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  1. not that I've seen, and to be honest, I have no idea how much media coverage there really is. Might have just been a handful of local news stations with reporters that could not care less about anything going on in the park other than doing their job and getting out of the rain.
  2. Said on a piece on Channel 12 news that each car has a different license plate, and each plate references either a current or former ride in code. The one they showed this morning (car 12) had the license plate WWC ??? Can't recall the 3 numbers, and Chad didn't explain that part until after they showed the plate, but obviously WWC is a reference to White Water Canyon and I assume the 3 numbers after it reference some sort of date or length or something to do with the ride. That will make for a fun trip each time thru.
  3. There was video on the news this morning, which seemed to be live (it was raining) of the media riding the tiques. Unless KI has kept that part extremely limited (or perhaps they just sent out stock video this morning to all the local news outlets) I would think any teasers or obvious signs of construction would have leaked by now. edit: It wasn't stock video, as I stumbled upon a "live" interview on channel 12 of Chad Showalter at the tiques on this mornings news. But, as I said, access to areas that would allow you to see any teasers or obvious signs of construction may not have been shut down.
  4. If you had placed odds 40 years ago that The Beast would retain its title as longest wooden roller coaster in the world all these years later, what would they have looked like? Perhaps each park attempting to out-do the last hadn't really kicked in like it did in the 90s, but I doubt anyone envisioned The Beast retaining that title for as long as it did. I adore the ride, and I'm so excited that they are bringing back the paw prints again (I wouldn't complain if they brought back The Vortex prints and Top Gun prints (though that would be awkward) this season as well). I don't have crystal memories of it, but one of my many memories of my youth is riding it with my mother. My father wouldn't do roller coasters, and I don't do spinny things (like the tea cup) so when it came to rides, it was either my sisters or my mother (or a friend eventually) My mother passed away when I was 12 after a second battle with cancer, sometime after her first battle I think she got the inkling to do something special with each of her 3 kids each summer, just mom and kid for a day or two. Our thing was always a trip to the zoo and a trip to KI, and a trip on The Beast was always a must. As I've grown older, I now get to ride the rides thru the eyes of my children. While the personal appeal had diminished slightly with age, it was quickly revamped as my oldest son grew old enough to ride The Beastie, then Flying Ace Ariel Chase, and exploded when he got his first rides on The Beast, Racer, Vortex, etc... shortly before his 5th birthday. Watching his face the first handful of times he rode each ride has been priceless. I have no clue how many times we've ridden The Beast together, but one trip will always stick with me. We were coming out of the double helix, sitting in 1-2 and starting down the last little bunny hill when a hawk must have seen something on the track, as we started careening up the hill into the brake run, certainly this bird was going to fly off. Sadly, it did not; I quickly had visions of Fabio and grabbed my son and ducked as much as we could behind 1-1. As we pulled into the station and the lap bars went up, practically the whole train ran into the front to see the damage (there wasn't any, but the riders in 1-1 confirmed that it had been a direct hit.) That is a ride I'll never forget. My daughter will be 7 this year, and I'm praying she gets the courage to ride The Beast (though I'd settle for The Racers, Adventure Express, etc...). She is definitely intimidated, hasn't even been on flying ace arial chase yet. I've got a hunch that our 3 year old will be a little more daring like his brother; we'll see how he handles The Beastie this summer.
  5. If there is nothing worth sharing, that is worth sharing as well...if you know what I mean.
  6. Its Good Friday...it ALWAYS rains on Good Friday. ALWAYS.
  7. If there are no teasers, then I'll pin my hopes to 2021 rather than 2020 I do expect teasers because of that commencement document, but life will move on one way or the other.
  8. The newish tiques at Valley fair has a similar loading station and even route (or at least compactness of the route) and I thought it worked well. I doubt we ever see this type of ride take up the space of the original ride going forward. The original tiques took up a ton of real estate. I liked the ones at Valley Fair, had my 7 year old (at the time) drive me and his younger sister around, it was a hoot seeing how cautious and serious he took it. Cautious and serious are not things typically associated with him.
  9. While anything is certainly possible, he's my reasons why I don't think it will be any of those 3.... Flyer... They just removed a flyer. Sure B&M might be better (never ridden one so I can't say either way) but to the general public I think it wouldn't feel like anything new. If it was 15 years from now, sure, but get to get rid of one flyer for another version just doesn't seem like an easy sell. Wing...I'd love to see a winged coaster at KI, however, its my feeling that Ki and CP are sold as a joint destination (we see the any 2 days tickets, one at each park). CP's wing coast is still new enough that it doesn't feel like one at KI would complete the other park and vice versa, each park should aim for complimentary additions that will drive long distance visitors to visit both. Dive... see what I said above, but add in that I think a Dive should happen were it provides good eye candy. Tucked back into X-Base the general public won't get a chance to watch the dive from all over the park. I think a Dive would make an excellent selection as a replacement for Vortex (once it eventually sinks), Invertigo or BLSC. If it replaced Invertigo, it would give the park a new "entrance" coaster feel without obstructing the view or affect of walking thru the entrance and seeing the fountains and the tower. Seems like congo falls would have to move (or be removed) as well to make room for a Dive in that area. Give the CP Dive coaster another 5-10 years and I think you'd have a winner at KI. Finally, personally I feel like its time for a Giga at KI. To be honest, I thought that way a few years back, until I happened to ride Renegade at Valley Fair. I immediately thought "this is what KI needs" and was more than thrilled when I found out what Mystic Timbers was to become. I still think they could use another intermediate coaster, something along the lines of fire chaser (or whatever its called) at Dollywood, something that would suite the 44"-46" crowd/family that is not quite big enough (or brave enough) to get on The Beast, Racers, Vortex, etc... I actually think they need that type a little more than a giga, but after installing a 48" ride, I don't see them coming back with something that will be perceived as a "kiddie coaster" for its next major addition. If they went Giga-fire chaser-Dive over the next 10 years, it would be awesome. A nicely themed wild mouse could work as well for that intermediate coaster.
  10. Not a doctor, but I'd say Train, Carousel (though I'd advise against climbing on the horses), Tiques and Boo Blasters. anything else, the risk isn't really worth it. Congrats and here's to a safe, easy pregnancy and delivery.
  11. If a Coaster is coming in 2020, then yes we'll see teasers this summer at the latest (and signs of clearing, construction as well). If a Giga is coming in 2020, then I suspect we'll see teasers this spring as well as clearing and construction this spring. First thing to look for is a fence, a fence always supersedes a coaster
  12. thanks for all the advice.... I'll find a place...now, aside from Dollywood for a day, any specific advice on what to do?
  13. airBnB was my first thought, I've never rented thru that; honestly a little Leary though I really shouldn't be.
  14. where's the best place to go cabin shopping?
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