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  1. Midnight Syndicate Virgil < Very good friend of mine (speed dial #09), I helped him on a few CD's) Nox Arcana Micheal Hedstorm Gore Galore's SOUNDS OF GORE Rustyknife Music to DIE for Rotting Flesh Radio and... Myself <Had to toot my own horn! ....I'm not saying that all of these artist are heard at KI, they are just Halloween/Haunt Musicians! If you need links, let me know. -Hauntguy
  2. Your at a theme park during the most popular event of the year... and you don't like lines? Maybe you should do during BareBONES Nights, I really don't anticipate much of a crowd since it's school nights and trick-or-treating! -Hauntguy
  3. Yes, red train was running... There has not been a night where only one train ran! -Hauntguy
  4. Yes, this is a change.. FOR Halloween Haunt! HH does not mean the entire park changes the rest of the year! All this means is that, the downtime in Sept... the park drastically changes into HAUNT! You can still go to our lovable, family friendly KI anytime during the year... just that October is sometime completely different. Families know this... Fans SHOULD know this... and you should still buy your season passes and go to KI as much as you can! -Hauntguy
  5. I don't ever remember something like that happening on Grad Night.... Where's the articles, proof... anything? I need to see this. Also, since I don't remember of such a thing, then the GP DOES NOT remember! We are the ONLY people that think about KI daily... I think! -Hauntguy
  6. ^Exactly right.... except for cancelling HH, that will NEVER happen! -Hauntguy
  7. I think families understand that HAUNT is not your "run-of-the-mill" event at KI, and KNOW that KI is a great family destination during non-HAUNT operating days! I don't think anyone will NOT come back to KI just because of HAUNT. People aren't stupid.... they don't see HAUNT and say "KI must be like that ALL year!"... NO! Also, since HAUNT is upcharge next... you will see more control of the people allowed to attend! This is nothing new, Knott's had this problem... CP had this problem... even Universal had this problem! Heck.. Disney had this problem with Alien Encounter! -Hauntguy
  8. ^ I don't understand why? But they should next to the "kegger skeletons" in front of PT! -Hauntguy
  9. Actually, both trains were running that night... you just got on the wrong one. Thankfully the "execs" that visited that got on my train, red one, whose speakers WERE working! -Hauntguy
  10. ^ I've always thought that they should have a "hanging prop" from the Eiffel Tower! That'd be so cool! -Hauntguy
  11. Here you go: GNWXCsV8Jd8 -Hauntguy
  12. Very true Ryan... when I first seen the display, my fiance and I looked for details for about 20 minutes! It's very funny! Also, I guess it's sad that some tombstones around the park say: Hendrix, Falfas/Kinzel, Shapiro, etc. I think it's hilarious. Halloween is a holiday about death.... not life. -Hauntguy PS: Is it sad that I own ALL of those horror movies? HAHA!
  13. I think it's freaking funny!!! I give MAD PROPS to the ENT. dept. for doing this! We should get Chris Crocker in here and cry a little more for Britney Spears, we already members crying over Owen Wilson. I think what they are poking fun of is the fact that is most, most likely, a stunt pulled by Wilson. If someone TRUELY wanted to die, they would! Obviously his career was in jeopardy because only about 20% of his movies are decent! Vick's doghouse is gone? That stinks... I thought it was hilarious. Oh well, maybe they can put some child/kid skeletons with Micheal Jackson shirts and Thriller CD's!!!! LOL! -Hauntguy
  14. Why not just drop the IJ and call it "Stunt Track"... save alot of money on rethemes, marketing, merch., etc. -Hauntguy
  15. OK, I haven't read the entire post so... Has anyone thought that new trains for The Beast could be for the best interest of The Beast? It's an old, slowly getting worse ride! This is why brakes were added, the speed of The Beast was killing it! Now, it's the trains that are killing it! I would love to see new trains for The Beast... it'd be a totally new and better ride! -Hauntguy
  16. "Maze" is a haunt industry term for path or passage. Now the only actual real "MAZE" is DeathRow where you CAN get lost. The other attraction you simply follow the given path. Also, the attraction with the "Crawl tunnel" is Trail of Terror... but you don't HAVE to crawl through, you do have a choice! HEHEHE!!! -Hauntguy
  17. I bet they're trying to get it to fit more in with the Rivertown theme! If you notice, there are pieces of the theming laying around and being used for HAUNT! -Hauntguy
  18. TG93, When did you go through Tombstone? -Hauntguy
  19. ^ Because of this: KnottsGreatAmerica.com -Hauntguy
  20. Well, Knott's has been doing this for 35 year! KI is in it's what, 8th year? Very cool article! I normally get to go to Knott's for HAUNT every year... but this year I'm unable to with my dad and brother. First trip I've missed in 6 years! Oh well, at least I'm going to HHN next week! YAY! -Hauntguy
  21. Doesn't matter, contracts can be ended at anytime! -Hauntguy
  22. ^ Not passing out while in line for Firehawk! HAHA! -Hauntguy
  23. Awweee... Karen, you know we love you..... FOR DINNER!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Can't wait to see you come back through Tombstone, I'm aiming high this weekend... you might want to wear those depends I suggested! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! -Hauntguy
  24. I can only hope... nothing better than Mt. Dew then The Beast! YAY! -Hauntguy
  25. Sorry, I didn't you could do this on KIC! HA! But no, I haven't been in that same spot. I've been on the train since opening night, filling in for the minors. This past Sat. was my first night back in the actual maze! HEHE!

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