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  1. The main and brief: Those who vote, are always biased in my opinion. I know most (if not 50%) of people here are newer to the whole coaster enthusiast gig; Golden Tickets are ways for parks to get publicity, but the people who vote aren't always the most reliable. Ever since the Flying Turns fiasco taking out what was honestly the best coaster of the year which actually opened (Banshee), and putting in a coaster which had so many issues, so many set backs, that didn't even open but for a brief time if memory serves me right. For people to give the award to something which mind you makes Woodstock Express look like a behemoth, instead of Goliath, instead of Banshee made me turn off the awards and just let it go. If you want to ride around with the following, by all means go for it, I just can't be behind it for a myriad of reasons. As for these rankings, it just serves that mentality more. Texas Stingray doesn't even have a lot of following, let alone hype. Even for myself, being someone who ranks Orion behind Diamondback to this day, will call that bull any day. Could it have been better? Yeah, in various ways. Has it been overhyped? Yep, and people probably ranked it in contrast to Fury which in my opinion is a really bad observation. The coaster itself does what it needed to do for the fans, but I think many saw the lack of elements on Fury and Leviathan as a waste of time.
  2. Honestly, I'm kind of upset that the park is this far behind the rest of the chain. I don't mean to be a debby downer all the time, honestly; but the fact that Dorney Park even has their Haunt lineup out before the park does. I understand that we live in a very different time, but to be this late and to be behind less invested parks kind of tilts me. I get that the park operates and moves in the direction it dictates, and honestly they don't have to announce what they're getting. It is just worrisome for someone, like myself, who actually cares about the event as frankly it has been going down hill for a few years.
  3. I wouldn't get my hopes up on that coaster replacement concept. What is rumored by my dippin' dots guy is something that will be tasty to say the least.
  4. Honestly I like it, it kind of took me back as a server glitch as it appears in a funky spot. (imo I think if it were to be center aligned below members it would look better)
  5. Please tell me I'm not the only person who actually lol'd at that. I'm happy to see the events are still happening, I'm also pretty interested to see if they will nix any haunts and add new ones if they were already planned.
  6. I'm going to be frank, the event is geared towards an adult audience, but that doesn't mean kids don't go. I believe the balance Kings Island has is honestly some of the best in the industry, happy haunts during the day, with scary haunts at night. Now with that being said, I have seen a ton of kids go into the houses in years past. Do I personally agree? Not really, but kids do go through the haunts more often than you think. I think, frankly, the park needs to ramp up the horror and seriously step up their quality. It has the capacity to be great, but as of late it feels like a blend of cheaper Spirit Halloween props with Hobby Lobby decorations. (IIRC there was a massive change in leadership a few years past, and ever since it has been going downhill). Oh, and please get rid of the day of the dead props for all of I-Street, just make it halloween based off each area. (i e werewolf in the french area, etc.
  7. Honestly, something like Hangtime would be perfect for the park. I think people get caught up with the biggest, baddest coasters and forget that there are some really great supporting class designs out there. I would even be happy with just a simple clone of Hangtime, different theme of course, plopped down virtually anywhere. It fills a serious void that the park has: a modern quality steel support coaster. People get too caught up with Mystery Mine and other earlier models while forgetting about the really good work they've done over the past couple of years. As for the above marker conversation, that whole situation add some other bits have a lesson for newer enthusiasts out there: never trust anything on the internet till the park makes an announcement. The Dippin' Dots guy would be proud <3
  8. BB1

    KI survey: Part 1

    I'll be real for a minute, this is actually a pretty good poll. I personally believe Oktoberfest just needs a true revival with food and attractions, more than what Action Zone needs. However, I will say Planet Snoopy needs some TLC. The signs are showing some wear, the same with the Snoopy statues which need some serious recoats.
  9. I honestly wonder if everyone thinks it's the thunder dome whenever they have a minor argument. This is just getting out of hand, have you seriously forgotten how to act in public? What would your mother do if she knew what you were doing?
