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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I agree that there is a problem with the smoking ban being enforced. The worst area of the park for it is Boomerang Bay. People have pulled up beach chairs behind us and smoked. They even smoke next to the wave pool. The problem I see is that they dont have a designated smoking area on the end of the waterpark where Tazmanian Typhoon is. Most of those smokers are too lazy to walk to a designated area if they are camped out on that end of the waterpark. I hardly see security walk that particular area. Yes, Cedar Fair has very strict smoking bans in their parks. I've seen it firsthand. T
  2. I say bring back the campground. Our club rented several spots together several times a year. We have our own miniature city. It would be silly to have WIFI at a campground. You're there to relax and have fun, not sit in front of your laptop all day. We waited all this year for the campground to be built, what is one more year?
  3. I am glad to see winterfest come back. But i also like fear fest, except for the long lines for the nighttime haunted attractions.
  4. In regards to the surfing thing, those hawaiian guys are friends of mine, and second of all if you learned how to ride the pipeline paradise you might take it more serious also. They buy their own boards because the park's boards suck. The day trippers crease them up and break them because no one shows them how to get on the ride properly. Besides it is better to have your own board, because it is custom shaped for your height and weight.
  5. it's too far gone to patch. The mega retro rider is due for a new liner anyway. By the way, if you people go to pki quite often, why dont you know what a mega retro rider is?
  6. I noticed retro had a huge tear in the liner on July 4th. Are they going to replace the entire liner or are they going to do a worthless patchjob again? I think it would be in PKI's best interest to let Waveloch do yearly maintenance on retro. It would keep a lot of the regular riders much happier.
  7. The most annoying habit is people bouncing basketballs. Also, I have to agree about the fat women in spandex and junior size tees. I have also seen them wear bikinis, ewww. I hate people smoking in nonsmoking areas. Also, people who think that riding the flowrider is easy. They jump in like the locals do and they end up getting hurt. All you have to do is ask how its done. STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDN'T BREED!!!!
  8. I hope pki plans to build another campground, because there are alot of people who either cant afford to stay in a small pricey hotel room or they actually prefer the great outdoors. We have a club that uses the campgrounds at least 3 times a year for our outings. Its a tradition we have had for several years and this year looks as if it will be broken. My best memories are of spending weekends there with all of my friends and spending all day at the waterpark together on Pipeline Paradise.
  9. What bothers me the most is the photographers who take your picture every time you enter the park. It is really annoying when you're a passholder. Everytime you come to the park you have to either try to avoid them seeing you or you have to keep telling them no. It gets old after a few visits. I think they should just quit with the photos. If people want photos they can bring a camera and ask an employee to take their picture.
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