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  1. The Kings Island Guest Assistance Guide has given the Gliders a 3. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/images/uploads/file/Guest%20Assistance%20Guide%202015-KI.pdf
  2. Kennywood and Lakeside both do the non-planned closing time. And in some ways, this park more resembles those than others.
  3. I'm looking at the CP site, and see a full season dining option. Seventy-five dollars more than their Platinum Pass. https://www.cedarpoint.com/ticket-category/Season-Passes#2016DiningSP (edit to add- I think I read the price differences wrong. 75 is for something different)
  4. I've know they encourage flying the glider as high as one can achieve, and applauding 'great flying', but do they actually encourage snapping?
  5. I'd be concerned if you weren't
  6. Try making sure your hypotenuse stays within the Fibonacci sequence.
  7. Have you ever played the game in school where people alternate turns, each sequentially louder, shout a dirty word? Take that concept, and apply it to brainstorming 'safety concepts' to perform on rides. Then imagine that somehow that game is turned into something viewed as considered a credible way to give the illusion of safety/// (oh, and to re-write the rules of a terpyism, I'll say that anything I just mentioned probably has nothing to do with anything that was or was not written above my post, regarding anything that does or doesn't not really not exist)
  8. from http://www.agri.ohio.gov/divs/Rides/docs/Revised%20Ridebook.pdf 901:9-1-03 PROHIBITIONS. (6) When the amusement ride does not conform to the manufacturer's required operation and maintenance procedure, updated bulletins and/or directives.
  9. The pictures I can find of the Mad Mouse vehicles have a huge padded bar attached to the front. Maybe the bumps are how they expect the ride to finish?
  10. If you'll find out the elevation for each of the track's 3415 feet per side, we could collectively figure out a chart of theoretical velocity throughout the ride. I'm still going with the bottom of the second hill. The dip before the turnaround is too far along the track to maintain pace. If I remember correctly, somewhere around four degrees downward slope against horizontal is needed to keep a constant speed. (And no, I am unable to give reference to where I read that, but I think it was either a Gravity Group or GCI guy that said it.)
  11. I don't know who made the simulation, or how they figured out the data.
  12. And what's the source of said coordinates? The NoLimitsEditor file of The Racer that I have. The difference in numbers on the Y-Axis for the vertices at the top and bottom of each hill. //// Also, Google Earth topographic map shows about 755 ft above sea level at the base of the first hill, and about 749 at the base of the second hill.
  13. The coordinates show approximately nine feet lower after the second hill.
  14. Watching the numbers on the NoLimitsSimulator version I have of the ride, 49 mph is reached at the bottom of the main hill, and just over 50 is reached after the next hill.
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