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  1. I learned my lesson already. You do not try and argue with him. You do not try and reason with him. He will continually avoid your replies and continue spouting the same thing over and over. It’s not worth it.
  2. Imagine riding a rollercoaster standing sideways like this. That could intense. I have no idea how the restraints would look and if B&M is being that literal with the term surf coaster but it sure would be awesome.
  3. I was watching a video on youtube that showed that B&M filed for a Trademark for an attraction called a surf coaster. This will most likely be a new offering of a rollercoaster. Any guesses and what this could be? Looking at all of B&M's rides they all use the same kind of track with either their regular track model or their inverted track models. With the only differences being the size of the tracks. Almost all of B&M's different models rely on different trains not changes to track. So I don't see that changing with whatever this is. Video found here:
  4. Kings Dominion is getting its Drop Tower repainted and parts of Flight of Fear retracked. I would like to see both of these at Kings Island as well.
  5. Compare that photo to this one from years prior they made the effort to remove those tree's as well as the chainlink fence so I would assume they are doing something.
  6. the games buildings in the center of coney mall have been repainted and It looks like the main games attached to the arcade have also received a paint job.
  7. I believe that has been disproven on this forum before.
  8. The trim is still most likely off. Also isn’t it true that they usually start testing with hard wheels (forget what they are made of) then determine the type of wheels they will use later in the testing period. But also the ride hasn’t warmed up. Basically just saying there’s a lot of variables still in play for ride speed. Still looks very quick right now which is a good sign.
  9. that's because he didn't say anything. He just quoted someone else.
  10. I’ll be sure not to share it with you then
  11. ^ive been saying this whole time talking about recording exclusively off property and not with a drone. That should be known by now by all (hopefully) that it shouldn’t be done.
  12. I wasn’t trying to start an argument with anyone. I just wanted a piece of evidence to back up a claim that was being made on here. So asking, let’s say I take video of Orion testing off of Kings Island property am I allowed to post?
  13. That’s a reach. That would be like the bengals constructing a new stadium and telling people not to watch. Tell me explicitly where Kings Island asked us not to. I’m not talk about enter onto the pickup or anything like that I get it. Where have they said not to record Orion from off property? Telling us to get official information from them is you reaching.
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