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  1. Intamin has made/makes more than just coasters. Kings Island has at least 5 Intamin designs operational. They have 8 Zemperlas (mainly, if not exclusively Kids attractions) They have 2 Huss attactions. My bet would be on Intamin, though Zemperla has put a ton of kids rides thruout the chain. 160 is a lot for any 1 company no matter how you slice it.
  2. medford

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Occasionally seeing deer near the tracks on The Beast always freeks me out.
  3. medford

    Next NEW Coaster

    I'd love FireChaser Express at KI. Never ridden it, but it looks like a great ride and helps fill that mid range gap, IIRC, the ride height is either 44 or 46
  4. medford

    Next NEW Coaster

    Renegade is phenomenal. Even before Mystic Timbers was hinted at, one ride on Renegade convinced me that KI needed a nice GCI like that. Needless to say I was thrilled when Mystic was announced.
  5. medford

    Next NEW Coaster

    I've never, ever, ever felt silly about riding anything at KI with my kids. From The Great Pumpkin Coaster, to the Moon Buggies (Cant recall what they are called), Sally's Sea Plane, or anything else. If my kids are with me and having fun than I'm probably going to enjoy that more than anything else. Some of my greatest memories are riding coasters I've been on a million times but were a brand new experience to my son as he progressed from Woodstock Express at 2, to The Beast at 4, thru Diamondback at 7. Trust me, it was a bit of a bummer after he rode Diamondback because there was no longer any more "new experiences for him" that I've done 100 times before (not that we don't still have fun). I have tried bribing my 5 year old daughter to ride Flying Ace Arial Chase, but haven't broken thru. She finally hit 48" at the end of last season, and yes I'll be bringing out more bribes hoping to get her on Adventure Express, The Racers, as well as FAAC (I know there is little to no shot of getting her on Vortex or The Beast this year) Some won't consider it major, but I think a Wild Mouse, sitting where either Linus Launcher is now, or the petting zoo would be a fantastic addition. KI needs something else for that kid that is currently 44" tall, too big for the "kiddie rides" but not big enough (or perhaps brave enough) for The Racers, Adventure Express, etc...
  6. Anyone else think that Hoot, as a young man, looked a lot like a former KICentral poster?
  7. medford

    Racer Track Work 2019

    The average guest isn't following John Matterise either, nor watching the channel 9 news in general. The average guest won't be disappointed because the average guest won't even know that anything was done over the off season. The won't realize it before they ride, while they ride or after they ride; the average guest will look at their park map and wonder "what next". We are not the average guest.
  8. medford

    You down with S-N-OO-P?

    Yes. And since I can't post 1 word responses, that is exactly why Snoopy is a great tie in. For the kids, the ones with $0 disposable income to shell out, the trade marks don't really matter all that much. By the time they are old enough to care what "looks cool" they'll have outgrown Planet Snoopy anyways and will be off riding the bigger rides around the parks. For the younger gneration, Snoopy is timeless, its on every Christmas, Halloween, Easter and perhaps a few other times. It has a recently released movie that was fantastic. Its seen on blimps, and TV commercials and all kinds of places that you don't think about. For a parent and grandparent, they're going to be much quicker to spend a little money on a t-shirt for junior with Snoopy on it, than on some Nick Character that they've never heard of, or perhaps don't let their kids watch. I mean, if they could get Disney Characters, that would be ideal, but since that is not going to happen, Snoopy and the Gang are the next best thing. Who else has a collection of characters that not only are relatable to kids today, but actually enjoyed by the parents and grandparents who bring them. Nick has what, Sponge Bob that is now old enough to be relatable to both kids and parents, but few grandparents have any real connection to Sponge Bob. All of Nick's other older characters are no longer relevant today. The only reason they have any sort of character tie in to their kids area is to generate more revenue thru the sale of merchandise that also includes those characters. My oldest, now 10, first recognized snoopy and the peanuts from going to Kings Island when he was 2, almost 3. Soon enough he'd spot one around town, either at a Mike's car wash, on the side of a blimp, Met Life add, etc... and would quickly blurt out Kings Island. This happened often enough that you begin to realize how many times, as an adult, you'd gloss over an add with the Peanuts on them. It works.
  9. medford

