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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Strawberries and Cream, first berry on the table. #2 son very, very not happy.
  2. I see all of them except the kids shows. Best ever was long, long ago (70s), it was a country show in the International Street Showplace, and featured both live singers and a live band. They did a rendition of Barbara Mandrell's "I was Country When Country Wasn't Cool" that I have never forgotten. Talent was fantastic, show was authentic, and it was very entertaining. I prefer the shows with live bands - always! Failing that, an a Capella show would be outstanding for this old guy (and no, I don't carry an O2 tank lol...). The Cirque shows have been fantastic, though I was not enamor
  3. I miss the theming but understand why it was removed. Wish that new 'PC' theming could be added to spice it up.
  4. I just don't see star names for a new Giga. I'm scratchin' my head, and will accept ANY name on a GIGA, but those don't 'theme-out' in my head.
  5. I agree with the posts concerning price v. expectations. I used to complain that everything to eat at KI was $8. They fixed that, everything is $14! That said, I visited the new Brewhouse. Had the Big Bacon and found everything hot and fresh. It's price, but seemed made to order and very quick (about 15 minutes). I hope the draft selection broadens a bit, but overall I loved it and I'll be back. This has the potential to be a huge homerun, thanks KI!
  6. This is fantastic, and... there's still time to plan some actual Oktoberfest events/specials during the proper timeframe... just sayin'!
  7. @Jes I'm happy to hear that an experienced theme park 'nerd' is taking the reigns on this. I'm not all that picky, but I've done my time in food service (both cafeteria style and fast). You can make me really, really happy (and also get me to spend some coin on food at KI) if you can convince folks to figure out how to make food: 1) to order 2) fast 3) hot I used to complain that all food at KI was $8. Then it became all food at KI is $15! The queues were always long for stuff that had been sitting in thermotainers and under heat lamps. Yuck. Fries have a life (about
  8. That and a fender bender, and folks pushing in at the last minute. :-P
  9. It really says 'TATOR' and has the tilde over the O in JALAPENOS?
  10. Kings Island Coney Island OH Cedar Point Kings Dominion Carowinds Dollywood Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World EPCOT Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Universal Studios Florida Islands of Adventure Universal Studios Florida Universal Studios California Disneyland California Kentucky Kingdom Morey's Piers
  11. I'm near Dayton. I'll either take 741 straight down or hit I-75 to the Lebanon exit and over to 741.
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