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  1. ^ A quick search did not reveal Son of Beast as either a song title or part of the lyrics of any Lecrae song. So, that's not the one I'm thinking about but it'd be cool if it fit to too! Can you reference what song it's from?? A couple of hints: the name of the ride is IN the song. It is not the title. It is from a rock band, a band you can hear on RadioU at that!
  2. Assuming that they sing one of their most recent popular songs (it was a single), one of the bands will say the same of a Kings Island ride during one of their songs, due to the fact that it's part of the lyrics. Name the ride. You would absolutely have to know the answer to this trivia question, because it's not something that could very easily be guessed. I think it's a very cool piece of trivia. Any takers on the answer? I'd be even more impressed if someone came back with something that I'm not even thinking about. Skillet isn't there this year, so no "monster" or "The Beast." (Wow! That's two in the same song!) I'll give out some clues if nobody gets it at first. I'm very excited about the lineup this year. A lot more bands/performers that I've regularly heard on RadioU this year moreso than last year!
  3. Do you know what room their scenes were filmed in? Do you know if they actually stayed at the resort or if they just shot scenes there? Do you know if it was the same room that the Partridge Family episode was filmed in? This is really cool. I've always had fun at the KI resort, even though it's a bit dated.
  4. I used to have a "bang head here" sign on my desk for times like these.
  5. Does the Fright Lane pass get you to the front of both lines of Tombstome Terrortory?
  6. Amazing! I can not wait to go to Halloween Haunt this year! This is definitely my favorite time of year at King Island. Even walking around the park during the day in the fall is something I find very enjoyable. Can you (or anyone else who has used it) comment on how easy it is to find the Fright Lane entrances to the haunts? I definitely think it would be worth it because I'd get to do something I've never done before, which is all the haunts in one night. I just know that sometimes things are a little confusing, especially in the first year of implementing something.
  7. So... the question is... what four people want to buy passes with me so I only have to pay $20 for a Fright Lane pass? According to Kings Island's website, it's $20 for a pass... but you have to have 5 people. Or... who would like to buy two passes for $50? According to Kings Island's website, two passes are $60.
  8. Ok. They might be today because they are allowed to enter through the main gate as well. When I worked there, employees were prohibited from using any entrance that a guest used. I'm not sure about that one. But, the question was posed so I answered it.
  9. Some people think that the spaceship in Flight of Fear's queue is the actual ride--one of those things that spins. Some even leave when seeing it and thiking that, thinking that it's probably dumb.
  10. That's a relief. There's probably about ten good minutes of action, so that seems about right. Still not convinced I want to go and see it, though.
  11. Well how about you hear a thing or two from someone who worked for KI back when they were a completely different company? (Which wasn't that long ago.) Don't even consider trying to get into Gold Pass Parking if you're an employee. That is for guests only. I highly doubt their policy has changed on this one. I treated an employee like an absolute idiot for just trying to enter through the tolls instead of the area they were supposed to go to. And rightly so. It wasn't worth my time or trouble to report it. But I did report a guy selling his tickets right in front of me in the admissions window (back when they had them) and I didn't know that he was an employee at the time and he could have lost his job based on my actions. Oh well. The fact that Gold Pass parking is still manned by admissions isn't surprising. It's cheaper to do that than pay a security guard to stand there. Paramount knew this too. The employee used to be equiped with a radio, but I was never really told what this radio was for. I assumed it was to call in problems that might have come up in the parking lot, including if an unauthorized vehicle entered Gold Pass parking without showing proper credentials. I wouldn't imagine that there's anything they can really do about it, but I'll just say that there wasn't really a thing I could have done about it even if I wanted to--which in most cases I didn't. In a lot of cases, it doesn't do any good to complain to guest services about anything that is both policy and admissions-related. Since the issue of someone not being there doesn't quite qualify as policy, then I'm on the fence about it. I say someone should be there at least in the morning when the rush comes in. The argument there is that close parking isn't needed so much at that point in the day as when it's around 3:00 in the afternoon and there aren't hardly any close spots anywhere. So, it's a tricky issue. The main thing is consistency. I say either put someone out there all the time or not at all and do it every day of the operating season. Now, when you go into guest services and tell them that there's nobody out there checking Gold Passes, do you expect them to run someone out there immediately? If that's the case, then yes it's a complete waste of time. That's really all I've got on the matter. I didn't really enjoy working the Gold Pass booth, but I had to a couple of times the summer I worked there. The walkie talkie made it interesting, though. I never had to sit out there in a heavy crowd so it was really slow and I'd listen in on the other channels (which I wasn't supposed to do) and hear about the people working on the rides, as well as security related issues and stuff. That got me through the boredum.
  12. What are the thoughts about the 3-D movie? I rented Dinosaurs Alive! on Netflix on Blu Ray and it was a neat video, but I'm not really sure what the 3-D appeal would be if the movie I saw is the exact same movie shown at Kings Island. I don't think there's any way that they would show a 40 minute video in FX Theater, so maybe it's an abbreviated version of what's on the officially relased DVD/Blu Ray? From what I saw, there wouldn't even be any motion seats appeal (or at least next to none) so that part made sense as to why they didn't decide to use what they had.
  13. Do you (or anyone) know if they sell discount tickets at Kroger for $25 this year? I think that they went up to $30 but I'm not certain about that.
  14. Precisely. It's not a deal unless you come to the park once and then decide that you'd like to come for the rest of the season. And that is absolutely the one and only time it's ever a deal. I don't think anybody really knows so it's best not to speculate. Call the park if you want the right answer.
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