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  1. I told you! HAHA! I'm really excited about this too... this is the same company the rethemed the flume to Garfields Nightmare. I'll have to give Larry a call, see if I can't come and "paint" a little... hahaha. -Hauntguy
  2. Kennywood's dark ride is getting a TOTAL overall, I think somewhere near the $2 Million range. The company doing the overhaul is Dark Rider/Halloween Productions Inc. of St. Louis (www.halloweenproductions.com) and the ride system is the trackless ride cars from ETF. The darkride will feature CGI animated effects with over 200 animatronics. I also believe it's supposed to be an interactive/point-and-shoot dark ride. Last I was told, the name of this "new" ride will be GHOSTWOOD ESTATE. I personally can't wait, KW is one of my favorite parks to visit and will be making a special trip to see this ride! -Hauntguy
  3. IDK... most theme park shows play on novelity like bright lights, loud/hip music, pyro (in some instances) and special effects. If I want a dinner and a show it'd better be like a Broadway style musical production (Phantom, CATS, Hairspray, WICKED, etc.) and an excellent dinner. Somethings just have standards or they don't work. IDK... maybe a burger/fries dinner and "Endless Summer on ICE" would work... but I wouldn't do it. As for food service at KI... I know they are pursuing more options because Cullinary schools around the states (OH, KY, IN) are posting FULL TIME openings at KI for food service. IDK if they have filled this spot or not, but the fact they were asking at cullinary schools really gets me excited. I guess I'll just go to KI on FRIDAYS to really enjoy the food and shows, rides on other days. -Hauntguy
  4. I agree with Woofer, this is a little "involved". A sign of goodwill is handing out those old KI jackets for free... even though if worn they were free walking advertisements! I hope Winterfest can make a comeback, and hopefully CF will operate it how it should be! -Hauntguy
  5. ^ Agreed! I really hope these buildings aren't perm. KI has a "post card" view from the parking lot... I hope they don't destroy it these buildings. -Hauntguy
  6. Where is Karen when you need her! KAREN!!!! -Hauntguy
  7. Be glad you caught that... I heard that the nurse (Robin) in this scene have done ALOT worse things to this "body".... HAHA!!! -Hauntguy
  8. Was he wearing a OSU shirt or jacket... If so, I scared the heeby geebies out of him. There was a "kid" come through Tombstone that was pail in the face, about to cry in terror,... scared. I seen him coming and was like.. "yeeeessss"... I crouched behind the crates, let Bill (old man with a LONG beard) distract him and the boy made ONE mistake! He was standing on the side of his parents that was closest to Bill, when the kid seen Bill he switched to the other side of his parents... which actually put him closer to me! So I pop out from behind the crates screaming like a lunatic and this kids hits the ground! HAHAHAHA!!!! I just hovered above him screaming until he covered his eyes then I helped him up and told him to "get out". HAHA!!! Good times. -Hauntguy
  9. ^One thing new at KW next season is the dark ride revamp! I think everyone would agree it's much needed. -Hauntguy
  10. ^HAHAHA!!!!... And he had fun doing it too! -Hauntguy
  11. Well, if I can count that one AMAZING night I was with you guys! HAHA! Other than that, I'm from Tombstone. -Hauntguy
  12. James, it was great meeting with you.. and awesome seeing you at HAUNT!!! HAHA.. I hope I got your daughter good! HEHE!! See you soon man! -Hauntguy
  13. Yes... we figured that it's the last night for HAUNT, let's do one last WALL! But this time... EVERYBODY is out there from EVERY maze! -Hauntguy
  14. KI Man, get there early... you don't want to miss the last "WALL OF MONSTERS"!!!! -Hauntguy
  15. Your thinking of Curse of the Crypt... and that's not what I'm talking about. You can see parts of the crypts facade in XBase... but at Red Beards Revenge, the hand next to the facade is the hand from the "goddess" in TR:TR... Tech Services told me. All the other stuff is from TR:TR and not the "Crypt"... the rest of that attraction is around DeathRow and Racers... the actual haunt walls and interiors where repainted and desinged... I think they call it "ClubBlood" now. -Hauntguy
  16. The actual ride coming back? Yes. The Theme? Probably not... sence most of it was torn apart and used for HH or just sitting outside of the TR:TR building! -Hauntguy
  17. They should let some of the monsters ride rides with people.... like special character rides! HAHA!!! -Hauntguy
  18. Yes, Tombstone and Trail are open... Even though the maps state otherwise! -Hauntguy
  19. I'm going to believe what WHODEY2007 is saying... I know that several train staff, and myself, have seen surveyors behind TR:TR! Also, the GL trains, they're at KI... they are in the graveyard. -Hauntguy
  20. Also, Tombstone TERROR-tory will be open... along with Trail of Terror. All the Fearzones are closed. -Hauntguy
  21. It's "Monster" by The Automatics. -Hauntguy
  22. ^Remind me sometime in the future to discuss some points your bring up! -Hauntguy
  23. Dalefan, Have you really ridden 400 coasters? That's awesome! I think I've maybe ridden... IDK... 100 give or take 10! 400! That's freaking crazy... good job man. Got a question: Is it worth the money to be an ACE member? I've been thinking of joining, debating back and forth. I only really frequent about 3-4 parks every year (KI, Knotts, USF, and Busch Parks)... Is there much of a "Halloween/Haunting" section of ACE? I'm a member of the IAHA (International Association of Haunted Attractions) and they have a area/group for amusement/theme parks. Just wondering... thanks. -Hauntguy
  24. ^It will be, it's been kind of "announced"... RYAN!!! -Hauntguy
  25. So what about the rest of the HH attractions? Tombstone, Trail, Cemetary, Worksite, CornStalkers, etc.? I'm really confused! -Hauntguy
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