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  1. I thought, perhaps 1937 was a play on the loose ties to Indiana Jones that AE has and Adventure Port expands upon. 1937 would fit in that time line, right between Raiders (1936) and The Last Crusade (1938). What really blew my mind, at least according to this https://screenrant.com/indiana-jones-movie-timeline/ Is that Temple was set in 1935, so its actually a prequel to Raiders. Maybe that should have been obvious, but I've never picked up on that before.
  2. My son and I were on The Beast about 7-8 years ago. I believe we were in row 4. We were coming out of the double helix and down the last little hill right before the brake run. Just as were were hitting the bottom of that hill and about to start back up and into the brake run, a bird flew onto the track (I assume there was a mouse or some type of animal it spotted that it was going after). Train hit is square. Must have been low enough to not get any remnants over the people in the front. as soon as we pulled in, the first handful of rows who saw it all popped toward the front to see the damage.
  3. The easiest way to do that would be to install a handful of cameras in each ride (or at least the major ones) with security watching on TV. They wouldn't have to monitor all rides at once, but if you monitored say Orion for a spell, then The Beast, then Diamdonback, etc... on days that you most suspect line jumping will occur, then you have a smaller group of mobile security that will be in the area of the ride/s that are being actively monitored. Boot the few that you do catch and word will spread quick enough that they are watching and will act. Enforce it hard core for a season and it will die down significantly moving forward.
  4. I wonder how much of the problem is the rise of social me and young people finding it acceptable to document their rude behavior on social media for all to see.
  5. I think its more of a policy that gives them a leg to stand on should they need to removed anyone from the park before they actually do something full on worthy of getting the boot. Ie, there are a group of 14 year olds walking around shoving each other, and cursing lowdly. Maybe they haven't done anything yet that would warrant removal from the park, but now KI has a policy that they can be proactive when needed. The 12 year old that is walking around with some friends, being respectable and polite wont get bothered by this policy is my guess.
  6. I was in line for Banshee along with my 2 sons when the evac call came out. You could tell it wasn't a mechanical failure by the nature of the evac, they cleared out the entire que (90 min wait according to the app), I figured someone had been seriously injured or perhaps there was some sort of fire incident. Never once was it explained there was a gun threat (though I'm not sure how much of a threat it was since it was contained outside the park, but I'm ok with being overly cautious). I think this was probably a good thing, it reduced any sort of panic amongst the patrons while they still managed to get everyone out pretty quickly Beyond that, the park was crazy busy. My son had a baseball game that afternoon, so we shot down afterwords as we downgraded from platinum passes to gold passes and figured getting our new cards would take a few minutes and save us time the next time. The way they process new cards is super easy, though i do recommend they have pens available to sign the cards so that you know who's pass is who. We got dinner but the lines were so long, we decided to bail after dinner and try again in a few weeks. Adventure port is starting to take shape and looks like it will be a nice addition. Not sure why Grain and Grail was not open yet, I would have thought they could have that operational from the get go. Firs time I have had the sausage from the BBQ place, it was pretty good. I'd still prefer the chicken, but that was all out atm and I didn't feel like waiting, so went with something different.
  7. Looks like people are riding it now; so what get it was is good to go
  8. That would make sense. If one thing is acting up in the morning, it would then affect them from getting to and checking everything else down the line.
  9. FWIW, we went last summer for 3+ days right after Juneteenth (just a coincidence that we picked those dates, but I posted them to give you our time frame). I didn't actually hit me that we were going there on the day after a day many (some?) companies are giving their employees a day off work. Anyhoo, I remember thinking....Hmm I wonder if this will be more crowded than usual as we drove up. We had planned on getting fast passes for a day, so I wasn't super worried about it. We arrived mid morning on that Tuesday and found crowds to be very light. Steel vengance was like a 15 min wait, maybe 25. Milly was like 10 min. Maverick was up and down, so I actually waited about 45 min for that, but everything was fairly short. On that Wednesday we went to the water park, where the lines were fairly long as a couple of the complexes were shut down. Went back to the dry side for dinner and some rides and again everything was short. Thursday we had planned on getting passes, but looking at the lines the first 2 days we were thinking maybe we could save the money and not do them. Rides were a little longer on Thursday, but not insane by any means. Milly was still a 10 min wait, steel vengance was about 25, Maverick not too bad, etc... Weather was perfect all 3 days, mid 80s, fairly sunny, no rain, etc.... Maybe we just happened to hit the right week (there was even an ACE event going on as we ran into some ACE members and learned a bit about that) As far as ops go, many of the rides didn't open up on time. I think day 1 we got there right after the 10:00 normal open time and several rides were still down. My daughter wanted to ride gemini and I don't think that opened up until around 11:00. On that thursday we in the park sometime shortly after 9:00 and again many of the rides didn't open up until well after 10:00. On the plus side, there version of surf dog wasn't technically open yet since it was still about 9:45, but the ride was ready and workers were stationed. My sons decided to get in line and make that their first ride, the workers decided to open up the ride around 9:50, which was kind of cool.
  10. I haven't read the whole thing, and I'll assume this has been stated, but the simple answer is NO! What is your own personal POV going to show you or anyone else that can't already be seen by the parks official POVs that they put out? So why should the park allow something that could potentially bring about injury and litigation if the operator didn't follow strict guidelines? Literally the park would have nothing to gain and very much to lose. Individually, I'm not sure why anyone cares what their own personal POV even looks like. Odds are it looks bouncy and like crap if strapped to your body.
  11. And with the fresh paint, The Racers look as good as every (well except the tunnel at the end, I still don't get why they did that, though I'm sure #reasons)
  12. Spring is around the corner (despite the snow) and its time to bumpity, bump, bump, bump my favorite thread on this site. Just in case anyone hasn't seen these yet, or likes to look back on them like I do.
  13. I could see that horse theme working, pay tribute to the horse industry in neighboring Kentucky. Or perhaps with The Vortex replacement coaster, you turn the re-imagined Stunt Coaster into part of rivertown and with the horse theme, turn it into a western horse chase theme with a chase down the mine shaft to get the "bad guys" after the mid course stop. At any rate, I 'd hate to see the ride go, I think its an important "tween" coaster for the kids who have reached 48" but are not too keen on heights or inversions (though with Vortex gone I don' think there are any 48" inversions left in the park)
  14. Random thought. If, (I said IF) there is a new coaster install for 2024, or whenever the next large coaster install happens, the park should do more "mini" type announcements. Seems like when Orion was built there was a decent amount of teasers, which I wouldn't change, but maybe have a partial reveal on a couple of different dates with fun games, etc... to help drive attendance. When Orion was going up, it was pretty obvious early on that a large coaster was going into that space they were clearing, maybe in mid June after schools are out you have a "reveal the manufacturer" announcement, then in late July you have a "reveal the type of coaster announcement" the finally in August you get the POVs, stats and name of the ride. Seems like with a little creativity you could really ramp up the hype with some fun events around the construction.
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