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  1. So what I don't think people understand is that KI doesn't necessarily need a new attraction for 2023. Kings Island still is building up their merchandising game, they are still making improvements on food packages (Even though if Chef Major is reading this you are absolutely clobbering the competition right now) and there is still a lot of TLC they can offer for the park. Am I upset that we didn't get anything? Somewhat yeah, I would have loved to see a new addition for the park to move forward. However I can also rest on the fact that we did just get a major Giga (which many of my peers have been slobbering over for years mind you), that should satisfy your hunger for a new addition for quite sometime. Am I upset with how KI didn't get a "new addition for 2022"? Yeah, but at the same time we just got a REALLY nice entertainment package that for once I can say really stood out; coupled with the Timberwolf Theater finally getting some TLC and some amazing concerts. Oh and let's not forget a major retrack of The Beast and a major refresh of Racer. Those were our new attraction funds being put to work, hence why the sting isn't as bad. I am cautiously optimistic that this year was a test to see if the fans want Phantom Theater back, and they do. To have a ride already set up before gauging guest approval is daft, to have a ride set up maybe a season or two after having such a successful show on the ride would be a very wise decision on behalf of the park. I am also cautiously optimistic that we could see a new foodie option finally coming up.....Like ripping out Outer Hanks and putting in a sit down or patio covered German restaurant with authentic sausages, pork and steak. (Call it Herr Konig's or something, make it unique) We already know that part of the park has some future expansion plans, so to have a food option that is different, and that can handle such a surge of guests besides Festhaus would be a boon to the park. We have the main guy behind corporate food offerings at our park, Chef Major has done some amazing things for the park and I honestly hope that they capitalize on his experience with a new option like this. Or maybe the park goes a different direction and puts a new smokehouse style restaurant back where the Big Box o'FUN (R) is currently in Rivertown. We have options, the park needs new options, even if we don't get any of these I'm sure the park is going to do some TLC jobs on rides like Diamondback to finally give a consistent coat of paint to one of the icons of the park.
  2. I believe TTD will probably be a soft open next year. It’s something I think the park will evaluate throughout the off season and will see when they want to reopen the ride. As for the Corkscrew demo, I am 100% on the same page however the movement of the flats from that area really makes an argument for the park to put in something new.
  3. https://www.carowinds.com/new-in-2023?fbclid=IwAR1auz5NESXgAwTpW70_uIQIFSu1AX0KvPgFzlH_YG1KGZ6tQjJtavJEFyY&fs=e&s=cl Huge flat ride package, I’m impressed!
  4. Pink's.... A travesty to lose my favorite hot dog joint from CP's line up, would love to see it come to parks like KI but considering current mgt at the restaurant that doesn't look very bright.
  5. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon till I figure out a few answers: 1. Is the one front of the line pass only for KI or is it for all CF parks with the upgraded tier? 2. Is there an all season long dining plan and drink plan option? (As of now I can't find any) 3. Should there be a food and drink option, is it reciprocated to other parks like the Platinum pass? Until I get any answers on this I'm fine not spending an extra few hundred bucks on my pass.
  6. I for one would not be excited for this. We already have a Festhaus, which isn't being used to it's full potential. I would much rather see the sky ride return or something akin to Der Spinning Keggers, or some form of flat ride for that part of the park. Currently, it is the ride desert of the park. Only boasting Adventure Express, the park really doesn't have anything to write home about. I for one would be very excited if we saw something like a "reimagined Oktoberfest" renovation like we did with Action Zone a few years ago. German flair in all of the restaurants, an actual biergarten that isn't choked by beer sales inside of the Festhaus, the sky ride, der spinning keggers in the plot behind the Coke Marketplace. We have so much potential under the new management with both CF and KI, who wants to flesh out their areas; so I'm not saying it's too far fetched.
  7. It is honestly to be expected, however I still go to the parks for dollars and cents per visit at this point. While yeah I will admit it will be a pain to pay a few extra dollars a month for my pass, I'm still getting my money's worth with a few trips to CP, plenty to KI, and one to Knott's.
