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Last Operating Day for 2020 is Nov 1st!

Kings Island is now closed for 2020.


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    Teasing of RMC?!

    They may or may not have been "just having fun" but certainly they are already in the planning stages for their next major attraction. Might be another 3-5 years away and not even set in stone, but the planning has certainly begun.
  2. OK, how about a tunnel under 1-71 and a Hogwards Express like train ride b/w the 2 parks Purchase GWL, the new campground area, the hotel by The Beach and some extra land behind The Beach to add dry attractions over there as well.
  3. I want to say 4,000 plus. Does it still count when the ride pauses right in front of a sensor for several minutes (presumably helping someone load or unload)?
  4. Dragon Flier is a great family invert, aside from the one @ KI, I haven't ridden any others but hard to imagine being much better than Dragon Flier for a family invert. With that said, I think something like Fire Chaser express would be a fantastic addition to KI. KI is lacking in rides that are "thrilling" for the 40" crowd not yet tall enough for the 48" rides (Beast, Racers, Stunt Track, etc...) IIRC, Fire Chase has a 39" requirement, while FAAC has a 44" high requirement. I'd love to see 1 more tweener coaster at KI for that 40-44" crowd and their families. However, there would be
  5. google is your friend:
  6. One less person in line if they every bring it back
  7. pov with both experiences
  8. It did not open with one train going backwards, it switched I believe during the time of The Bat failure. I wouldn't call it a short stint either, I think the backward racer stayed that way for 20 years or so. Someone will provide the exact timeline. I loved the backwards racer, always rode The Racer at least twice, once forward, once backwards and often times 3 times in a row, backwards, forwards, and then backwards again before moving on. Edit, ran backwards from 1982-2008, so 26 years
  9. Are you implying that its not?
  10. Dodgem building pics look sweet. Nice to see that building get some love.
  11. Where there is a family restroom there are usually men's/women's restrooms. Wonder if that Chaos Labs Building general health associations..... could be the location for that family restroom sign (and hopefully others) though if I had to guess, the Chaos Labs building is the maintenance sheds after a makeover.
  12. Last summer was the only time I've been to Dollywood, we loved it. Park had to shut down for a few hours due to thunderstorms (and a downpour) but that helped keep the crowds down a bit and we barely had to wait for anything. 10 min for Lighting Rod was the longest I think. Beautiful park, pretty good ride selection (especially for younger kids on the Coaster side with Fire Chaser Express). I think if they added a Hyper it would be about a perfect park.
  13. There is a lot more info missing as well. As mentioned above, with Casino's opening up, have all employees been tested, ie @ Miami Valley Gaming? Have all prisoners and gaurds/personal been tested? Are cases up because there are more tests happening and many of the positive cases are coming out of the prison population and/or the senior retirement centers? The headline paints one picture, the details may (or may not) paint a different picture. I'd love to know where specifically these cases are and how they were discovered.
  14. I like the look new look of the greatest flat to ever grace Kings Island! Looking forward to riding it again.
  15. If you could legit knock out all the rides @ CP by 2:00, then for sure if you got to KI by 6:00 and had FLP you could knock out all the coasters @ KI by 10:00 close.
  16. Its entirely possible, just depends on the crowds. That is a lot of hustlin though. If you got there for early ride time, you could get on Orion around 9:30 (assuming that will be available for early ride time next year) then move to FOF (which is also likely be early ride time next year I'd guess) then Stunt Coaster and The Beast and perhaps have all of those rides knocked out by 10:30. From there, lines should be pretty easy. Racer, Adventure Express would be quick over the Banshee, The Bat and Invertigo. KI should be done by 12:00 and that is without FP. Give you half an hour
  17. But the unknown is what makes the thought experiment fun. We don't have alternate universes, so no matter what happens, we really have no clue if something different would have happened under a different scenario.
  18. Makes me feel much better that I can answer how I correctly to all those questions and as long as I don't have a temp when walking thru the front door, I'm good to go. That is going to stop people? I think that is the problem many have with it. Anyhoo, serious question, what if these same requirements (and assume they will be strictly enforced) are instituted next season? What if the park told you/public that in order to remain profitable and operating like normal, they need to operate like 2019 rather than 2020 or risk shuttering permanently. You could still show up and wearing a
  19. The wearing of masks is not as easy a debate as "I want to protect others/myself so I'll wear one" There is a lot more that has gone into the current situation, a lot of flip-flopping of "facts" by health officials, a lot of inconsistent implementation of the rules and regulations regarding shut down. If that is KI's policy to wear mask, either by company choice, or by state enforcement that is fine, it is my choice to attend or not attend and I won't complain that its "unfair" if I choose to stay home. Those rides and experiences will all be there next year. however, if the wearing of
  20. Its a small world is a boring experience (from my perspective), low thrill and developed in a time where technology is way behind what could be done today.....yet the lines are always long and can you imagine the complaints they would get if they removed it? As shaggy said, that is a whole different set of issues. I like Boo Blasters as a "shoot" em up fun, immersive family experience. There is even a back story to the building and ride, however since they got rid of the pre-ride experience that story is mostly lost. However, it needs vast updating. Make all the guns work well (too ma
  21. If the only requirement is social distancing, then FoF is easy. Aside from the being inside part, the social distancing aspect is easy. Only so many people inside the building at a time, use both sides of the que to help space those people, a line separator at the base of the stairs to send people up as a group to the next line separator to put you in your individual seat que (kind of like how Boo Blasters operates but w/ the employee at the base of the steps rather than at the end of the steps and short hall way)
  22. Thanks for that info, doesn't seem so bad. Getting 3 kids to the clinic when they are perfectly healthy (and other patients there are not) doesn't seem like something I wanted to do. Answering questions isn't bad, but honestly, if that is all it is, then that is more a CYA cause who's going to verify if you are telling the truth. I'll also add, that if masks are only required when one can't socially distance themselves, then I'll say you won't see many people masked once they get in the park based upon what I saw at my son's tee ball practice. Not a single person, parent or kid showed
  23. What is a pre-entry health screening 24 hours prior to admission exactly? Does that mean my whole family needs to swing thru a clinic and get tested the day before attending the park? As chibul asked above, what does the mask requirements per protocol mean? If I have to take my whole family to a clinic w/n 24 hours of visiting and have to wear a mask the whole visit, I won't be attending KI this season. Cheers to those that do, but Orion and everything else can wait a year for me. Of course I've never been the dude who feels the need to wait 4 hours just to say I rode something th
  24. Until the state officially releases their restart guidelines on theme parks I don't think we'll get an answer. With the friday announcement, I would have thought those would have been published prior to today, but as is the case in the past, seems like it takes 2-3 business days to post the guidelines. Which makes no sense, if they are based upon the restart committees (of which CF has 2 employees on that committee) it would stand to reason that prior to DeWine's friday announcement that those protocols had already been agreed upon and all they had to do was push them to their web to mak
  25. I don't think a year round restaurant would work well when the park is not open (at least not as a traditional restaurant) but I think if they took the restaurant, and allowed it to operate as a restaurant during park hours then be used as a corporate event center during non-operating hours while also opening it up for the occasional wedding or corporate event during normal park times. I don't know the capacity, but having a wedding reception up there with dancing and end of the night fireworks isn't the worse idea. I'm not sure how it would work with the park being opened and having your gu
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