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  1. My opinion, I am very much against Fast Lane, and will always be. I do try to keep an open mind, however, I still believe this is just the rich kids fantasy. The wait times that I have seen have tripled from pre Fast Lane. At what point does corporate greed destroy the actual experience? I was at the park a few weeks back, and was in line for 6 to 8 hours, and rode 5 rides. I will NOT purchase a fast lase pass because I feel it is morally wrong, again, my opinion. At what point does the average person give up and quit going to the park because they can't afford the Fast Lane or don't want to pay a second time to ride after they get into the park. I have a gold pass, but live 2+ hours away and can't just pick up and go any old day. I have to plan a couple weeks ahead to go. After this year, we will be spending our money at Holiday World or Indiana Beach. How many more will quit coming to Cedar Fair because of this? Just a thought.
  2. I do not believe the wait times should not change for Fast Lane. Personal experience has has my daughter and I in line starting at the same place in line without Fast Lane was 30 min, with Fast Lane it was 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  3. Ok, well everyone knows I am 100% against this Fast Lane. I still and always will say this is the rich kids fantasy, someone who doesn't know the value of a dollar. However, it is not going to go anywhere. Where do they draw the line now? How about and platnum pass, where you pay $100 per person and walk in front of the Fast Lane people? Or how about an ultimate pass, where for $200 per person you get carted around and go straight to the front of every line and get to tell everyone else what to do?
  4. My experience with Fast Lane with ride times, 3Xs longer wait times. Also, watched handicapped person wait for at least 10 minutes on Fast Lane people. I am not a fan, obviously, and this is one of the many reasons.
  5. Like I said, this is my opinion and it will not change. I visit the park several times a year. I could afford fast passes if I wanted. However, I believe strongly enough against it, I will not and will voice my opinion about it as much as I can. Now, if it is a financial need for the park, raise ticket prices a buck or two. That would make up for what they make in fast pass sales. I think it is more greed that is driving the sale of these fast passes. Just like corperate America is doing now, buying companies low ball, putting there "upgrades" into it, then selling it just before it fails and goes belly up. Do I think this will happen with KI, not really, but if the fast pass system makes enough people mad, they will not return. I would think more return customers would better the park than a couple years of fast pass sales. Again, voicing my opinion.
  6. I have used FastLane a few times last year. I'm not a spoiled little rich kid am i because i saved up my hard earned money from working 40 hours a week to get it? FastLane is just a perk and nothing else. Just like the V.I.P. thing. It's a perk you pay for and nothing else. No one is twisting any arms making people buy it. If you go to Disney, you will see the same thing. Just on a much different scale. I will say that to me, FastLane is more of a better perk when the park is packed and ride times are over 2 hours. I tend to shy away from getting it if the park is dead and the wait times are under an hour. FastLane has another perk too. It's cheaper if you get over 4 of them i believe. And FastLane is worth everything you pay for it and more. Well, there may be a few exceptions to the rich kids, but again, it is more of a moral issue. Here is a scenario, a family of 5 saves for 2 years for a family vacation to the park. While they are standing in line, the younger kids of the family keep watching people walk right by them and get on the rides they have been waiting hours for. How do you explain that to the younger kids that are pointing to the sign beside them that says line jumping is not a sport? I have never, and will never buy or endorse the fast pass, and will voice my opinion anytime I get an opurtunity. As far as Disney, I was told, so I do not know the facts, but I was told that Disney has a similar fast pass, but it uses your original ticket that you swipe at the ride entrance and then it gives you a time to return. At no extra cost.
  7. I have said it before and will say it again, Fast Lane is nothing but the spoiled little rich kids fantasy. Why should you have to pay more to be able to ride anything. You paid your money to get into the park, now because you have to pay to ride because way to many people have bought this stupid stuff, you stand in line for 6 hours watching the spoiled little rich kids walk by. What are we teaching the kids now? If you have money, you can do anything? Sorry, this is my opinion and it will not change.
  8. Eliminate fast passes!!! I just can't stand seeing people spend hard earned money to get into the park, then do nothing but wait in line all day.
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