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  1. On Chrome Win 10 the avatar on the top ribbon is squished together, and on regular posts the avatar circle is hyper imposed over the rank/role. (Over a few points right and down) Also, you can't see the post reply number on the right hand side with the posts.
  2. As someone who actually worked at the waterpark, there is space there to operate both a daytime halloween event, a night time halloween attraction, and even a winter event if the park wanted to. You could make it into a crafts/food village or even make the trick or treating trail around the lazy river pathway. You could even make that into a haunt area to make it loop and go around the whole deal while still having a daytime area for the kids. For Winterfest, make a Hawaiian Christmas area, put up some faux palm trees, maybe even put up a faux sled hill on one of the straight ways of the WP. I
  3. It's honestly really sad that we have to have this conversation, but it is needed in this day in age. The coaster community from all across the board has been welcoming and should be a place for everyone to not have to worry about their safety. However with recent events, it's upsetting because I saw the individual at HWN, and I could have ridden in the same car as him. Safety, is, has, and will always be at the forefront of any park that you go to, the same should be said for the websites/communities that cover and discuss them too. Kudos to the individuals coming out on the subject, an
  4. You know, for as much as I would hate to say it, I think a RMC ground up hybrid would make for the perfect compliment in that area of the park. You have the terrain, you have the space, you have the capacity to maybe even make a true Son of Beast (If the park would even dare touch that IP anymore) right next to the original. Maybe even have some interactivity with The Beast and make it work around the area. I'll admit, the ride would probably be cramped and there is probably better areas in the park that elude me now that would be a better fit. However, I think it would be a good way to maybe
  5. I'm actually going to go a different direction with Flight of Fear. That coaster in and of itself personally could use a new area theme as it is kind of somewhat dated. Maybe have some more atmospheric affects, as it is currently one of my favorite themed coasters in the park besides Mystic. However, I can agree with Banshee as I think Banshee still has so much more potential than the park gives it. I'd love to see a redesign sometime soon to freshen up and make it more spooky sometime. (Maybe even a few trees while we're at it)
  6. Dude, I expected The Thing when I popped in so I respect the vibe. Looks pretty neat, not a huge show guy, and honestly the shows in the fall give me the most headaches. (Although the elf show during Winterfest is very close imo) Maybe they can finally pull off something that I can enjoy, who knows.
  7. Speculates for weeks about flags and markers, links his article for massive concepts and ideas. Then good old Mr M. comes in with some truth bombs about it being just a water line project. (I honestly don't mean to attack anyone by the way, I just simply love irony) In other news, glad to hear that they're upgrading some of the water systems. At least we're getting *some* improvements for 2021.
  8. Not going to lie, I wish they planted more pine trees around The Beast to reinforce some of that wooded vibe they had. Maybe even bring back the lake if they could do some minor construction around the turn around. We definitely have a decent area to work with in The Vortex plot, the terrain change that they have there could be great for a Dive or launched coaster. I personally would like to see a steel coaster that could hypothetically work in the Winterfest season, as I think something like that would work to expand the capacity and line up for that season.
  9. ^Personally, I'd like to see KI start using the Dollywood model and hand out hand sanitizer before you ride. Sure, one can touch their face and etc before riding but the act helps. While I think I do believe they should spray down the cars before each cycle, I don't think it's 100% profitable as it takes a lot of time to clean and it would create a mess with the lines.
  10. Give a KI Enthusiast a marker, said marker turns to seasonal probably pre-planned electrical demo or revamp for a part of the park that has needed it for years now. Enthusiast goes from just seeing markers, to full demo, of what had a huge line on Sunday, of The Bat. My head hurts. I'm sorry, I don't see any correlation, nor do I see the park caddy-cornering itself anymore as it needs to expand and grow. I don't think Bat is going the way of the dodo, and the markers might just be cabling to the old SOB station. We're not going to see major, or minor investments that are going to ch
  11. So it looks like I might have beat a few people to the punch but a few key notes from today's excursion. (I may not have, but I'm not about to search for hours when I'm lacking a few hours of sleep from HWN) They added a new easter egg in the Shed recently I guess as they have a piece of Vortex's rail laying up to the right wall of the Shed. I rode it like maybe 3 weeks ago and I didn't notice it then but it looks pretty cool nevertheless. Banshee was running 2 train ops today, with purple train disassembled with the seat backs laying up in the train storage area. My guess is that
  12. BB1

    Orion V Diamondback

    The funny part is that I actually dodged a semi like that two years back in PA. (And that's a story for another day)Also tripping on Roomba's happens more often in my house than you think. Also, thanks for the Orion input! The main reason I made this poll was because many of my close KI enthusiast friends have consistently ranked D-back above Orion; of which I wanted to see how the larger KI enthusiast community felt about the subject. Even myself, at 240 credits YTD, I have Diamondback at 9 and Orion at 10 respectively. (For some more context, Fury is my #2, Goliath (sfog) is 7, Mako is
  13. BB1

    Orion V Diamondback

    Wasn't the question but you do you.
  14. Alright kiddies, onto the main showdown. Orion, what many Kings Island enthusiasts have been wishing for since 2015; Diamondback, the coaster that put Kings Island back on the map for thrills. When we first heard of Orion, I saw everything from excitement, to disappointment as many wanted a Fury 2.0. When we finally rode Orion, I still saw everything from it's the best coaster in the park, to some saying it still missed the bar of what the park needed. Only one coaster can truly be the King of the Island, the true Khan of the coaster line up, is it Diamondback or Orion? What do you guys think?
  15. Maybe you guys are all wrong, it's the world's longest extended disco, Son of Surf Dog! (I kid, I kid) All joking aside though, from what I know of the area and the markers thereof, I think we're looking at utility work. Now, personally speaking I'd love to see a major investment into a repaving of the parking lot as honestly it's becoming more of an issue by the day. However, knowing how the park works and operates, I would think this might just be some electrical project or maybe even a small extension to the walkway. I wouldn't invest too much time personally into the matter as 2021 is
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