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  1. That is exactly what they are used for. You can store one haunted attraction in one or two 50 foot semi-trailers. The only one NOT stored in a trailer is Terror Visions in 3D (Circus of Horrors), it is stored on the stage in the Festhuas. Hope this helps. -Hauntguy
  2. Hey guys, This is to anybody who has ever worked at FearFest. At the auditions, do you need to come in some sort of character or do they do that there at the park? I am just wondering, I really want to work at FF this year. -Huantguy
  3. The funniest thing I ever saw would have to be the Magic of the Movies show at the Paramount Theater (sarcastically...I hated it!). -hauntguy
  4. They should have a Rob Zombie or Slipknot show during Fearfest. That would be cool and it would fill the parking lot.
  5. I know it's not a coaster, but I do have a mini-darkride in my backyard. I not kidding either, I took some of my old halloween stuff, created a track and modified a shopping cart with seats and safety bars, etc. And I have my own little darkride! During halloween I let the trick or treaters ride once free and another for 50cents.
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