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  1. OK... look... if KI were to upcharge haunt for $5, which I think is very reasonable and most people won't mind paying it for haunt. This is what would happen:

    Let's say on a haunt night KI brings in 30,000 people. So let's say only half pay for haunt... that's 15,000 people. At $5 a person:

    $5 x 15,000 = $75,000

    That's $75K in ONE night! That alone would pay for a BRAND NEW HAUNT!!! Ok, lets do more math.

    Let's say of the 12 nights of HAUNT, only about 75% gets 30K people ore more.. So we'll take the estimate of $75,000 and 8 nights of haunt:

    $75,000 x 8 = $600,000

    That's $600,000 of EXTRA revenue the park could make on haunt on top of admissions. Now obviously the ENT. Dept. would keep ALL of the haunt revenue, this could be used to totally redo haunt into a much better, SCARIER event if they did the following:

    -Build/detail attractions in house

    -Contruct/Design costumes in house

    -Buy needed products (erosion cloth, webbing, skeletons, etc. etc.) from actual suppliers and resellers; and buy in bulk!

    Now granted there are variables not worked into the problem, but you have to see that all this is extra revenue on top of the money all ready made! Believe if the park did this, the next years haunt would be AMAZING!!!

    Just my 66.6 cents worth! -Hauntguy

  2. "...Start your own park and try it!..."

    I might just have to try it! ;)

    Also, you'll note that the BEST years of the event is the first... when it was Fearfest... and when is was an upcharge! Maybe if there were to be an upcharge you'd might see some more, REALLY NEW attractions at KI instead of the normal "left overs". You also can't bring up the differences in location and parks... both events (HH and HHN) are seasonal events that, almost, have the same timeframe of operation. Now, weather may be more of a factor here than in Orlando... but if the shows at KI were like HHN's, weather wouldn't be a problem for the crowds. People know quality when they see it! -Hauntguy

  3. ^ You know, you mention that and it makes me wonder? I would have LOVED to see Cornstalkers really put into and developed in Rivertown, like starting around the entrance of ST and ending around Tombstone Terror-tory. Just, the whole area... one massive fearzone! I would have liked to see wasteland developed more in AZ... I think the theme of it really just sits nicer in AZ, think about... Crushed cars (some stacked), 55 gallon barrels everywhere, camo netting, beacon lights and strobes, sirens, crazy demented club that has fallen to hell.... it just all fits; or at least a nicer than Cornstalkers will!

    Also, when will fearzones at KI be treated as such, and NOT have lines? Ugh... -Hauntguy

  4. First, for those who know... I told you so! ;)... lol! ;)

    Also, you CANNOT compare haunts to roller coaster, you simply can't. People aren't as dumb as you think, they know KI doesn't change any of the haunts around, they know that! Now, they'll still go to do the new haunt, but thy figure while they're there they'll do all the old ones too! I will ALWAYS think, from an attractions stand point, that HH at KI will ALWAYS be mediocre. Why? Because look around at other haunts... Look at:

    -Dent Schoolhouse

    -Shoolhouse in Akron

    -USS Nightmare

    -7 Floors of Hell

    -etc. etc.

    Each of these haunts change about 70% of the haunt EVERY YEAR! KI has the SAME haunts, might change a few names around, every year! Now this year, they're on a good track by adding a totally new house that was built by the ENT. dept. But still, give it a year or two, it'll be the same but called something else! Maybe an actual asylum? ;)

    I'm glad to see things start to get better for HAUNT and KI, but until I start to see MAJOR changes like you do at Knott's, Universal (and don't give me the year round=more money arguement) and even the Busch parks, I mean, even some of the Six Flags events are better than KI's!

    But, I'm done... I'm not going to argue, fight, etc. etc... I'll still end up going to haunt, just like all the other people! Ugh....

    But I must confess... this will be my LAST trip to haunt as a guest, I'll just be WAY to busy next year digging up graves! ;)

    Just my .666 cents... -Hauntguy

  5. Yeah, but thank god my shovel lasted through! ;)...

    Also, I must say that I didn't shoot ANY of the footage in this video, I merely put the footage together in a manner I seemed to be, well, really cool! haha.. -Hauntguy

  6. Well kids, September is here... the days are getting shorter... and for some reason a mass amount of "dead people" have been lurking around Kings Island. Yes, yes, yes... It's that frightening time of year again...Halloween Haunt! 2009!So, to "get you in the mood"... or put you out of one; here is a short video I made LAST YEAR, kinda a tribute to haunt! Anyways, enough rambling... here's the vid:

    Happy haunting... and sweet dreams! HAHAHAHAHAHA.... -Hauntguy

  7. It just depends on the person... different things scare different people. For me, it has to be a QUICK LOUD STARTLE... that'll get me really good. But nothing else really scares me.

    As for any more hints and stuff...


    Stay tuned. -Hauntguy

  8. Dane,

    Only because it was "new"... just like anything "new" at a park! Also, it goes to show... sex sells. I'm not saying that it was the worst, or best... or most confusing... just that, it could be MUCH better if were to actually become scary. -Hauntguy

  9. Brad, I don't think Matt was "stereo-typin" at all.. he's absolutely right! With that audience, and Club Blood, it kinda just goes. KI is playing to the type of people that attend HH! Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't the "bad crowd", it's actually the right crowd. It's the people that SPEND MONEY!!!! So, whatever works... works.

    As for CB, there is a big difference between being scary and being crude! CB WAS NOT SCARY!! PERIOD!! Crude, yes... Sexy, yes... Graphic, HELL YES!!! But if that's what was intended by the park, IT WORKED! But for haunt and to be scary, IT FAILED!!! I personally hope it returns and actually changes up and becomes scary! More emphasis on fright and startle, than gross out and sex-appeal! -Hauntguy

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