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  1. FOF1996

    Front Seat

    I don't HAVE to ride any coaster in the front seat, I just really enjoy it on some. I love Skyrush, Wildcat, Lightning Racer at Hershey in the front seat.
  2. FOF1996

    Vortex Down

    Yes, I've had to be evac'd in 2011 off of Racer opening day...many on this board were evac'd as well. I When I worked on Diamondback in 2010, I had to evac people. Quite fun!
  3. So what kind of coaster or fix of SOB would come at $5 something million?
  4. FOF1996


    that is also a good choice!! I'd like to see the house
  5. FOF1996


    In the grass behind Backlot Stunt Coaster, would give a great view of the tower and other great views!
  6. Talon is at Dorney Park. Haha, my bad! Went to Dorney and Six Flags that weekend. Yes, this did happen at Dorney on the loading station of Talon. --edited my original post--
  7. FOF1996

    New mobile app

    The app was featured on MSNBC: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47859426/ns/local_news-columbus_oh/#.T99EpLVimf4
  8. Didn't know where to share this, but this is my favorite shot from the Soak City cam! Haha!
  9. When I was at Dorney last weekend, three women came up to ride Talon wearing either shorts or bikini bottoms (at least one of them had on shorts) and bikini tops, the ride operators made them leave the line until they had proper clothing to ride on! I'd give the ride op a big kudos!
  10. I miss having shows where Carnevil is now :/
  11. Last year I upgraded my KI Gold Pass to a Platinum Pass at Carowinds. It took a while, but it worked.
  12. There are many instances on KI's facebook page of people calling each other idiots, etc. While disagreeing with people isn't necessarily bullying, the way people talk to each other can be.
  13. Is anyone going to be doing Coasting for Kids anywhere else aside from KI? I'll be doing it at Dorney, decided to do the event at a park I haven't been to.
  14. Shyflyer, that is very possible. It did that when I worked there....usually a reset of the system takes care of that though.
  15. Not necessarily true, as many people have said in this thread, they could have detected the issue early on, made a band-aid fix to get it through the first heavy weekend attendance with opening weekend, school just getting out, music in the parks, etc. But like you said, it could be a computer or program issue. Those who know for sure won't say and many will speculate.
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