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  1. 1. The ever popular land to the left of The Racers, area where "Trail of Terror" is located"... this area... 2. ShocktoberFest (it'd be a redo of Octoberfest, and the current Octoberfest would be removed/rethemed), it'd be themed to almost anything scary/horror like. Once I'm done with the area, it would look like this: The Red Circle is FX Theater The Blue Circle is The Racers The Yellow Circle is the KC Graveyard 1-PT:MR, 2-SH(fine dinning), 3-Ride(unknown), 4-Ride(unknown), 5-tML(shop), 6-IgC(eatery), 7-TH, 8-RR(coaster), 9-horror themed old time photo 3. I think 3-4 rides, 2-4 eateries, restrooms, and a gift shop. Here are some quick "logos" for stuff in my area... Restaraunts: Theater/Stage: Shops: ^Teen/Adult Cult horror tees, hats, memorbilia, etc. etc. Think HOTTOPIC during Halloween! Rides/Attractions: ^Coaster AND..... ^ This would be a BIGGER, BADDER and MEANER dark ride! Totally re-Vamped and scarier! Anyways, thats what I would do if I was in charge of a new area of KI! -Hauntguy
  2. Nice find on those photos... I like the FD logo, I don't know about DT? As for the FX Theater, I've always dreamed about tearing out the whole building and "re-installing" a bigger, badder, meaner PT! Sighs... oh well. -Hauntguy
  3. OK, here are some more pics from the new darkride at Kennywood. This one is a pic of a CGI effect character called "The Bride"... This one is a "vault" like tombstone that will house a CGI effect, hence the square "hole" in the middle. Again, I will keep you guys updated with all the new info/pics from this cool new darkride as the info comes to me. -Hauntguy
  4. I told you all Endless Summer would be back! Also, from what I heard back in November... a TGI Fridays is being installed into the International Street Restauraunt. Remember back during HAUNT how KI offered a "pre-haunt dinner" up there? Well, my thinking is that it was to see how popular eating up there would be with the public... and it was a HIT! So far of course, this is still a rumor. I personally would LOVE to see a FRIDAY's at KI! Doesn't Knott's have one? -Hauntguy
  5. As soon as I get more pics, they'll be here FIRST! I seriously can't wait for this ride to open, I so looking forward to my Kennywood trip this summer! -Hauntguy
  6. Hey guys, For those of you that keep up with Kennywood amusement park, here is the FIRST picture from the new dark ride... Ghostwood. Meet Kenneth Ghostwood: "Ghostwood" or "Ghostwood Manor" is a Disney-like dark ride that is replacing "Gold Rusher" and is set to open in 2008. The project cost roughly $2 Million and will feature SEVERAL CGI effects, trackless ride system, targeting system. The ride will also exhibit a new MASSIVE facade with, possible, retail store. -Hauntguy PS: This picture was JUST sent to me by the ride builder, so this hasn't hit the "rumor sites" or other "fan sites" yet.
  7. House, Like yourself, I'm not "favorite fanboy" member of this board... But I do totally dissagree with what you said about BrownTggrr, he is a well-respected forum member and does not need a "verbal beatdown" from you. However, I do believe in the first amendment of the US... Our right to Free Speech and I do believe this board, on a few occassions, have shot down this right of ours. But again, please don't disrespect Browntggrr... Ryan... or anyone else on this forum. You only make yourself look like an idiot without anyone calling it to you! -Hauntguy
  8. No, not in this one thread... but here: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?...mp;#entry147212 and here... http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?...mp;#entry127395 Seems like KI/CF do read these forums! -Hauntguy PS: I'm not taking credit for the name change, just pointing out a coincidence!
  9. I haven't read the entire thread but.... Didn't Ringmaster and myself say that "The Crypt" would be the best theme for TR:TR? GO US!!! YAY! -Hauntguy
  10. AlienSeed, I'll just say... I love you! This music just puts me right back in PT, just like the good ole days! Thanks. -Hauntguy
  11. WHOA!! Very well done, WHOEVER did that voice has it right on the mark! Very cool. It's only in my best dreams that PT is still at the park... let's hope my dream comes true! YAY!!! -Hauntguy
  12. Endless Summer on Ice is returning! I'm excited about that! -Hauntguy
  13. I don't 'think' it's changing it's theme... but just getting some rehab (new paint, lights, cleaning the dust out, etc.) and will LOOK good in '08! -Hauntguy
  14. OH!!! This pic was taken on Jan. 5th... just in case anyone wanted to know? -Hauntguy
  15. Ryan, You said it exactly! .... And FoF IS getting some TLC!!! Here is a picture that was given to me of the "press area" of the FoF Q-line... http://www.flickr.com/photos/tbarnett17/2182267934/ ...As you can see signage is being removed! Maybe for some, TLC? -Hauntguy PS: You've always got to read between the lines of Ryan! PPS: I swear to you this is NOT a photoshop... it's real deal!
