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  1. It all depends on my factors, like state regulations, manufacture recommendations, and so on. When it comes to canadas wounderland not sure about that park since its in another country witch more likely have different rules and regulations thatn in the us.
  2. i was 2 when i rode flyer at wild wood
  3. The observation decks are 275' and 265' not 295' or 285'
  4. I rode the Woodstock Flyers at Carowinds this past Saturday (what used to be the Flying Eagles at KI). I never got a chance to ride them at KI, but riding them knowing where they used to be made me feel a little melancholy. You're not the only one who wants them back.. now I do too.

  5. any one notice the boiler in slauter house that was from phantom theater.
  6. Mind Eraser at six flags america is the worse one.
  7. KI doesn't usually expect a big crowed on laber day.
  8. Beast1979 Posted Aug 12 2009, 07:37 AM I'm a pro 52 Coasters at 10 parks in 4 states. When I count them in my ride list, I do not count racing coasters as 2 coasters. However, I do count dueling coasters (Like Dueling Dragons) as 2, because they are different ride experiences. Here is a question do you count The Racer at Kenny Wood as 2 coasters or 1?
  9. I do enjoy riding coasters, and found alot that i do like. I also enjoy going around to different parks and riding new coasters as well as riding other coasters that i have already rode before.
  10. CF has a VIP package http://www.pki.com/visit/visit_vip.cfm
  11. that Crypt is at Kings Dominion. Witch that ride is alot better than KI top spine.
  12. The theming at Kings Dominion does fit in a way you just have to think back in the day when there was better theming. For example The Grove section was called Candy apple grove and had rides named after it like Apple turn over, and The Bad Apple just to name a few. The area that has the Hurler was called at one time Wayne's World.
  13. notice that there is no BM that goes more than 230 feet doesn't matter what park it is at.
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