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  1. Something you guests may not know is that KI runs an interdepartmental softball league--Rides, Foodservice, Games, KAS, etc. So if your ever bored at KI (unlikely, but when your there 30-40 hours a week, it happens) just walk over to the employee entrance off of western row, and see if theres a game happening (the field is right on the corner of Western Row and the employee entrance road). GO KAMANS 2012!!! (yes, I'm a front gate photographer)
  2. I work at KI (KAS FG) and hear a lot of rumors--eventually you learn to take them with a grain of salt. The Vortex Sinking rumor was going around around midsummer, funny that its just now showing up among guests (you). KI upper management does not communicate effectively with employees and concessionaires, people overhead bits of their supervisor's gossip, which in turn is based off of manager's private communications.
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