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  1. Air space, the left side is a security post and the right side is the parking office. There is no upstairs, just open air space.
  2. From a far distance it seemed to look like supports, even someone claimed earlier today they did until they got right next to the fence and saw they were pipes. At least I didn't make something up. I just believe it will be a blue invert, just a gut feeling.
  3. So I have my 100% conclusion as to what the ride is going to be Blue track B&M Invert! Call me crazy but that's what is going to be.... Just wait.
  4. I feel like there is more supports or items for the coaster in the containers on site also.
  5. Haha just came back from the park earlier! I'm already in bed! I'll make a quick trip tomorrow! Bring my good camera also!
  6. If those aren't supports what are they cross beams? Those are for sure supports maybe not for the main coaster structure but maybe the supports for the transfer track or station.
  7. Did we every Decode what these went to? Wait. I wonder if they look like this color green? Hoot. Hoot. That is what I saw! That color and everything!
  8. It was a really strange day at the park, due to the rain and inclement weather. Most rides and attractions were closed for over and hour. I just so happened to look at that spot and noticed them along with another person who was with me and we both had to take a few glances to realize what we saw.
  9. Around 7 o'clock they were green supports stacked next to each other in the grass. Not track, supports, I wish I would of taken a photo. Even though many of you may not believe me, I would love to say/confirm that it will be a B&M Invert.
  10. The Worlds largest animatronic dinosaur is coming to KI! Again! Check it out! http://masonbuzz.com/2013/04/09/kings-islands-dinosaurs-alive-adding-worlds-largest-animatronic-dinosaur/
  11. Just wanted to provide a little update as well, this year Coney has repaired most of the rides with much more bright and colorful colors! It looks great! As well for the Como Cruisers cement columns are in place at Lake Como for the route of the which the ride will travel.
  12. Hmmm, a Priceless View? For some reason I think of WindSeeker or the Eiffel Tower, but red? The top of WindSeeker is red.
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