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  1. Not sure if this has been said anywhere else, but I've always pictured the "monster tree" from the logo as an animatronic inside the shed. It's a little more Disney than Cedar Fair, budget wise I would guess, but I always picture that tree coming alive and yelling, with wind blowing at you. So basically, the boss tree from Kirby's Adventure....lol
  2. I usually tend to agree with the crowd that is supporting Mystic Timbers, but one idea that people keep bringing up is somewhat mind boggling to me. "This was needed to fill a void that Kings Island doesn't have, which is coasters between kiddie and extreme." I just don't understand this whatsoever. Then do you consider Bat, Racer, Adventure Express, BLSC all to be extreme??? I think there are plenty of good coasters for the 48" crowd. I'm not trying to complain, I'm always glad to get a new coaster, but I just don't understand this line of thinking.
  3. I thought after day one, people would stop quoting and responding to Beast Gal's clear attempts to troll. But can we please stop taking what they say and applying it to the whole site?
  4. Haven't posted in a long time, but had a question and was curious if someone could enlighten me. Recently I was lucky enough to take a trip to SFMM thanks to my sister living out there now. While there, we rode the GCI roller coaster formerly known as Terminator: Salvation The Ride, now dubbed Apocalypse: The Ride. My sister pleaded with me not to go on it, but I love wooden roller coasters, so she was going to have to deal with it. Now I know that not all coasters are the same and that not all companies are perfect, but this particular GCI was absolutely awful. I couldn't wait to get off and I'm not someone who doesn't love the whole getting beat up and out of control on a wooden coaster, well maybe not SOB beat up Did I catch this coaster on a bad day? Does it have a bad reputation to others? I know I've ridden GCI's before, at Hersheypark, but I really don't remember if I enjoyed them or not. On a side note, I really really really want an RMC Hybrid coaster. Twisted Colossus was the biggest surprise I maybe have ever had on a roller coaster and it was by far my favorite ride in the park. It was the only one we rode 3 times all day, and that was by choice. (Although I didn't get a chance to ride X2 because (shocker) it was down for the day) There seems to be a lot of love for GCI which usually means that they have good coasters, just curious why the more recent Apocalypse was so bad?
  5. Went with Delirium, but Drop Tower a close second.
  6. I agree with this and all opinions regarding the announcement. This park is not only about roller coasters and flat rides. That being said, Kings Island also knows what its doing when it phrases their announcement for the announcement for a new "attraction" vs a new "show", and I can't blame them for doing so either. The amount of anticipation and traffic would decline greatly if you switched those two words, but that's what you need to do to get the word out there to the masses.
  7. There are so many aspects of this ride that I cannot wait to experience.
  8. I've literally lost count of how many times I've fallen off of Vortex, not sure why it's always Vortex. But I seem to survive every time. Bruce Willis much.
  9. Hey I was wondering if anyone could post a link to one of the surveys that PKI sends out. The ones that show ride drawings, like the Mission Impossible ride or the New Top Gun coaster concept. I need the survey to use as a source for a research paper. I would appreciate it Thanks!
  10. Well that really sucks, all of the reviews I have been reading has really made me want to ride it.
  11. I have a question for anyone, my friends and I are going on Sunday, the day after prom, and i was wondering if IJST is open to the public or just to passholders. None of us have a season pass or gold pass.
  12. Getting stuck on AE at the climax of the ride. The music turned off and you could just hear the stone soldiers arms creaking. Also, the people shouting foul language in the tunnel.
  13. Could somebody please post a link to some concept designs for the Addams Family Coaster
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