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  1. does anyone know how they are going to take down the first hill? are they going to tear it down the same way they did with the rest or are they going to try doing what they do to buildings and have explosives? and I know explosives would cause a huge mess and be unessescary but I was just wondering.
  2. can't wait for the rest to be reveiled (spell check)!!!!
  3. ^^ Im sorry i didnt know i was being graded on how I type stuff
  4. I see it as this that Cedar Point got a coaster cause it probably wasnt that expensive to remove disaster transport ( don't yell at me if im wrong this is just my guess) so they money for a new coaster. Kingsisland has to tear down the son of The Beast so that is going to be expensive so i dont see a new coaster there until 2014 or 2015 but for knotts berry farm with perilous plunge idk how much that would cost to remove but if they didnt have planning done then I just dont see a coaster for next year maybe again in 2014 and 2015 but with all this cost I find the parks equal with new coasters and other events happening.
  5. they could of been planning whats going in the son of The Beast place while all the lawsuits were being settled.
  6. did you take the pics while riding Flight of Fear cause if you did they will delete your post saying your promoting it.
  7. last year when I went, one day Action Zone was without power and people were stuck at the top of Drop Tower and it wasnt until another hour til power was back
  8. Anyone else notice that lady was carrying a Paramount Parks cup? just saw that made me laugh
  9. I laugh at in the article where it says about the other attraction someone else is building called skyvue and now ceasar is building one taller and there going to open in the same year. If I was the other person building i would be ****ed
  10. *This isn’t about KI, but on The Beach sign, instead of saying Thanks for 27 years of great memories, it said A New Adventure coming to The Beach in 2013!, or something like that. Well, as always, thanks for reading! [/quo thats only because they got a new owner and there is suppose to be 4 new slides when it opens for the 2013 summer. Hope this helps.
  11. how fun would it be to go backwards on FOF without getting your necked snapped because of the launch.
  12. well yeah i see what you mean but we could go thru that all summer and then when haunt came around it would lose attraction but when it ends people would come right back to it. Just to put this out there while im thinking of it what ever that one mansion maze is, it needs to be revamp the only reason why i go thru it, is because me and my wife pretend its our daughters house and we just start laughing thru it all the way.
  13. When? Earlier? Later? later in november maybe cause they need time to set up so it cant be earlier
  14. question would if they made where the crypt used to be and turned it into haunted house open all season long i know this would eventually get boring but i always have wanted them to have haunt longer than they do, maybe add on two weeks or more.
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