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  1. That's right, just head to the sales windows with your pass on one of the 2 Sunday's left this season with your renewed pass to get the bring a friend ticket. As for the Fast Lane, you'll have to get it inside the park at the Fast Lane booth.
  2. The theming on FOF is currently the best I've ever seen it in my life, with audio working outside, in the saucer, station, and ride it's self. And my favorite part of the theming this season, the lights synced up with the movie in the hangar.
  3. I think Kings Island did a great job with there first day of this. It was mainly limited to International Street, but seeing it all decorated, seeing snow falling, and hearing Christmas music was different but really cool. The fireworks also seemed to be Christmas themed with Christmas colors for the fireworks and a different soundtrack. (Along with a Santa "Thanks for visiting Kings Island" announcement)
  4. Sorry for just getting around to this, but awesome trip report! Glad you enjoyed Holiday World! Looks like someone forgot that Holiday World has free sunscreen throughout the park! I wouldn't even call that a sunburn... Maybe just a very light pinkish shade. And that probably was caused by spending the majority of the last month at Kings Island, I used the free sunscreen plenty of times! I thought every pic of me was amazing?
  5. The QR codes on phones are suppose to work at the tolls and main entrance, but will often times have difficulty scanning. If you want things to go more quickly, I'd recommend just using your physical pass.
  6. The aqua chamber slides on Tropical Plunge are crazy. You just fall, and then the rest of the ride is really intense.
  7. Somewhat, but not too bad for a Saturday. The Beast is about 45 minutes.
  8. And I'm reading this as I'm in line for Woodstock Express.
  9. Hearing the music playing on Flight of Fear makes me so happy. I haven't heard it on the ride in years.
  10. I have an interview today! I'm nervous but excited, hopefully it goes well!
  11. I remember this thread was one of the reasons I joined KIC. It's already been 4 years?
  12. A few more views from Kings Island drive. (And I wasn't driving)
  13. The best part for me is that this starts right after finals, so it should be an awesome way to start summer!
  14. I actually have some faint memories of going to this place once, when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old. Kind of wish there was still places like this around. I don't remember when it closed but I think it only lasted a year or 2.
  15. Awesome trip report and congratulations on 300! Sorry I wasn't there, I wasn't checking KIC too much and made my last ride of the year Adventure Express.
  16. If you see the teenager in the giant coat at the table in front of you, that's probably me.
  17. Invertigo is a station wait.
  18. After the last ride of the night on The Beast, after 11pm, Planet Snoopy was still selling ice cream.
  19. Whatever happened to that promise? In 2013 I tried more. Slaughterhouse, Wolf Pack, and Carnevil to be exact. And the picture... I look really little.
  20. Last night I had a dream about Son of Beast. I think it took place in 2012, and it seemed like it was after it's closure was announced. But I was at Kings Island, and the ride was operating, for the first time in 3 years. I think the park wasn't too crowded, but I knew at least Son of Beast would have a long line, considering it hadn't been open for three years. For some reason I decided to go on some other rides before Son of Beast, and, of course, the dream stopped before I got on Son of Beast. And now I really miss Son of Beast. The dream reminded me a lot of when I was at Six Flags Great America back in June. Goliath had been closed for a few weeks before I went, and I wasn't very optimistic it would open. But when I walked by the ride, I actually saw a train testing! We asked an employee if they had any idea if the ride would open today, and they said it would be a while, but still on that same day, which was all that mattered. Sure enough, I got to ride it that night, and it was amazing!
  21. Flight of Fear has FUNtv playing in the queue...
  22. I'm currently in lunch at school and won't be able to see anything until after the announcement. But I'm predicting some upgraded tolls, and maybe something with The Racer (paint, backwards, etc.).
  23. So... Having asthma is a valid excuse to not go through Haunts?
  24. Lots of schools around Kings Island don't go back until next week, so I'd expect late next week to be very light crowds.
  25. 1. Banshee 2. Vortex 3. Flight of Fear 4. Firehawk 5. Diamondback 6. The Beast 7. Backlot Stunt Coaster 8. The Racer 9. The Bat 10. Adventure Express 11. Invertigo 12. Woodstock Express 13. Flying Ace Aerial Chase 14. Surf Dog 15. Great Pumpkin Coaster
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