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    People will complain no matter what is announced. They could install the greatest coaster in the world that hands out $100 bills as you enter the station and somebody would complain... I can think of a handful of "holes" in KI's lineup, each park is going to have "holes" to one extent or another, as one of CF's larger parks, its "holes" are relatively small compared to many parks not only in the chain, but nationwide. For a long while, I thought the Giga was KI's most obvious hole, but once I rode Renegade up at Valley Fair, that type of coaster jumped to the top of my wish list. Needless to say, i was extremely pleased when Mystic Timbers was announced, and was not disappointed (other than the obvious over hype of the shed). Flying Coaster...with Firehawk's removal, that is an obvious hole. Even though B&M offers a model, I think the GP would be annoyed if you removed one ride, and put something that similar right back in its place. I don't sense much of a demand for this, on a scale of 1-10, I'd say 0. Giga... as stated numerous times on this site not to mention above, KI is the only large park in the chain (capable of going that high) with out one. On a scale of 1-10, I'll say this is a 9 Wild Mouse.. I think KI could use this family style attraction (don't think B&M offers a model), preferable if it had a 46" height limit (my only regret on Mysty is that its 48"). Would work well in Planet Snoopy, but with Mysty just added there isn't a huge need for a family coaster, and certainly not in the space the are about to open up, I'd say 0, but would love to see one long term in the next 10 years. Dive..I think this would work great in either The Vortex or Stunt coaster spaces. Despite popular opinion, I hope neither leave any time soon. Still, with the Pointe's being newish, I doubt KI sees on in the next 10 years, doesn't make much sense... I'll put this at a 3 Wing coaster... This would actually work quite well back in that space... I'll put this at a 5. Ground up RMC...other than the giga or nothing else, I think this would be extremely popular choice. I'd put this at a 7, but since the papers said B&M its more like a 0 (unless they fudged a bit). 4th dimension... just no, too long a wait for a park of KI's size. If they got ride of Invertigo, OK, I could see it, but not now. 0 Floorless... I've always envisioned Vortex's replacement to be a B&M floorless. If Vortex had hit the chopping block, this would be my odds on favorite...5 Water Coaster (or whatever they are called down in Santa Claus, IN)... Not going in on the dry side, but for a water park the size that KI has, I can't believe they haven't installed something like this. For 2020, I say 0, but like the wild mouse, i really hope they get one in the next 10 years (ie the next water park expansion/addition)
  10. medford

    By 2035 Kings Island Will Have What?

    Water yes (or at least most likely, they could use a dry system, but I doubt that), however as mentioned above, its the waste that could be the issue. Still, my assumption is that there is some form of sanitary drainage back in those maintenance buildings. One doesn't do maintenance type things and not get their hands dirty, which requires at least a sink. However, to support a bathroom they may need a larger line, or the more likely problem is that they are at the extents of their sanitary line and expanding the system would require a lift system (ie pump) to bring the waste back up to grade so it can drain to gravity. All told, if there is a true demand for restrooms and/or a larger water/waste service back there, solutions can be found that wouldn't cost all that much compared to the cost of a big coaster install.
  11. medford

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    Valleyfair's length is perfectly acceptable, not too long, not too short, just the right amount of time for a kid to "drive" his parents around and want to hop on and do it again.
  12. medford

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Refresh my memory, the road was too bumpy to get a good picture of the green intamin track.
  13. medford

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    Hmmm.... Got me thinking. I'm sure others lists are much, much longer.... but for me: King Cobra, SOB at Kings Island The Bob sled coaster and Wild Cat at Cedar Pointe Mantis and Mean Streak at CP (if you can count those) And now Firehawk. Not a very long list, perhaps there is another ride or two out there
  14. Vortex or no Vortex, that path is still going to be used quite a bit to get to Coney from The Beast, Mystic Timbers and Planet Snoopy. Getting rid of The Vortex won't ease the foot traffic much IMHO
  15. Uh, yes.... weather should be good this weekend, I'm sure they're hoping for an uptick in visitors for one last ride on ...... (stay tuned)