  16. I know it's not a "poll option"... but I would vote for THE MEASTRO (PT) as KI Prez. -Hauntguy
  17. Leonard didn't make the connection, but I did; I wasn't speaking for him. But it's what he said that still applies to KI. It's problem with most theme parks and until a park decides to just put a little money into an event, hire REAL haunters builders (Leonard Pickel, Larry Kirchner, etc.etc.) that these events will remain mediocre (or however you spell it). Also, please relook at my post... you kind of "misquoted" me a little bit... no biggie. -Hauntguy
  18. "...I am not sure if I have been to KI for FearFest, but most of the Paramount/Six Flags level parks, do not seem to grasp the need to hire someone who knows what they are doing to design the haunts. Their mentality is "It is only a haunted house, how hard can it be?" They tend to design attractive sets (at least in some cases) but the scare is an after thought...." ^ I will agree with that! The people they have to set-up and repair each haunt is REALLY GOOD! But the people that "manage" the haunts are not as good. You stated that an actor put into a large room and told to just "be scary", that happened ALOT at KI. If you took ALL the house managers from KI you'd probably only have 1 or 2, maybe 3, that have worked in a pro haunt outside of KI. The rest are just people that have worked there way into the role and really doesn't know how to be scary or train an actor on how to be scary. -Hauntguy
  19. What roller coaster in your opinion had its best year ever? Tie between Firehawk and Adventure Express! What thrill ride in your opinion had its best year ever? Delirium What restaurant had the best food? None... What crew/area was best? Entertainment!!! Did Son of Beast have its Best Year Ever? explain why or why not. YES and NO! Yes, as it's smoother and better trains... NO because it's still SOB! What new show in 2007 was the best in your opinion? Dead Awakening What was the best thing that happened this year at Kings Island? Upgrade to Halloween Haunt! What change from 2006 to 2007 was the best? Hmmmmm.... Cleaner park! Did Kings Island Central have its best year ever? NO! I think we haven't seen it's best year ever yet. -Hauntguy
  20. Leonard, Agree to disagree then, It's like two bakers arguing on the best way to bake a cake. HA... -Hauntguy
  21. ... To add to the pics, here are some pics of a Pickel-type haunt: http://www.hauntworld.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=71 ... Please note the first few pics, pirate theme, where built in house by the owners. You can actually read some comments about the haunts that my shock you! Leonard, you know me... I'm Tyler Barnett... was subscribed to Haunted Attraction (have to pay for college now), talked SEVERAL times at Transworld AND HauntCon, etc. Again, I love the mag., love the site, love the videos/books... just the haunts? IDK! If you'd like to talk off board I'm more than happy to send you my cell number. As for the sale of used haunts... SCREAMWORKS! I believe they hired you for around $40K-$60K, and I believe they had 2-3 (maybe 4) haunts. At the auction, it only brought in roughly $4K per haunt!!! That's what I would call a MAJOR LOSS! America's Top Haunts a marketing scheme? Well I guess some of those haunts shouldn't have been featured on the Travel or Discovery Channel then? They just don't really know right? -Hauntguy
  22. Successful? Maybe as far as haunt magizines, DVD, and TV. But haunts? Well, maybe Mr. Pickel WAS successful in the 90's, but that's the past and it's time to catch up. Here is his client list, http://leonardpickel.com/?page_id=3 ... As far as successful, here are the MOST successful haunts in America: http://americahaunts.com/ ... and to that list I will add USS Nightmare, Knott's Scary Farm, and Halloween Horror Nights. Why wouldn't I open my own haunt? Because I'm not stupid. It takes THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars to operate/open a haunt and most of the time they fail. Well, I'd rather pay for my college education FIRST than some haunt. But don't worry, I do plan to someday! I only criticize KI because I love the park, I want FF/HAUNT to be the BEST! I know it can be, just sometimes IDIOTIC decisions are made for NO reason, yes, SMALL decisions. I do think the next two years at KI will bring the BEST halloween event anywhere! I do believe that! -Hauntguy
  23. Leonard, First... Welcome to KI Central! Second... I call them "pickle" haunts because they are just that... a "pickle" to set-up. Although the attractions weren't installed by you in person, they are your haunts. The layout, scares, rooms, ect... SCREAMS Pickel Haunt! I used the term "industry hack" because I do believe your haunt (although I've never seen any of your newer haunts) are over-hyped, over-priced, and outdated. When your attractions sell for PENNIES at some NORTON auctions, actually sold FAR LESS than it cost to build... YIKES..., then that should throw-up a big red flag. I'm a hardcore believer that a haunt should be detailed to the BONE! (pun intended)... KI has done ALOT of remodeling to your haunts and have made them SO MUCH better. More often than not your haunts have walls that are just painted BLACK with NO detail in them at all! Where's the value in that? You want VALUE... go to Netherworld, Headless Horseman, Dream Reapers, ANY Kevin McCurdy haunt.... and most of all... EVERY Halloween Productions haunt. You know Larry don't you? If you'd like to discuss this more please contact me off board (pm, email, etc.) and we'll "talk haunt". I love ya' Leonard, love the magizine, the videos, the website... just.... the haunts? Time to retire! -Hauntguy
  24. Here is a pic that Larry (owner of Halloween Productions/Dark Rider Inc.) sent to me of the new facade for the dark ride. It's the companies computer rendering but it still looks pretty cool! As soon as he sends more I'll post them here. I'm excited about this new ride. -Hauntguy
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