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  1. With 2020 being what it is, and 2021 perhaps being another slow year for the industry, I'd be shocked if KI got a major installation prior to 2023, and more likely 2024 or 25. I assume everything is backed up across the company at best, so things that were originally planned for 2021 elsewhere won't open until 2022, 2022 pushed back to 2023 and on down the line. At that assumes next year approaches something "normal" which is far from a guarantee at this point.
  2. medford

    Teasing of RMC?!

    They may or may not have been "just having fun" but certainly they are already in the planning stages for their next major attraction. Might be another 3-5 years away and not even set in stone, but the planning has certainly begun.
  3. OK, how about a tunnel under 1-71 and a Hogwards Express like train ride b/w the 2 parks Purchase GWL, the new campground area, the hotel by The Beach and some extra land behind The Beach to add dry attractions over there as well.
  4. I want to say 4,000 plus. Does it still count when the ride pauses right in front of a sensor for several minutes (presumably helping someone load or unload)?
  5. Dragon Flier is a great family invert, aside from the one @ KI, I haven't ridden any others but hard to imagine being much better than Dragon Flier for a family invert. With that said, I think something like Fire Chaser express would be a fantastic addition to KI. KI is lacking in rides that are "thrilling" for the 40" crowd not yet tall enough for the 48" rides (Beast, Racers, Stunt Track, etc...) IIRC, Fire Chase has a 39" requirement, while FAAC has a 44" high requirement. I'd love to see 1 more tweener coaster at KI for that 40-44" crowd and their families. However, there would be
  6. google is your friend:
  7. One less person in line if they every bring it back
  8. pov with both experiences
  9. It did not open with one train going backwards, it switched I believe during the time of The Bat failure. I wouldn't call it a short stint either, I think the backward racer stayed that way for 20 years or so. Someone will provide the exact timeline. I loved the backwards racer, always rode The Racer at least twice, once forward, once backwards and often times 3 times in a row, backwards, forwards, and then backwards again before moving on. Edit, ran backwards from 1982-2008, so 26 years
  10. Are you implying that its not?
  11. Dodgem building pics look sweet. Nice to see that building get some love.
  12. Where there is a family restroom there are usually men's/women's restrooms. Wonder if that Chaos Labs Building general health associations..... could be the location for that family restroom sign (and hopefully others) though if I had to guess, the Chaos Labs building is the maintenance sheds after a makeover.
  13. Last summer was the only time I've been to Dollywood, we loved it. Park had to shut down for a few hours due to thunderstorms (and a downpour) but that helped keep the crowds down a bit and we barely had to wait for anything. 10 min for Lighting Rod was the longest I think. Beautiful park, pretty good ride selection (especially for younger kids on the Coaster side with Fire Chaser Express). I think if they added a Hyper it would be about a perfect park.
  14. There is a lot more info missing as well. As mentioned above, with Casino's opening up, have all employees been tested, ie @ Miami Valley Gaming? Have all prisoners and gaurds/personal been tested? Are cases up because there are more tests happening and many of the positive cases are coming out of the prison population and/or the senior retirement centers? The headline paints one picture, the details may (or may not) paint a different picture. I'd love to know where specifically these cases are and how they were discovered.
  15. I like the look new look of the greatest flat to ever grace Kings Island! Looking forward to riding it again.
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