should add a webcam so that we can keep track of progress when ever we want. There was a WindSeeker cam at Cedar Point and Kings Island still has one.
  12. Do you think Kings Island will bring back winterfest for 2012? Alot of people have questioned them about it this year so maybe they will think about it?
  13. I agree, as I also already have my pass I do think it will be a good opportunity for many families.
  14. Now is the right time to start thinking about it because next thing we know 2013 will be here
  15. It is not much of a hassle unless your the person actually trying to decide what its future may or may not be.
  16. Now we can eliminate Mean Streak from our list of possbile retracked rides for 2012 Because they say on their blog that it will be finished in spring for opening.
  17. If it is going on right now they still wouldn't tell us until the middle or end of the 2012 season
  18. Did anyone notice on their new christmas Gold Pass website they have a picture on the front of the old winterfest Eiffel Tower strung with lights?
  19. Son of Beast is probably just now going to sit for the winter as we probably will here nothing of it over the winter. If an announcement is made it will be once winter is over. If an announcement happens at all. So for everyone whom wants to spread unheard rumors, KI has not announced anything and when they or Cedar Fair says anything we will most likely know because something this long and anticipated would most likely be made a public announcement.
  20. ] that is what I was getting trying to get at with that people will be upset when we don't get a giga. just because Cedar Fair gave us behemoth and Diamondback doesn't mean that they have to give us 2 again.
  21. I think Cedar Fair wants us to think that a giga is coming to KI but actually there isn't. I believe that KI will be a test for some unusual type of coaster like a wing coaster or something. Maybe this time KI won't be following exactly in CW's footsteps, I think KI will bring something that Cedar Fair has not tried yet.
  22. I think that the crypt has about 1 more year left maybe 2 if KI waits but the future of this ride is not seeming very joyful. Over the past couple of years I have watched the lines slowly decrease on the ride however I presonally like the ride as much as I did during the Paramount days, it is more about the feel of the ride than the special effects. I will just keep riding it until the rocks crumble at the entrance of the ride and it goes into hibernation forever which probably just means the junk yard.
  23. 1.) Improve walk back to WWC 2.) Reopen SOB (why let it sit for 2 more years?) 3.) Repaint the red on Invertigo!!!! It has become a faded red instead of the shiny red it was for many years. which makes it look OLD
  24. Now that Vortex and Diamondbacks trains are off track for winter rehab, maybe SOB's trains will get some winter rehab too. (Including structure rehab for SOB)
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