  10. I'm extremely hopeful they can keep the bowling aspect at the forefront. I used to go more often, but with their league policies and the prices I just couldn't justify going often even though it's a short jaunt. I didn't think the alley was doing too bad, just three weeks ago it was packed with customers wanting to bowl.
  11. The highlighted part is exactly what I'm talking about. Revoke pass privileges, ban for x amount of time, formal notice, trespass, etc. I understand the rehabilitation of minors, which should be supported, however in my opinion when you act in a more mature adult manor I E gang on gang violence, that's when I start to draw the line. I'm honestly not trying to call for a police state at the park, what I am calling for is more accountability on those who infringe on the rules. Because at the end of the day, if the park keeps getting these fights, then we're going to get a brand of being the fight club like some other parks do already. Of which is the last thing I want to see said about the park because it is simply not true. Also, to the above meme, you don't know the half of it .
  12. So I've been pretty silent on the subject but I decided after seeing what KI has posted it's time to unload some thoughts. The whole country is hurting for people to work. Kings Island, and Cedar Fair mind you, has implemented a lot of policies and plans to accommodate their staffing issues and they are still hurting. Just based on the video, the subsequent day, and just the environment in general, I believe in the "punish the criminal, not the good intentioned populous". I myself have been to the park solo when I was a minor for years and never did I get in trouble with the park. I always followed the rules, made sure to be polite, and generally be a good patron to the park. I never thought of being a "gang" and picking a fight with another group, and never will. The individuals who acted, started, and harassed other patrons should be barred for an extremely long time and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Make the policies clear, make them open, make them available, make an example of whoever causes a brawl like this. I do not believe we should punish good minded youths due to the acts of a group of individuals who probably need some help. I have seen people get escorted out of the park, it does happen and should happen. I have nothing but extreme respect for security, and to a grander degree our first responders like Lifeguards and EMTS. They put up with some of the worst from people, and I can speak from first hand experience. They care about safety, they work late shifts even to ensure guest safety. I believe that KI should try to employ more security, enforce their policies, and really make statements that even if you are a minor, there are extreme consequences for unruly behavior.
  13. Aaaannnnnnnnndddd let me stop you right there. So, out of most of everyone here, I might have the most hours in that waterpark and I know it like the back of my hand. Here are just some things that you guys need to keep in mind here: That lower center red zone is where the electrical lines are, AKA no water park additions are probably going to be close to it due to that proximity, plus the back roads are practically the only maintence roads to the kiddie pool pump houses. Upper area is Tasmanian Typhoon Mondo Monsoon, that thing is a relic don't touch it pls The upper area is honestly a part of the area I want the waterpark to grow out to. If not there, at least the large green space next to the main road. We are practically landlocked and have 0 space to move out besides taking slides and attractions out. The back area by Pine is honestly my best bet for a future addition. It has space, it needs to be fleshed out, it has potential. Just add a water coaster already geez. I don't think Zoom is going anywhere yet. They just added a new chain lift a few years back, however it is aging, really bad even with it being a historical slide. I still believe we need a retheme and revitalization of the waterpark. It needs some TLC and I seriously believe we need in the least a new slide complex and a watercoaster within the next 10 years max. Our waterpark can really kick it out if they put the right amount of love into it (and if they turned off the water features and made it a legit lazy river).
  14. Please for the love of everything good tell me that you actually said yes.
  15. My vote honestly was 50/50 between Mystic and Banshee. Mystic honestly still kicks while also filling in that theming that I honestly missed from the park. All the while creating a new creative edge to what the park has to offer with creating the three kings of each coaster era. That being said, Banshee also imo has been a huge boost to the park. Banshee just fills in that void Kings Island had, and it delivers some of the best elements in the park. I ultimately chose Banshee, but I will always say both have been instrumental in shifting the park's atmosphere and layout as without them I honestly don't believe KI could be the same.
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