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  1. Hey guys, If you haven't heard, the upcoming issue of Hauntworld Magazine is going to be a 'killer'. The issue will be featuring the best haunts from the tri-state area: Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana! Such haunts like USS Nightmare, Dent School House, The Baxter Avenue Morgue, and more will all be covered. But, an exciting note, Kings Islands own Halloween Haunt is featured in the article! The article also host a lovely picture of our very own MonkeyMan, Kent, not once but twice!!! Here is a preview of the magazine: For more information about Hauntworld Magazine, visit: http://www.hauntedhousemagazine.com/ For a subscription or to purchase back issues, visit: http://www.hauntedhousemagazine.com/subscribe_now.htm Thank you, Tyler "Hauntguy" Barnett
  2. Ty, That is what Knott's does alot, bumper car building make great haunt buildings!!! -hauntguy
  3. ^ Hopefully! If KI/CF wants to be on par with HHN or Knotts... there WILL be an additional charge for HH! -Hauntguy
  4. I've always said a sci-fi/alien type haunt should go in with FoF... kinda fits the whole "XBASE" theme! Good idea! -Hauntguy
  5. Hmmmm.... if I were a new haunt at KI, where would I be: -Festhaus? -Coney Arcade? -Rivertown Arcade? -The Q-line of a ride, like The Beast? -The 50ft. Platform of Eiffel (sp?) Tower? -Picnic Grove? -Nick Theater? Hmmmm.... I don't know. -Hauntguy
  6. You know, all that room on the 50ft. platform would make a very cool location for a haunt! ... Well, one can dream can't I? -Hauntguy
  7. Hmmm.... -Same haunts but with DIFFERENT names -Return of bare-bones nights -High ticket price -Starts off good then crashes to the ground...... No, but seriously I am predicting... -I do not expect the train/trail haunt to return... I'd really be shocked if it did; and IF it does, something major needs to happen to make it worth the wait and ticket price. -More great stage shows!!! -More roamers and creepers... KNOTTS style! But I really do expect to see the same old haunts this year! -Hauntguy
  8. WOW... Andrew looked like he was enjoying himself! ... HAHAHA... I can't wait to see these new shows and Endless! YAY!!! -Hauntguy
  9. I think they should stop using the train and turn Tombstone TERROR-tory into a scare area/zone... like ALL of Rivertown! Imagine if the had put all the actors from the attraction, out roaming around in Rivertown and had more theming up... OMG... it would have been INSANE!!! It'd be comparible to Ghostown at Knotts! -Hauntguy
  10. Anybody remember the "Museum of Horrors" from the first Fearfest? I wish that would make a return! hehehe.... -Hauntguy PS: 1,000 POST... YAY!!!!
  11. Looks like you can see where a possible return of a lake/pond may return for the coaster! Am I the only one seeing this? -Hauntguy
  12. Actually, Leonard would do a great job at it! I know one of his "dungeon" themed house would fit in nicely! I'm talking of course about the walls and props... not the actual layout! I myself would bring in the team responsible for USS Nightmare and tell them to "have fun".... -Hauntguy
  13. Great pics! I hope you do more reports like this! -Hauntguy
  14. I haven't been to the park yet but by the pictures... The Crypt is anything BUT original. The animations are from a company called "unit 70" and are not custom, simply stock animations that will be found is HUNDREDS of haunts across the US. I agree with the suggestion that someone needs to watch the movie, "The Cave", and try to double check the crypt. Hopefully, the ride will be midly enjoyable when I go. -Hauntguy
  15. I'd pay HUGE money to see it return! Just look at my signature! -Hauntguy
  16. It's sad to see these haunts go... I had the great oppurtunity to visit and tour both attractions! They were run by GREAT people... sigh... I guess I'll just have to wait for my HHN!
  17. I think I was the one that called the return of Endless Summer... score one more for hauntguy! .... ugh... I have no "life", HAHAHA!!! I'm so glad to see these shows coming and coming back; it's about time the ENT. Dept. get to flex their muscles! I can't wait! -Hauntguy
  18. So the path from the tower to The Beast, the "cornstalkers" location, will be closed... thus creating a longer path to The Beast! Well, I'm sure that won't stop some people from getting back there! You also have a GREAT view of the construction from the employees dining area behind IS Showplace... not to mention a great view from the tower... KI, there not hiding anything! -Hauntguy
  19. ^Hahaha! Very true! Although, I know a little group of "HAUNT-ers" that would LOVE to work an attraction like that... and would fit right in! -Hauntguy
  20. I think CF should implement a "House of Shock" style attraction! www.houseofshock.com -Hauntguy
  21. You might be a KI addict if you sit and play with Photoshop creating faux/spoof art and logos of rides you'd wish KI had! Sigh... HAHA... -Hauntguy
  22. A B&M Eurofighter.... if that's possible! HAHA! Think of it like "Mystery Mine" at Dollywood but your trying to out run the GrimReaper! So, a coaster with several "near death" experiences! Thanks for the compliment! -Hauntguy
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