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  1. BB1

    Kings Island Steakhouse

    Back in 2004, I would have agreed with that statement! Now in 2018, I say forget Outback and give me another Cheese Burger in Paradise (I miss that place so much).The International Street Restaurant has been the white elephant of I-Street for years now. I love the fact that they could use it for the Winterfest meals, but I hate that it goes dormant with the few meals that get served in the restaurant during the operating season. I personally believe that a restaurant that has different foods from around the world would be perfect for the location. Sit down, wait for your server, the whole nine yards. However, I don't know how well it would fly. Let's be honest folks, KI Food ops have been half staff for most of the season. However, the food quality has been rising (at least in my opinion) in what we see with Coney BBQ. I think that Chef Major could definitely whip up some dishes for the restaurant to serve that could be at theme park capacity. I just do not know whether or not that is on the immediate to do list.
  2. BB1

    Maximize # of Rides in a day. Advice?

    Weekends can vary depending on when you go. Usually, Saturdays are far more crowded than Sundays. However, it all depends on the groups at the park. Definitely try to arrive on a Sunday, less crowds and more opportunities for re rides. Banshee usually is dead with a 5-10 minute wait during the day and could deliver more re rides out of the whole park. If you are looking for maximizing thrills definitely try to hit up the Dback-Mystic-Beast corridor before the crowds bunch in because once it hits 11-12 they will have long lines for the rest of the day. I always say this to people, check out the waterpark. Seriously the lines back there are usually small in comparison to what you have at the park. What could be an hour wait for Diamondback could be 5-10 rides on Pineapple Plunge and several on the drop boxes at Tropical Plunge. OH and don't forget about lunch, the Coney Island BBQ is amazing. Definitely try to go around 1:30-2 pm after the lunch rush pours out and don't forget to try the collard greens. But don't forget that weekdays are usually far less crowded than weekends and could deliver more in park experiences than the latter. Lines are usually half or maybe 3/4 gone on weekdays and usually could call for some great re rides on some fine attractions. Hope you have fun when you go!
  3. BB1

    2018 Kings Island Bucket List

    Eat-Mor-Ribs (Hopefully Montgomery Inn Style, and the cow will be proud)
  4. BB1

    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Christmas decor has been up for awhile now. It wasn't until mid January that the wreath was taken down and the Christmas Tree was still up last weekend in the front with the WF sign on the entry way. (This was from me driving on the road next to KI, not going on property because that is trespassing which is wrong)
  5. BB1

    2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    The Island Smokehouse took over the location of the original Dive Snack Shack (Boomerang Bay era) which was a Graeter's before demolition. Again, I still believe that this is just a restaurant to be announced with their food offerings during the off season like they have before.
  6. BB1

    The Beast Roughness/jerking

    The front seat is the best seat for any kind of jerkiness or roughness. More explicitly front left for the intensity of the helix is my go to seat on Beast anyways not to mention the several turns are great in that seat.
  7. Now to be honest that would be better because Panda would actually be an international food in the area themed to different cultures in one street. The mac n cheese bar was amazing and a better addition than Hanks is in my opinion. Smoke house, eh, I am actually leaning towards the hope of a build your own coney line in Coney Mall. You already have one Taco Bell outside the park, you don't need another inside the park! (Unless if it were to be KFC, which I would actually approve of)
  8. One thing I will have to admit is the severe lack of German food in the Oktoberfest section of the park. I would be happy if Hanks or some line in the Festhaus turned into a german food line. Some old world classics like sauerbraten, bratwurst, sauerkraut, and some new world classics like Goetta. I will admit I would go to that more than I would for Hanks. Now I know what you are thinking, where could a Hanks shop go? Send it to I-Street, a part of the park that is supposed to be about cultures from around the world. The same could be said about Panda Express if done right could become a park staple in entry to the park.
  9. BB1

    Ideas for the Crypt building?

    In all honesty even though an indoor attraction would be amusing, I just do not see the building as a good for the park. It is a big box in the middle of two world class coasters and to be honest if opened up could make way for a beautiful flat ride location like a sky swing. In the long run the Haunt use is good use during the fall, however it just feels like a blank spot of the park during the spring/summer months that should just be taken out and revitalized.
  10. Ahh Kings Island, home of the classic Blue Ice Cream and Larosa's Pizza, what more could you ask for, right? Kings Island always has room to grow especially in the food department as they have over the past few years. We got some great new products at the Island Smokehouse like the shrimp and bbq, and some great mac n cheese at the foodbar over the Winterfest season. However, if you look at Kings Island proper, the food selection needs improvement for an ever growing hungry crowd of guests. So the basis of the latest and last 2018 Off Season Poll Series discussion is what food item do you want Kings Island to bring next to the park's food venue?
  11. They never got rid of Boomerang Bay. Just changed the name due to licensing reasons. It was part of Paramount's branding for the movie Crocodile Dundee. Trying to find old content of mine, eh? Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay was the licensed name by Paramount Parks that branded the waterpark in an Australian overlay of the names and scenery. Boomerang Bay itself was a good name (from my recollection of the branding) by dropping the Paramount property of Crocodile Dundee for the Cedar Fair park as I do not believe that Boomerang Bay was a copyrighted property that was a mandated change. (I could be wrong I am going off of information I had from years ago the topic really hasn't came up that often) The point of the post is that Boomerang Bay was removed, not in terms of the waterpark slides and attractions, with exception to one, but the name branding and scenery theming. It was the intricate and immersive theming of the gift shop, and the various small nods to Australian wildlife on small cut outs or fence paintings that were cast aside for the now Soak City decor. One attraction by technicality did bite the dust, the original Crocodile Run aka Splash River. Splash River runs virtually the same course with diversions in the enterance and exits being on opposite sides of the river and the new zero depth entry that demolished one of the most secluded parts of the river. The point of the post was that I think that the Boomerang Bay waterpark branding being removed was a mistake as it had character that was beyond the generic tropical theming found at most waterparks.
  12. BB1

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    While a Giga coaster would be a KI die-hard enthusiast's dream, I do not believe that the park needs it quite yet. Kings Island still has open vacant lots to add in flat rides to add to their attraction line up and has a big box o'FUN (Is that slogan still being used?) to deal with in RiverTown. Kings Island, in my opinion, needs to diversify in their portfolio of attractions before getting a record breaking Giga. Now, if a Giga were to come to Kings Island here is my main speculative prediction. Station would be either in the fields near Action Zone or back near X-base with the main course running past the river and the fields in the back of the property. 310-350 ft would probably be the range with a length similar to that of Fury 325 if not the slightest bit longer. Theme would probably be a main key to the station/queue area but no further than that.
  13. BB1

    Soak city

    A. Understaffing B. Low crowds Usually either one, or it could be both from what I could gather. It is an easy area to block off and is usually less frequented than other attractions in the park.
  14. For the past season and last season there has been a block of the parking lot, next to the KI sign, separated off with barriers and barrels. I personally do not know what it could be, (probably that rumored parking lot Giga people have been talking about ) but I know there are others who don't know and would like to know. Anyone have any ideas or has the purpose been stated elsewhere?