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  1. If Orion can do every row but with alternate seating with two on the outside then two on the inside then why can't Diamondback do the same thing. The seats are already alternating, what is the difference?
  2. Daily Fast Lane is now available for purchase on the website.
  3. B&M refers to all their coasters with clamshell restraints as mega coasters.
  4. i could see some kind of filler attraction going there for a few years before a real one down the line. Something like monster trucks at CP.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/post/UgxYyWJoYrkuI7YO3st4AaABCQ Some allegations going on with the Themeparkworldwide YouTube page about some of its members.
  6. Oh no doubt. I rode Flight of Fear alone one time and it was borderline unrideable it jack hammered me around so bad. I felt bad for the ops who have to ride it alone every morning.
  7. Wow that’s interesting. I made my first ever trip to Dollywood last weekend and it really made me wonder if my expierence on the rides was accurate to normalcy being that my only expierence was on half or less capacity (I was the only one on mystery mine).
  8. That doesn’t mean the first half of the ride wouldn’t be faster.
  9. Not only do some people not like the more intense gigas but rides with such high forces make people want to leave the parks sooner even if they like the ride. The sooner they leave the less money they spend.
  10. Taylor has some really good off ride videos. His vlog videos are really annoying imo however.
  11. While I personally don’t consider myself an enthusiast I enjoy watching YouTube videos of bloggers/ videographers filming parks on YouTube. I really like channels like coasterbob which have really nice high quality shots. I don’t watch too many enthusiasts videos I find them to be really annoying and entitled. (Every ride must be RMC or intamin or it sucks). Or they’re a kid. there’s two blogging style YouTubers I like watching for parks and that’s the timtracker: He’s very g.p about parks but in a good way. Fun entertaining and just all around has a good time. Doesn’t complain a lot which I like. and eltororyan: ryans about as much of an enthusiast as it gets but his recent more documentary style videos covering problematic roller coasters are well researched and cool. what theme park related YouTube channels do you all watch and why?
  12. Just my opinion. While I’m all for updating the entry area I think a coaster would ruin the I street area. I’m fine with a new coaster that’s runs in the area of Invertigo but anything over the entrance would be too much for Kings Island tbh.
  13. I don’t think anyone is trying to get anyone fired over it. It’s not really a reflection of that individual employee. It’s the employee culture in general at Kings Island that’s a problem. And that starts with management. No an employee will not get fired for making a joke like that. They will probably get a verbal warning and told not to do it anymore. If they continue well then they might get fired but that’s for disobeying managers at that point. The best thing someone can do is leave a note to guest services. No you don’t need to name the specific person to them. Just stating that you hear certain things that are unprofessional will get back to the department heads. It’s sad to me because the full timers really all care a lot and a lot of employees do to. These things tend to happen when your park supervisors are mainly 16/17 year olds.
  14. The main speal I always hear for zephyr is “it’s faster,sleeker, and better than the wind seeker”like I get there trying to be funny but the self depredating jokes within the park made by the ride ops really gets old and looks bad
  15. Are dark rides worth the investment? Yes and no. are they going to bring in the necessary amount of people to the park to pay for the initial cost? Probably not. but what they are going to do is on a hot day keep people at the park. Today at Dollywood I was ready to leave with the lack of an indoor ride. (Blazing fury is indoor but it didn’t have air conditioning). Finally I found a nice indoor eating area and sat down and decided to stay longer. Had I not done this I would have for sure left. I ended up staying and purchasing another meal. The air conditioning improved my mood a lot as well which lead me to purchase more things. I think it’s absolutely worth the investment.
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