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  1. Oh, totally! And it really wasn't the camera itself that I was upset about, we were actually getting ready to replace it anyway. It was the 2 years worth of pictures I lost, and only half of which were backed up in some way. Losing memories like that was awful.
  2. I had a bag stolen in June that had a 7 yr old camera in it....and my brand new Blackberry Torch. Definately sucked. I also had a towel taken. I wasn't terribly upset as we had another towel, and the stolen one was like, 5 years old. lol My mom and I were a little grossed out cuz really, how did that person know we didn't just take our used bath towel to the park with us? (we didn't lol) We swear up and down the only reason both weren't taken was because of the rather large hair dye stain on the one that was left...that kind of looks like old blood. We're gonna take that one from now on.
  3. Thanks, everyone! I think we'll try to marathon it then instead of spending the $60....lol! And we are SO excited, it's my favorite time of year!
  4. Hey, y'all. I'm a new user, but I've been lurking for about a year. I've just got a quick question, and I haven't seen any threads that mentions this. My husband's birthday is soon, and we're going to Haunt's opening night. We've been to Haunt many times, but never for the opening and I was curious how long the lines tend to be. This will be our only chance to go together this season, so I would like to hit all the Haunts. Basically, I want an idea of whether or not it'll be neccessary to purchase the Fright track tickets. lol
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