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  1. Just to clear up any confusion, the Wild Thornberries water wheel was taken out last year during post season.
  2. Derek, if you are going to quote something.... quote it correctly. "Now hey folks, for safety reasons and for the consideration of those guest around you, we ask that there is no smoking while in any line here at Paramount’s Kings Island (deep breath), Thank You "
  3. 11:00 - 8:00? That's a swing shift buddy, try working at PKI from 9:00AM til 12:00AM, that's all day. Are you for real??? People really work that long??? Someone would be crazy to work that long!!
  4. I will stick with the Rivertown love!!! I really enjoy working and riding Tomb Raider. Its the bomb-digidie. "Zoom"
  5. Because Rivertown is the best area in the Park, it is very hard to pick just one ride. But when it comes down to one ride, Beast is it. Although TRTR is very fun to work on, I just can't get enough of the sound effects on that ride (Zooom!) Flume is the best family ride in the area, hands down. White Water is just the bomb. But Beast is the best, it makes the area.
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