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  1. They confirmed The Crypt was closing, not that it would be on the 2012 map. It should not be included. Why would they have a big random box just sitting there on the map? I'm sure guests would be very confused!
  2. That rabbit is pretty scary...wish I could have ridden that!
  3. I believe in what PETA does. Protecting animals. But they have turned themselves into freaks. I do not like animals being tortured, caged, or abused. But to be mad over: 1. Starting fire over the Cooking Mama video game because it had no vegan - friendly food in it!??! 2. Suing Sea World because "they practice animal slavery". 3. (the worst one)-because Mario wears a fur coat in the game?!? WHAT?
  4. I wish Kings Island would do what they did to Boomerang Bay to The Crypt. Completely change it, new name, new theme, better ride cycle, and overall better thrill. That would be great. While it costs money, if they can expand a water park for $10mil, what can they do the The Crypt?
  5. While a new coaster that could make the skyline look even better is very cool, I'd rather get a smaller coaster, like a GCI woodie or a Maverick type ride.
  6. I've been looking up reviews out of curiosity for the hotel, and it gets 1/5 stars out of 13 reviews. How can they not renovate it? Apparently the hot water goes off at random times, keys don't open room doors, the doors don't lock, and it is a very dirty place. I can't believe it is still in existence!
  7. I agree with you about most of the things you said^. Urgent Scare is very disappointing this year.
  8. I liked Nightmare Alley a lot. The name is unrelated to the circus theme, but other than that, several people scared me, and I heard a ton of screams walking through it. I really liked how the carousel was running with no one on it!
  9. Same here man, same here. It is Kings Island, saying the plural of "King". King is not the name of a person, so it is not supposed to show ownership....not King's Island!
  10. If that happened, gold passes would cost $400 per person....
  11. It is surprising to see it won the Golden Ticket again. The only way I think they can keep it up is to add a new ride to the area. Nothing big, but just something. Those rides have been there forever!
  12. I went to Slaughterhouse one night last year and it opened at six, as well as some other mazes. Maybe it was just a special for the night.
  13. is it just me or is the "all eight indoor mazes open at 5 pm" a new thing this year? I dont ever remember them opening early I believe last year it was 6pm.
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