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  1. I don't think you get the point of the wording here bud. I called CP a museum for a reason. I used diverse for KI as there are several parks with only sit down Arrows. I agree CP is more diversified, but the design of the post was to give credence to both park's historical ties while giving it in a different blend.
  2. Personally, there's a few out there that I think every enthusiast should go to: 1. Cedar Point, America's True Roller Coast: Just in general, this park is a living, breathing, coaster museum with a ton of historic feats and attractions being housed there. Plus, it has some of the best coasters in the nation, you simply can't beat a line up with Steel Vengeance, Millennium Force, and Maverick. Plus, it has arguably one of the best beaches, primarily because of the views of the coasters behind you. 2. Knoebels/Lakemont Park: I'm going to lump both of these parks together due to the pr
  3. There's actually several neighborhoods in NKY that have a few graveyards mixed in. I know of a prominent one that had to create an actual round about around it to work around the plot.
  4. This is actually mfw I read this thread anymore. *sigh* I'm excited to get on Banshee tomorrow or Sunday, I missed it last week and I'm not going to miss it again!
  5. On that same track of concept, Banshee is, besides Orion IIRC, the most technologically advanced coaster in the park. It's practically a computer that just so happens to be a coaster at some points. With the amount of sensors it has, I wouldn't be surprised if one went out and it just needs that kind of work done instead of track work.
  6. ^So that comes on the tail of Newsom basically saying no and no to the concept. If anything, they're going deeper by saying that you have to wear a mask inbetween bites of food now. https://www.ocregister.com/2020/10/07/newsom-no-hurry-to-reopen-disneyland-and-other-california-theme-parks/ I'm not anticipating the parks to open until Winter or Spring at this rate.
  7. I'm going to be real for a second, anyone who is selling right now is not using their noggin for a lack of better terms. First off, the value of the product will gradually increase, I wouldn't put an exact percentage, but with it being such a sought after product there will be a market in the future. Secondly, selling this quickly is not the best idea, because honestly you're only playing into the narrative of the coaster enthusiast only out for cash. Enjoy your piece, maybe keep the other one for awhile sealed up just in case that piece were to have something happen to it. I think if you, an
  8. So I do know Banshee has been having a weird year this year. 1. Banshee's rattle got 3X worse this year, I ride Banshee almost every visit, heck it's my #3 coaster ranked on my steel rankings. I have easily a couple hundred cycles on this thing, and yet every seat this year I've gotten a nasty rattle. 2. A few weeks ago purple train was pulled from operations, which I thought maybe was a wheel issue for the rattling, and iirc I haven't seen purple train in operation since. With this new development, I'm seriously wondering if they're trying to fix some rattling or there is a piece of track the
  9. I'm not going to lie, it's probably for some off season work on an electrical line or to renovate the whole parking lot (If KI has the money/time to do as we desperately need it.). I wouldn't hyperimpose on a lot of these markings, we already saw that going deep on some can lead to speculation about a water line system. This could even be a part of that renovation as they would need to show where the lines run if they're doing such a project. I personally would ask the Dippin' Dots guy for some clarification, but he's been referring me to Pepe Silvia recently....
  10. I wouldn't call myself a fan of Vortex, not even remotely close to even an enthusiast thereof. However, I did appreciate the coaster and enjoyed it more and more in it's latter years. It just had a really good layout, and honestly I think if it had some touch ups to smooth it out more it could have been a top 20 coaster at least.
  11. Ngl definitely higher quality than I was anticipating. It’s 100% metal and honestly it looks far more valuable than 198!
  12. Remember kiddies, you asked for it, now you get to buy it. I'm pretty excited, I have a fat stack of change ready for Saturday to buy two of them and head back home afterwards. It's another piece for the KI collection I have in the curio closet.
  13. To be frank, the SOB station and that whole region of the park needs to open up for future expansion into the old Safari plains if they want to grow the park out. If you remove SOB's station, regrade the whole area to be more open, the various choke points that were once an issue turns into a walkway that easily takes you into a new area of the park. I don't personally see such an expansion for a long time, but it's just something to be mindful of for the future of the park.
  14. That's the point, there's already a model developed that would fit perfectly with what you're asking for. Plus, in all honesty, BLSC is getting some age and it shows with some of the roughness it has now.
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