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  1. All I know is that the sales for the Camry haven risen a steady 5% a month over last years! So, I can see the trend to smaller vehicles... but to cancel family day? Come on... Everybody at TMMK LOVE KI day and I'm sure this will hit hard with employee morale and could affect business alot worse than dishing out the few hundred thousands need for KI day. Oh well, that doesn't stop me from going to KI... but it does stop my entire family! -hauntguy
  2. OK, so... I just got the KI newsletter and it mentions the annoucement and it states... "Be there as KI let's the horse out of the barn..." So either it's a common figure-of-speech or they're really hinting a name and/or theme for this coaster! I've still got my money on a horse! -Hauntguy
  3. KI's new haunt, so I'm told, is going to be well... HUGE!!! I know the theme and location (I won't say) but I promise you all that this will be KI's LARGEST attraction at HAUNT!!! I think, the biggest we've ever seen. I don't know if you can really count the train or when PT was turned into Museum of Horrors, they wouldn't be considered a walk-through. I'm so ready for HH, I can't wait to visit and hopefully get the crap scared out of me! -Hauntguy
  4. Holy crap.. well this could go either way then! Now, watch KI be playing us and the media, it'll be something WAY off like... HUGO or BIG @$$ RIDE!! All of this could be all misderection! -Hauntguy
  5. If I remember correctly, the station for this ride is WAY off thr ground! So these very well could be the station supports. -Hauntguy
  6. Tremors, or the ground shaking, can also be felt when a BUNCH of horses run across a piece of land... I'm guessing STAMPEDE!!! or... some other "horse related" name! -Hauntguy
  7. Ok, ok... my money is one a "horse" name of some kind! -Hauntguy
  8. I hope the KI/Ent. Dept. has seen this article... stuff like this happens all the time in the haunt industry and can be something as careless as a fog machine! Hopefully, KI is being as safe as they can while installing HAUNT for this year! -Hauntguy
  9. So, what's the "tremor" about then? That doesn't apply to snakes at all! -Hauntguy
  10. I won't be able to attend this year! I have other priorities I need to take care of, but I'm expecting LOTS of pics and vids from the event! ... Have fun all!!!! -Hauntguy
  11. I'm getting really excited!!! GOOD LUCK to all those auditioning and/or interviewing!!! I so can't wait for HAUNT!!! -Hauntguy
  12. Cedar Fair not a position to repaint an old ride? Well, let me see... they ARE in a position to build a BIG @$$ new coaster at KI... but simply repaint a older that they are about to lose the rights too? I think they ARE in the position to repaint FOC! -Hauntguy
  13. Speaking of the name Komodo... I googled the movie and found this: Something about it just... similar? -Hauntguy
  14. Well, it's not taking you upside down at all! But it'll be fast! -Hauntguy
  15. This pic: http://www.KICentral.com/photos/displayima...=249&pos=19 Looks like the storage area for some KI/HH fearzones... Looks mostly like the stuff from WorkSite... I could be wrong though. -Hauntguy
  16. Slaughterhouse for me! HAHAHAHAHAHA...... -Hauntguy
  17. Could also be a haunt for HH... I know a haunt supplier that provides FULL TURN KEY haunts in crates like that! Just saying... -Hauntguy
  18. Yes, KI and the ENT. Dept. are on the right path, maybe a little more direction... but certianly on the right path! Kudos for getting the attractions at Knotts! -Hauntguy
  19. I know that during HH at KI last year, officials from Knott's visited KI in order to see which attraction they could move or replicate at Knotts. I guess Cornstalkers was it. Personally, I hope KI is getting the Slaughterhouse attraction like Knotts is, sounds like something KI has NEVER had and something that would be scary as hell! -Hauntguy
  20. I think your right about the study but look at the wording and actually look at the study and you'll see why this DIDN'T work for HAUNT! It says that the STATE of FEAR enhances SEXUAL ATTRACTION!!! If KI/HAUNT did infact read this or something and similar and tried it out, they failed because this study only works ONE way... meaning: State of Fear ----------> Sexual attracion AND NOT... Sexual Attraction ----------> State of Fear I think what happened is KI/HAUNT tried to over do the "sexiness" and "raunchiness" of Club Blood in a thought that it would make it scarier... which it didn't, for haunts like this, it makes it NOT scary!!! That's if, KI read this article or read something similar! Just my thoughts. -Hauntguy
  21. Ummmm..... Lightning and White Lightning could also be the NAME of a horse! The ride could have a full on story about the west and a horse named lightning.... can you tame him? -Hauntguy
  22. In 2000, Fearfest was created and was it's first year of operation. The park and the KI Ent. Dept. contracted Lynton V. Harris and his company, the Sudden! Impact Entertainment Group, to come into the park and set-up about 5 or so of his own haunts. The haunts were: -The Freezer: A haunt themed as a large, industrial (walk-in) freezer that was home to several frozen bodies! This haunt was located directly under the Eiffel Tower in a tent. -The Sewer: KI's first 3D haunted attraction themed as a terrorfying walk through a downtown sewer! This was located in the Festhaus. -PsychoPath: Now named Trail of Terror! -The Mummy Revenge: Located in the Enchanted Theater, this was a mummy/egyptian themed walk through based off the popular movies at the time: The Mummy. -Torture Tower: Located atop the Eiffel Tower, one would have to ride the bloody elevator to the top... only to be never picked up again! -Pirate Jack and the Legend of Halloween: Located in the Paramount/KI Theater, this was another 3D haunt that was themed as a halloween comic book that came to life! The main character, Pirate Jack, was the central icon character to Fearfest and this attraction! He's the guy in my avatar! -Museum of Horrors: This was a totally rethemed, and SCARY AS HELL, Phantom Theater! Guest would ride there way through the haunted museum were, not every artifact is trying to eat you! This was by far MY favorite attraction at the initial Fearfest, I wish the park would do something like this again! The dark ride even featured the classic animatronics, but also live actors on the ride! I hope this helps. -Hauntguy
  23. Sorry, but, is it working? Obviously it works on my computer.... anybody having trouble seeing the pic? Thanks. -Hauntguy
  24. Dane, It's fixed! If anyone has trouble seeing the picture, please, let me know! -Hauntguy
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