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  1. Currently, I’m doing the monthly payment for my gold pass. Am I able to upgrade from gold to platinum and still do the monthly payment? If so, can I do it online? I can’t find it anywhere.
  2. Does anyone know what date the park will open in 2020?
  3. Live stream if it’s possible? I’ll be out of town but it would be much appreciated.
  4. My question is, how does KI usually announce a new ride? I would love to be at the announcement if possible!
  5. Firehawk is one of my all-time favorites. Many here have given you an idea of how the ride is, and telling you about the loading process and things like that would make me sound like a broken record. To give you an idea of how comfortable the ride is to me, I'm roughly 5 foot 7, pushing 125 pounds, and I'm a pretty skinny guy. My brother on the other hand, is about 275 pounds, and just over 6 foot. We both experienced the same level of comfort. The restraints made me feel just as safe as any other ride, while giving me the free feeling of flying. It's an amazing rush! Firehawk is definitely ride worth trying.
  6. So I'm not the only one who likes to take a Street View of Kings Island? Hmm.
  7. I would be more than thrilled to see a giga. Buuuuut, on a more realistic side, I don't think we'll be getting anything *NEW* and *EXCITING*.
  8. I would love to go, but I live an hour away, and I have school tomorrow. Oh, and work. Darn. Maybe next time.
  9. Beast during the day - back Beast during the night - front Flight of Fear - front, I enjoy the hang time right after the MCBR. Banshee - back for the thrill, front for the view. I tend to go for the back of the train. Invertigo - either end is fine. Diamondback - front. Drop Zone and Delirium - front All of the other rides, I typically don't care where I sit lol.
  10. What was so bad about the crowd last year? I was there and didn't experience anything bad. It was very crowded, but was still a good day!
  11. Keeping the story short: I was always afraid of going down big hills and upside down. Until I turned 7 and saw my family riding all of the big rides while I sat in the little area where kids who were too short or didn't want to ride sat. So, I forced myself on Vortex. I kept my eyes closed most of my first ride. But I loved it so much, I had to ride again. Now, I'm obsessed.
  12. I hope so, too. I love hearing the train climb the lift hill while walking up to the front gate.
  13. Banshee was definitely #1 for me (not sure how many rides, but I rode it 3-4 times each day I spent at KI). While Banshee isn't my favorite, it had a quick line and it's a fun ride! Banshee was closely followed by Firehaw . For some odd reason, when I went to Kings Island, Firehawk didn't seem to have a very long wait. In fact, most of the time it was a walk-on. Also, I haven't been on this site much lately. With school, band, and having a job, I dont have the time.
  14. Does the arcade by The Beast still have Guitar Hero?
  15. Mayhe Coney Mall is getting a nice makeover. SR&R, and now the Arcade?
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