  8. I don't really see an issue with putting Phantom Theater as an I Street attraction, I think it is close enough and it won't be too much of a scary façade for the kids. Inside? Yeah probably will be a bit much but you could argue the same for the end of BBoBH. I think a 1 for 1 reimagining of the ride would be an incredible addition for the park. Without major use of screen technology hopefully. I think with modern tech and some liberties with a more classic flair, it will become a great way to get some time out of the heat. I will stress this though, beyond all else please no more shooting. I hate the shooting aspect, it ruins the whole ride.
  9. Under the current system? For park goers like myself not much. I check my personal "fun" email once every week-two weeks tops. I'm sure there are families of 4 who will use the above promotion for a day out on the park but the perks "system" doesn't really feel like a system, rather an automated distribution of bogo deals. Unless if there is some point system that requires x amount of visits by all passholders I don't see the vitality in the program until they can actually give better deals. Show me benchmarks, give me "points" for doing activities at the park, show me what I can get for coming to the park x many days per season. Heck, make it a rotating program to which you have a main season (APR-SEPT), Haunt season (SEPT-OCT), and a Winterfest season (NOV-DEC). I would not be bothered to be told okay you get a 10% off after your 50th day visit at the park, 25% off after your 100th, etc. Tours, food experiences, discounts, access to special park events that have an upcharge (for my current and former KI employees think ride nights, get a region in the park to ride till a certain time of night). I just don't want to see a system like this go to waste.
  10. So I just checked my email and come to find out I do have a pass perk reward....BOGO popcorn which I never buy when I'm at the park . I LOVE the concept of getting discounts for going to the park more often, even though every time I go my price per visit goes down exponentially due to food and drink purchases. I see that they are working on it however this kind of pass perk just doesn't work for me. If I got a 10% off coupon for merch every some odd visits I would 100% use it, same for some form of coupon for a food item or beverage. Or maybe give us one free VIP area access once you hit x amount of visits (which speaking of I have yet to see that area being used). I truly hope the park sees this and is aware that we do want to spend our money at the park (my wallet hurts every two weeks from buying posters), but BOGO's just aren't my forte.
  11. So I have said this once and I will say it again, I am not holding my breath for Haunt this year. For the past several years (baring covid) I have found the whole Haunt experience lacking under what I can only perceive as new leadership. Haunt circa 2010-2018 honestly kicked it up a notch every year and I loved it. As of late, it feels like most of the haunt budget just isn't there or is used for some honestly really corny lanterns/shows that I refuse to even attend at this point. I genuinely miss Trail of Terror, Carnevil, heck I even miss midget wrestling, and that's saying something. If we don't see at least a new scare zone or a new house it will really be upsetting. Considering it is the big anniversary year for Kings Island, here are some classic Haunts I would love to see come back: Carnevil - This should have never been taken out, one of my favorite classic haunts that I still miss today. Holiday Horror - Honestly still a classic haunt, I miss it dearly. Tombstone Terror-Tory - While it probably couldn't go the original track I would still love to see it come back in some way. I am seriously hopeful that Urgent Scare, Wolf Pack and Backwoods are still in the line up for this year too.
  12. As someone who was a kid who went to the park often, I can say I never once acted out in any group period. I would marathon Beast during ERT and during the day for years on end, IIRC from 2008-2011 it was on the ERT list at least for the fall when I rode it the most. I went to the waterpark often as a kid, never ran, only got yelled at once because the guard thought I ran up the stairs when I didn't . As for the overall Soak City experience; I'm probably the only one who goes to the waterpark semi regularly on this site. I'm impressed with how security has been operating however the waterpark itself is bleeding for staffing, every single year. My recommendation is to go to the lifeguard stations around the waterpark if you need help (Right Tidal, lane near Mondo, station infront of old Kookabura and the station at the lip of the lazy river). 7-10 times there should be a supervisor to help, please note I do not represent the park in any shape or form .
  13. Beastie, Haunt, Winterfest, Soak City, Boomerang Bay, Flying Eagles, Area 72, Oktoberfest, maybe even classic Action Zone. I already have the I Street poster, Banshee (before IP), Bat and Mystic Timbers. Made To Thrill honestly hits it out of the park with every addition they make for the parks. I'm at the point where I have to rotate out posters in my office due to wall space; which is a good problem!
  14. The top brings joy, the bottom brings pain. I strolled around the gardens on Monday, I was very impressed with the detail and the dedication they put into the whole history walk.
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