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  1. Not sure if this is the best spot to ask these or not, but what the heck: We are planning to go up to the Pointe next summer as part of a family get together. My family of 5 would likely need 2 rooms in Breakers, or 1 6 person cabin at Lighthouse point. Any advice on which to choose. I haven't looked at this yet, but I assume upgrading our gold passes to platinum would be advantageous as some point.
  2. There are 4 in Coney, 1 in Action Zone, 1 in Oktoberfest and 3 in Rivertown (not to mention Boo Blasters which is technically international street but logistically in Planet Snoopy) that all accomadate kids from 46" down to no height requirement with an accompanying adult.
  3. Don't like pizza? So you're the ONE Can't help ya out, generally I think LaRosa's is just OK as far as pizza goes, its not horrible or even disagreeable, but so many better choices out there. However, I love their sauce (its sweeter than most); you should be able to buy their sauce at your local Kroger store. There are only 2 types of store bought sauce I'll put in my lasagna, LaRosa's or Meijer both are a little thicker and sweeter than most store bought sauce, I like a thick sauce. If its the sauce that makes the difference, perhaps a home made pizza with their sauce will do the trick for you (or buy the sauce, heat it up and use it as a dipping sauce)
  4. Would you rather have a long brake run, and no MCBR, or a MCBR and a short brake run at the end? I'll choose the former
  5. Keep in mind, that crane came from somewhere, it may currently be sitting at KI "rent free" as the place it was at prior didn't want to keep paying "rent for it" I'll assume with a Crane of this size, the erecting company leased the crane for a certain period of time with a defined "start pointe" and a "not to exceed" date. With weather and what not, they would have to build some fluff into the schedule for days they may not be able to use this crane (or any crane). If you remember the windstorm from 10-11 years ago, I doubt there were any cranes in operation that day in this area. Anyhoo, just because the crane is sitting at KI and not in use, doesn't mean KI is paying any more for it. Given the additional space, KI may even be getting a discount to allow it to be "stored on space" rather than storing it at a midway point b/w its last job and this installation. They'll start using that big boy when its needed, and not any time sooner than that.
  6. There's something happen' here, what it is, ain't exactly clear. There's a man with a crane over there, saying watch, you better beware.....
  7. Made the Que shorter? Que appears to be the same as it has been since it opened, the only thing that has changed is how much the que extends out past the end of the que. Back when I was a kid, it was often that the Que would extend out to where the basketball games are now (past the Diner), but I always knew once you entered the Que, it was approx. 15 min to ride time. Vortex ate people and chewed them out, so even though the lines have diminished, it still regularly sends out full trains. If they would have changed the ride to only run 2 trains, you would have seen theline extend to near the start of the que on a regular basis. How do they decide who gets the last ride on Vortex? Is it as simple as the last person in line on closing day gets the last spot? Or do they let employees take a few spins at the end? Seems only appropiate that VortexBFF should get a spin in her favorite seat on the last train to leave the station.
  8. welcome back as well, I enjoy your pics.
  9. I doubt that, it was already announced that KI isn't purchasing any rides from Coney, plus that land has a ton of elevation change, not a great spot for a ton of flats. My guess is a new coaster takes its place in 3-4 years.
  10. I love(d) Vortex, unfortunately as I grew older, it stopped loving me back. I have not ridden Vortex in 2 or 3 seasons, my son will only ride it occasionally, my wife feels the same as I. Such a beautiful ride to look at and watch, once you see the smiling eyes, you can never un-see them again. I'll have to find a way to get another lap in one last time before the end of the year. Similar to Son of Beast, the roughness will be forgotten in short order while the memories last a lifetime. This ride will be talked about for a long time to come and mostly remembered fondly. One could argue that plot of land held both of the 2 most visually interesting coasters in the park. Does this mean they can put the pond back in by The Beast
  11. based off Fury construction, they will do one of two things next (at least in terms of vertical construction). They will go back to the Brake run and assemble more of that, or they will go to the base of the 1st drop and start installing that. Its possible that they won't need Clifford for another week or two. Will they need Clifford for any additional hills? They used it for Banshee, which is slightly below 200 feet, with hills of 174, 202, 147 and 125 could the cranes currently in use installed those hills? Doesn't seem like it if they can't install any more lift section than what they just did (I don't know if that is true or not, taking Maverick44's word on that) Edit, also it appears that the brake run is roughly the same height as the track currently installed, its possible they could install all of the brake run before moving on to the rest of the lift hill. Getting this portion done, allows them to move back to that side and finish out the brake run without interference. I'm sure somebody looking at plans can confirm the exact height of both, I'm guessing a bit based upon rendering.
  12. Somewhere on the interwebs, there is a comparison b/w a POV of The Beast during its first year of operation (no tunnel thru the double helix IIRC) and the POV they shot when I think Banshee was installed (the park shot several official POVs during that time frame of other rides) The 2 POVs were placed side by side and for the most part The Beast ran identical from to frame in both. Wish I could find it, 95% certain it was posted here, perhaps by Shaggy. Edit, went to you tube and watched the 2019 POV and the POV above (19xx). Granted, this isn't perfect since I was judging the length of time b/w each hill so my start and stop times could be off a shade but: 2019 from drop to base of 2nd lift hill : 1:10 19xx from drop to base of 2nd lift hill : 1:09 2019 from descent of 2nd hill to the entrance to the brake run : 47 seconds 19xx from descent of 2nd hill to the entrance of the brake run : 47 seconds As mentioned getting a true comparison is tough, in both cases I was starting the clock when it felt like the train was starting to gain speed, then stopping it when I felt like they hit either the start of the lift hill, or the start of the final brake run, but both starting and ending points should be close enough to discern that there is no real difference b/w what was posted above and the 2019 POV that you can find on youtube. If you want to see slow, see the original testing POVs where the trains crawl their way into the 2nd lift hill and the final brake run I encourage others to do the same and see if they find a noticeable difference in the time it takes the trains to traverse different portions of the track.
  13. If you watch the fury time lapse, as soon as they had the first substantial lift hill track vertical (where KI is heading now) they started working on the bottom of the drop, then altered back and forth between the lift hill and the drop before meeting in the middle with the top. Seems like this digging would be related to something on the drop, perhaps something to get the area ready for cranes, workers and what not to begin that process in the coming days.
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