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  1. ^ That is useful they act as their own breaks. That is interesting with the Maverick situation. Do you think that the LSM's are able to hold a train in place in a block setting or does that require the drive tires to fully stop the train. I'm curious because older Intiman's like Maverick have drive tires at the beginning of the launch while Pantheon appears to not have anything but the LSM's during the swing launch.
  2. Various launches all have different ways of stopping a train if the train were to have a rollback. With L.I.M's it's easy to see the break fins on the side of the track. With hydraulic launches there are magnetic fins that retract after the vehicle launches past them. ( I am under the impression that these magnetic fins only slow the train down similar to regular magnetic breaks and need another form of breaking to completely stop the train?) So my question is how do LSM's stop a train in a rollback. Is there a hidden mechanism that is part of the white launch pieces or does the launching mechanism act as both somehow? Also it seems like with a lot of newer Intiman's LSM launches also act as block sections. If this is the case is the method of completely stopping the train any different?
  3. When Kingda ka was in its first few years It may have been a cable or something else but it was on the launch side flew off during a test run. This prompted the park to no longer use the que that ran close to the track. I don't see TTD reopening in 2021 but I highly doubt this leads to a permanent closure. But There will also have to be some type of modification to the que line whether that be a change in layout or nets added. I also wouldn't be surprised at all to see a metal detector and additional locker system ala Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers. While this incident seems to have nothing to do with loose articles it would be a smart move PR wise to show how committed they are to no one getting hit in the future.
  4. Thunder runs a pretty boring coaster imo. It really doesn’t do anything. Raven on the other hand kicks ass. However both of those manufacturers no longer exist.
  5. Per Carowinds Facebook Page Vortex's trains have been recycled and turned into new trains for Carolina Cyclone. Still gives you a chance to ride a classic if you think about it really hard. It's not letting me post the link. Not sure why.
  6. I haven’t read this thread at all until now. Why is everyone attacking other people so personaly in this thread. We’re talking about Kings Island not a new tax policy. It sounds like some of you are dying for other members to be wrong just to say I told you so. It’s turned into an us vs them mentality. It’s kind of gross. This isn’t political. It’s Kings Island.
  7. speaking of paint Intimidator at Carowinds is getting repainted. That was built a year later than Diamondback so you have to think this could be the offseason it gets new paint.
  8. What percent of people who have a six flag membership visit more than one park? Realistically I think a very small percentage.
  9. Fat starts to render at 135. Key word is starts. It needs time (some even say it can take up to an hour.) just taking it to 135 wont be hot enough for a long enough period of time for a ribeye.
  10. Fattier meats like ribeye tend to taste better the more you cook them because the fat needs ample time to melt. Studies done with blind taste tests show people actually like their steak cooked more than they think they do. Try new things.
  11. I like to avoid coaster enthusiast events but thanks for letting me know!
  12. Might go to KK this year. Have been in years past. Is this year worth to anyone that's gone? How have they handled COVID? And are all the rides running (or at least planning to run)?
  13. I rode Banshee before it opened to the public in 2014 and it had a rattle then. Yes rides develop a worse one as they age but Banshee has one from the get go. I rode candymonium recently and it had zero rattle at all. Compared to Orion which does have some vibration. With this in mind I’m wondering if like others have mentioned it has something to do with the soil at Kings Island. If you think about it every major steel roller coaster at Kings Island has a rattle.
  14. Not a simple fix. The old train design has seats that sit up more which means the clearance needed on the bottom for peoples legs is longer. Areas of the ride would need to be dugout. The station would need a moving floor and the lift hill catwalk and break catwalk all would have to be redone at a lower height.
  15. I get what you’re saying and I agree I want something that does it for me a little more at Kings Island for the next ride but my ride on Candymonium at Hersheypark was very telling on what the general public thinks. we were sitting on the break run when I heard the family behind me talking. “ it’s like a way better version of sky rush.” “ yeah sky rush is so rough it hurts. This ride is so much better” “Hersheypark is learning from their mistakes. Good job Hersheypark” then the family of four all proceeded to clap at what a good job Hershey did with their new attraction.
  16. Kings Island open until November 1st. No haunt. No winter fest. Same fall event as Cedar Point. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/park-update?fbclid=IwAR0YxMuH6URC7g1ngcTa-R1PW5gQgCpb3KLSAaZLvuNQLx5sTn83lA_voFw
  17. Update on Cedar Point. No Haunt. New event instead. https://www.cedarpoint.com/park-update
  18. Oh my god yes! I can't believe you found that. It was a continuous loop from about the 15-45 second mark all day every day. That brings back nightmares!
  19. There was a game in the games department called flip a chick that played the Same duck song all day long and it was absolutely horrible to work.
  20. Last year I really enjoyed hearing the theme music to super Mario galaxy every once in awhile.
  21. I don’t think Cedar Fair is really fighting that hard for the tourism Dollars with KD. A few years back Cedar Fair made proposals to the kid area and the Carowinds area for tax incentives for potential expansion of the parks. The Charollote area made a good offer. The Richmond area basically said they didn’t care. Now we see the result at kd has gotten one roller coaster since 2011. i get that your point was more to do with the possible success of Intamin and pantheon but it is still interesting that Cedar Fair is almost giving up on Kings dominion.
  22. I found copperhead strike to be more intense and fun then mystery mine and dare devil dive. Can’t say I’ve been on a launching gerstlauer. Copperhead has weak launches but the rest of the layout had some Maverick like moments that I really enjoyed. I agree it’s pretty expensive for a coaster that size but words is that Carowinds was very happy with their investment and you know how Cedar Fair is with working with specific companies.
  23. I’m all for a Mack launched coaster but does Kings Island see that as a need when they already have two launching coasters? I think a spinning Mack launched coaster would be different enough. I also think it would be cool if you built a Mack multi launch with 4 trains. 2 of them regular and 2 of them spinning. It’s like two rides in one at that point.
  24. I rode Orion for the first time a few days ago. Rode once in row two and once in row one. Honestly didn’t have super high expectations for it and came off underwhelmed. I really enjoyed fury 325 and leviathan so I was hoping Orion would match leviathan. Hopefully Orion will speed up when it runs full trains next year I’ll definitely be giving it more runs. The first drop and wave turn are fun as are the the last turn and pop into breaks. The middle portion of the ride really did nothing for me.
  25. If anyone’s at the park right now let me know how the crowds are. Thinking about popping in for a few hours but not worth it if it’s packed.
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