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  1. and the award for NLE's most hated member goes to......................... MEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  2. ^&^^ lolwat Drums, guitar, A7X, music in general, spongebob.
  3. I like RMC until they announced Outlaw Run and all the annoying debate came up about it being wooden and whatever.
  4. It was announced a good 20 times by Don right here on KIC.
  5. New Texas Giant doesn't use topper track, nor does Iron Rattler.
  6. Paying attention to detail, just like you did with the spelling of 'signature' and 'doctor'.
  7. All that's been left of that hill were peices sitting on the ground, and earlier today when I went a bunch of track was missing from the rosebowl but most of the supports are still up. I'm guessing those are ones that they're selling, because the other torn down sections looked to have just been pushed over with track and all.
  8. Don't forget the missing legs too.
  9. How can you not trust a ride that's inspected all the time.
  10. Keep in mind that the second picture has fisheye, giving the illusion that it's farther than it really is.
  11. In response to the Storm real or fake thing at the top of the page- I don't think it looks fake at all, there's not really a easy way to mimic how the camera shakes. It also looks much too good to be fake. Funny because Dragster is always open when I'm at Cedar Point (along with MF and WT), but Maverick is down for at least 50% of the trip.
  12. I certainly think it would, considering they have no dampeners because of the chains. But I haven't heard anything of them having those problems so I don't know.
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