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  1. I think this kind of aligns with the age old concept of "Any press is good press". This just stinks of something foul. Mind you, as I sit with my formerly Dorito stained hands on the illustrious keyboard of Dell: the park has yet to make any official statements on any social medias period.
  2. The point is that the past how many "fights" we have had have been un-attended youth. I don't know the full extent of the demographics as to which if they were a part of a school group or just friends group but there is obviously a correlation issue in park. As for the stabbing, that is a grown man on a different part of the property so that's not really on par for the discussion but still.
  3. This is me in a nut shell besides zoom flume and a few slides here and there from my tenure at the park. I am really hoping they have some vintage photo booths set up like they do at the hard park for the anniversary event. I still call a lot of rides at the park by the original names, Italian Job, Drop Zone, FaceOff, heck even Beastie. I would love to see Beastie return eventually as I thought it was a really nice nod to the overall feel of the park!
  4. Exactly, which those are days that I just won't come to the park. Again, the park is not a babysitting service, which it is has been for years. This is only going to get worse throughout the year if they don't seriously crack down on it. The park has the literature, the park has the announcements, now follow through on it.
  5. So I'm probably going to sound extremely rude when I say this, but the clientele at Kings Island is just simply not the same as it was ten years ago. As someone from NKY, I have seen more people akin to my local KY Kroger at 3 AM at Kings Island than I have at Kroger at 3 AM, and that's saying something. Parents do not care about what their kids do anymore, and they let their kids go off in gangs accosting people. This season alone I have been bumped and talked to rudely by unaccompanied youth a couple of times for just a few trips to the park. When I'm in line for Orion and I'm worried about kids (boys) getting way to close and constantly bumping my sister, that's where I draw the line. Which by the way, when you pass a certain point, it would be difficult for security to get back there. Suffice to say that I am not surprised with what's going on today. Just in a span of what two weeks we had two violent escalations on park managed locations seriously makes me believe that Kings Island needs to make their punishments as public as possible. They need to show to the public if you do bad, you get thrown out. I am not an advocate for a chaperone policy as I was once a kid who went to the park solo and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I always made sure to be a decent human being and to appreciate the opportunity to be in the park. I refuse to be the one bad apple ruins the bunch but I am getting really tired of what the park is seeing. I think we should also mention that there needs to be accountability for the adult who is with the youth. I am not opposed to paying more for my pass, for better quality patrons. Currently I'm paying more for my UOAP than my CFP, which has a lot more parks. I am not afraid to spend a little extra for a better quality experience at the park. I want to mention to that this is in no way a smack at the security team at KI. As someone who has friends who have worked in security, they really are some of the best and are really looking out for you. The response time on the incident shows that they are really on tact with what the park wants from their security team.
  6. So as a rule of thumb I always hand wash my "themepark" cups. I basically had half of my HHN cups imagery flake off due to my dishwasher cleaning it. I have a whole part of my cabinet dedicated to hand washing unfortunately.
  7. For the first time since 2011 Land Down Under by Men at Work has played in the park. What an amazing nod to Boomerang Bay. The nostalgia is real
  8. If this doesn't show how out of the loop I am on the happenings at KI, this is it! I have purposefully not checked out anything for weeks just to be surprised at KI. (It feels really good not to be privy to information before Opening Day for once!)
  9. Honestly I'm getting there pretty early, getting straight back to Banshee (see how out of the loop I am?) or Racer and probably going to hop around to some major coasters throughout the day. I do not plan on buying anything till at least 30 minutes before I'm actually leaving. My best suggestion is get there early, ride early, and get out when you want. It's going to get really busy, really quick so be prepared.
  10. Ridership typically remains constant on Zoom Flume, even though it is extremely bumpy and outdated, it still racks up a solid 30 min-hour wait. I don't necessarily believe we need to remove anything for a new slide, but I wouldn't be shocked if they did to make a plaza out of it. I just hope they don't lose the splash down on Zoom because it is the most picturesque area in the park when it's dusk. I think if they went for the kid expansion which wouldn't be surprising, they would try to either remove the pirate ship area (RIP to those memories if that happens), or they will probably just remove Mondo at this point. As for the food options, the waterpark is extremely cramped now with the new layout. I would find it hard to believe that they would make more choke points in an already cramped line from one end of the park to the other at this point.
  11. That's 100% the issue with the waterpark as it stands. Like I said before, that area near Pineapple is the only conceivable area that they have to work with unfortunately; because I don't see any conceivable routes that the park can take with the current grid setup. Should they move Mondo, I would see them trying to add in a new kids area in all honesty. If they expanded with a new WWW kid slide area like what Holiday World has, it could really change the outlook on the waterpark. That, and it could give the park 10 new slides to use for promotional material. I will note as I know someone is going to bring up Zoom; that monstrosity just got a major renovation not even like what 3 years ago with the lift system? I'm not saying it isn't on the "I want this thing gone" list, but I don't see it going for awhile.
  12. God bless those yellow tubes, I miss them so much!
  13. Ahh yes the perennial water coaster discussion point. I have been an advocate for years that KI needs a water coaster of such a caliber to make Soak City a more well rounded waterpark. I have stated time and time again, use the back end near Pineapple with the ravine to create a one of a kind terrain water coaster that breaks some form of record. I would absolutely love to see an airtime machine like Wildebeest hit Kings Island and really round out the waterpark as it is seriously lacking in modern waterslides. (For those who don't know, most of the older slides near the left side of the waterpark are from the Water Works era, Rendezvous Run and Mondo Monsoon are from the Boomerang Bay era (RIP to the Golden Age) and Tropical Plunge is from the Soak City era) We need a new and innovative attraction like a PROSlide water coaster to move the waterpark in a new direction for the chain.
  14. I hope they post an itinerary before ticket sales. I haven't been in a while due to the fact that I've already done everything a few times at least in terms of the usual tours. If KI offers some new and interesting to the tour/line up I will probably go. To elaborate, a tour of the waterpark pump houses, a few more coasters on the night ride line up so that the park is kind of spaced out; it's the simple things that matter. Heck, even to have an auction of KI ride parts would be interesting because it has become a huge hit at HWN.
  15. If I can be perfectly honest here, I would find it hard to believe that KI would annex this area for RT. It already is a pretty lopsided part of the park in terms of coasters and for them to add another filler/new thrill coaster to it would completely screw up the feel of the park in my opinion. I think in all honesty, they should keep the Coney Mall theming, focus on the classic feel that they want in that part of the park and work with it. There's no doubt in my mind that they could work on creating a new experience with a company like Vekoma to create a coaster at least similar in thrills to Vortex. They have the make up, they have the technology, build something better with modern technology. Which mind you, I would love to see The Vortex name or at least some form of weather phenomena used for the name as I think it worked really well with the park. I would not advocate for a B&M Dive however. In my opinion it's way too compact, which defeats the idea of a Dive.....unless you make it go under the walk way and finally get rid of the eye sore that is the 3 Point Shoot Out aka the headache that took out our treasured and priceless Flyers. That would be a beautiful view to see and would definitely put the park back on the map for having revolutionary concepts mixed with park theming. (And totally not due to the fact that I hate the basketball games and the pop music they play that gives me headaches)
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