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  1. In my opinion, that aspect of the ride always separated WWC from any other ride in the park, there was true "guest interaction" with each other. I don't know if the change in cost/format has lead to more or less people blasting the canyons, but if its less (and I can only imagine that it is) that lessens the ride to an extent, makes it less fun, makes people possibly want to ride it less because they don't feel the need to get back at another guest.
  2. To be fair, it should happen NEVER, so even once is more than it should. I can't even fathom what would posses someone to grab a hold of a turd and wipe it on the walls.
  3. medford

    Decoding 2020

    I think it means you can do photoshop
  4. medford

    Decoding 2020

    Are you sure you're not just hungry? Better grab a snickers; its going to be a bumpy ride (channeling my inner Terp)
  5. medford

    Decoding 2020

    Well Saturday is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, so there is always that Of course that stuff only plays well if it is indeed themed after space in some sort as the registered names would indicate. July 16th is national snake day, so perhaps we're getting Dad of Diamondback July 17th is Yellow Pig day, Cinci is known as porkopolis July 25th is Culinarians day.... Chef James Major coaster. Aug 2nd is National Beer day. Has a coaster ever been themed to beer (maybe they pull a switcheroo and we're actually getting the brown track) Aug 3rd is Grab Some Nuts day..... I'll just let you fill in the rest Its also National Clown Day...Sad Clown coaster for all the intamin fanboys. Aug 4th is national forgiveness day, when they make up for the previous day's announcement of the Sad Clown coaster by announcing a 500 foot tall, multi looping Intamin As you can see, there are all kind of days to start teasing and/or make an announcement.
  6. medford

    Decoding 2020

    The apollo 11 mission launched from Cape Canaveral (sp?) at 9:32 am 50 years ago today...would be a great time to start placing teasers
  7. Thanks Nutterie for the pic, any chance that track could have been staged for the back portion of the ride, meaning that the crane that set it in place picked it up from that point, ie, it didn't have to be relocated from that point to another point for final install?
  8. My assumption is that they don't allow re-entry at KI during the Haunt to prevent copious amount of patrons from leaving the park, getting their drink on in the parking lot, then coming back to the park completely wasted.
  9. I'm not saying its impossible, its definitely possible, however if it can be avoided, they will. Then again, no body put me in charge, so what do I know
  10. With Field of Screams presumably out of commission, it was probably safe to assume the KI was going to have a new maze, however I don't think anything has been officially releases so..... Whoops!
  11. I have my doubts about that. The Hershey track is already being moved, opening up storage space. Sound building principles call for you to more material as few times as possible. CSF already has to move it somewhere on their own site no matter what once they are done building/painting each piece. From that spot, they'll want to load them up on a truck and deliver them to KI. Ideally, when they arrive at KI you want to be able to set each piece down in a spot that the crane can pick them up and lift them into the air. You don't want a scenario where they have to unload them, then 3 months later reload them on a truck to move them 100-2000 feet so the crane can pick them up and raise them in the air.
  12. The cars are no closer to the supports on The Bat than they were they day the ride was installed as Top Gun (well perhaps you can allow for a little bit of structural settling, but we're talking maybe fractions of an inch) They may appear to come close to touching the supports, but they are designed with such clearances that it would never happen (baring a major structural failure). The supports are not bigger, the suspension system is not longer, the cars are not wider. Functionally its pretty much the same ride as its always been, just a different paint job and theming. You here somewhat similar tails of how The Beast is so much slower today than when it opened, how they've trimmed it to death. However, there was a side by side POV comparison of The Beast from early in its life span (perhaps even prior to opening) and a POV done around the time that Banshee opened up and the ride paces itself along the track pretty much identical to how it paced itself around the track 30+ years ago. Now the trees may be a different story, some trees have naturally grown closer to the ride thru the years, however things like this are inspected on a regular basis, trees that have entered the final stages of their natural life and could potential fall and land on/damage the track or supports will be removed. Kings Island probably removes trees every off season, a vast majority of which we never know about.
  13. Couple of thoughts on last night: First time I've had the chicken at the Coney BBQ. It was around 8:00 at night, so the chicken was slightly dry (not terrible mind you, but it was likely nearing the end of when it could be/should be served, like I said, it was near 8 pm so I don't expect things to be as fresh then as they would have been even an hour earlier) but oh lordy was it huge. It will be my go to next time, My 11 year old who will eat me out of house and home before he's done got about half of mine plus his pulled pork and we were both stuffed. Have they added some Disney Theming? Saw at least 1, possible 2 different small skunks (I think they had different marking, but can't say 100% sure) back by Woodstock express and the little car ride. This is in addition to the larger skunk I saw a few weeks ago by Viking Fury. Seems like a potential nuisance issue, though the workers were largely unfazed seems like they see them regularly so they must not be spraying anything. (side note, if you haven't see Toy Story 4, then you won't get the joke) I hope repaving the parking lot is added to the project 2020 budget. Its been bad for awhile now, but this season it feels like its 10x worse than last season, good sized pot holes all over the place. Speaking of parking lots, why are people so rude as to leave their trash just sitting on the parking lot? We've all seen it, and its not just onsies twosies here and there, but all over the parking lot there is trash, mostly drink containers just strewn about. KI provides a bunch trash cans at the end of the isles, the pot holes are bad enough, but these people leave the place looking like a dumpster. Have they no decency? My 7 year old, can't even get her to ride Woodstock express with us (she's ridden it in the past, but not this year); my 3 year old is ****ed he can't ride Banshee....how are these 2 related? Was it just my gun, or did I finally figure out a good method for Boo Blasters? I started pulling the trigger less often and found I could hit nearly everything (was in the same car as my 3 year old who just holds the gun and says "boom" so all the targets were left to me, scored like 1800 points, my best on a ride where the cars didn't stop on the course at some point to assist someone getting on/off the ride vehicles.
  14. 3 flats? Drop Tower, Delerium, Viking Ship, Shake Rattle And Roll, Monster, Scrambler, Grande Carousel. They could use some more, even though Viking Ship is the only one at that list that I'll ride, but they have at least 7... Oh yeah, bumber cars, swings so at least 9 that I can think of. Edit: Tiques - 10, Windchaser - 11
  15. medford

    Decoding 2020

    Perhaps the giant kraft noodle was a huge hint all along, and nobody knew, well except Jonathon maybe
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