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  1. Ill go past rides as a youngster I loved Days of Thunder and Smurf ride.
  2. Saturdays high is supposed to be 71 low of 57 so I would think after 12 or 1 is should be pretty busy. No harm no foul were all on here to help each other. Ill keep my fingers crossed for a slow weekend
  3. Oh yeah i think fridays low is in the 40s so we will be dressed for it. ill keep my finngers crossed for light crowds
  4. The only day im going to be able to go to the Haunt is this Friday I know its going to be chilly but how do you guys think the crowds will be. We plan on doing a few rides and a few thing haunt attractions. Is the fact its Friday and cold going to help and also I think the answer is no but does will our Gold PAsses get us into the early?
  5. At 2 The Beast the wait is about 10 to 15 miniets
  6. Barely to tall for Drop Tower wouldn't latch this was was a lot more fun as a kid hopefully I'm good from here on out
  7. Sorry I'm walking and typing my phones autocorrect sucks
  8. So fR most rides are a 20 miniets wait at most everything seems to be moving pretty smooth. Diamondback maybe. 30 to 40 miniet wait. I don't think Vortex or WindSeeker are operating yet. Croud looks pretty small, so far
  9. Thanks atleast I know im not goin crazy. And i hope i havent got that fat since october. I know a lot of rides arent made for taller people.
  10. I also just had a problem on fof wasn't able to ride fof i was in the front of a car is it just me or does the front seats have less room I guess todays not my day but ill keep trying only had to wait 10 miniets
  11. Nope perfectly friendly
  12. As of now itsnot bad but its cloudy try to keep everyone updated
  13. So I rode Diamondback once today was way tighter than I remember last year look two ride ops tolock me in next ride I have up because it wouldn't go are there statistically seat that are know to be smaller
  14. Dustin

    weather 5-4

    Everytime i check the weather its different im just gonna hope it rains a few times drives people away and everyride is almost walk on eighter way im gonna have fun tomorrow plus its my birthday and im not gonna be at work and me and the wife get a well deserved date day.
  15. I like the family idea but still cater to the teens and adults who spend there money as well. I agree 2 rides for adults is a little disappointing. Plus Invertigo and Diamondback are a good distance away from each other. Add 2 more coasters like The Beast, Vortex or fof and it would be perfect. Last year I rode diamond back right before the park opened I rode The Vortex walked to fof and had to wait 45 miniets. I know every ride can't be open but find a happy median.
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