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  1. The short and sweet is yes. Having worked as a lifeguard on Pipeline, being friends with regulars who frequented Pipeline often, I am deeply saddened to see it go. It's a classic that kept a decent line of people coming in and a dedicated crowd of surfer "bums" coming in. For everyone saying this is making room for expansion, I wouldn't hold my breath. If I've learned anything about KI as of late is that just because something is taken out, doesn't mean something is soon to come to the spot. We still have massive glaring holes in the waterpark that have yet to be addressed, this is now another one to add to the list. The positives is that the strain of lifeguard staffing is going to be drawn down because 4 positions will be opened up, but it will still be missed.
  2. A chaperone policy has been needed for the past 2 years. For the past few opening days/preview nights I’ve had a ton of issues with kids line jumping or just acting rowdy in line. Mind you I used to be a kid who went to KI religiously I never had an issue but things have definitely changed. At this point we had a major fight last year, and now this? Where does the park draw the line?
  3. Getting back on topic, I'm excited to be back for Preview day, I wasn't able to enjoy the full day last year so to be back to ride Banshee and Mystic will be a nice reason to take some PTO. I think for myself in particular I'm most interested to see how the food options have changed for the season; coupled with how Kings Island deals with merchandising as I would guess they still have a surplus of 50th anniversary merchandise.
  4. I'm going to put this here instead of making a new topic for it. Kings Island is seriously lacking in a good supporting or keynote launch coaster. From my weekend at Knotts's riding some Xcelerator, to my few days in Orlando this week riding Velocicoaster, it made me seriously consider the overall line up that we have at Kings Island. We have been lacking in a serious launched coaster for some time now, while FoF is a solid classic first, BLSC just doesn't do it for what I feel like the park is lacking. I'll say it once and I'll say it again, I think Orion is fun, but definitely not what the park needed. We have a good invert, with great inversions, but we're lacking a modern launch coaster that blends inversions with solid speed. I would love to see a reintroduction to Intamin if we could, but even if not that, a serious Mack that actually has the intensity a la Velocicoaster would be something I think the park is desperately lacking.
  5. At this point, I would much rather see the park give Backlot the axe more than anything else. It is not very "tall people friendly", it is almost a SIX style eye sore and just doesn't do much for me overall. I think the park would be wise in reinstalling what was previously there (which would give the park dupes to keep lines down) and would give some character back to a part of the park that has been lacking for decades now. I think this way adults (like yours truly) don't feel so weird about riding the scooters, as I along with most of my friends refused to ride after the inaugural year. and a way to flesh out what is currently a very bland part of the park. We could very easily see a modern launch coaster come to the old Vortex plot, AZ congo/Invertigo or backlot behind Banshee in the near/distant future so the lack of a 2000's premier isn't that hard on me.
  6. BB1

    New Job

    Pre-2016 KI was a peak time to work there, because I worked there . They changed the videos ever so often so it doesn't surprise me. Heck I remember Ouimet making his annual video back in the day about corporate success. I honestly wish that I picked up some more KI associate merch (that you kept), I still have every hat from each year of being a lifeguard. Fun fact the 50th Anniversary "field hat" is from the same brand KI gets Lifeguard hats from.
  7. BB1

    New Job

    They had it one year I believe for 2014 or 2015, the video was basically a customer service advert. (The above is an excerpt) Ironically enough that was one of the few corporate trainings besides the E&A training I remember vividly.
  8. BB1

    New Job

    I wonder if they still have the pickle video in orientation? (IYKYK) Honestly have fun! Working at the park is something that is very special and I've made countless friends/connections from my time there.
  9. Many lifeguards used to dine at the SC Subway often as it was close to the break room and it was an affordable lunch. If they get rid of it I'm sure the park has plans for renovating the space out for a new dining experience.
  10. I'm going to be real with you, with my one and only experience at WCO I can say that there needs to be a question gate. Having some guy complain about one employee just solidified my reasonings behind not being a big fan of Q&A. I think if you weed out the fanboys they can be enlightening, but with the fanboy questions it was a waste of time.
  11. Chick-Fil-A has officially been taken off of the park website, Subway, Panda Express, Skyline, Larosa's, Starbucks, Tom & Chee, Cinnabon, Auntie Anne's and ICEE are the last remaining outside food destinations in the park. Honestly a major shame as I loved getting a sweet tea on a Saturday afternoon from there. Would be interesting to see if this was a corporate or park decision (Maybe a question for those evergreen headache inducing Q&A sessions at Coasterstock for those who are going this year) as the restaurant was always packed whenever I went to the park.
  12. Mac Shack was an instant loss for me. I tried it a few times and I didn't think it was worth it at all; especially in comparison to losing Pinks. Chick Fil A leaving is a serious blow, they brought it back due to guest demand and it always had a line when I was there. I am extremely upset with the removal of the Juice stand as I only got it once, and ever since they never staffed it for me to get any more drinks. With everything considered, the "celebration" classic leaving is a major loss. Let's continue the pain with the loss of the Town Hall Museum, which I for one have been eagerly waiting for it's reopening from the "COVID" reason to the we are still working on it reason. For them to just up and say we're not continuing is a major blow as that was a great way for guests to get out of the heat and relax a little bit. No first rider event/passholder preview absolutely is a slap in the face to passholders who in the past got these benefits, now sit here waiting longer for the attraction. I loved the way CP did these functions, having been to a few media days and some charity events, they took it up another level. The only good thing I can see here is that Famous Dave's is coming back to the park proper. The turnip never did anything special for me and honestly just felt like a waste of space as it wasn't that crowded. Having another meat option in the park will seriously enhance the food options overall. However, this is all screaming budget cuts to me. The fact that they are cutting back on basically discretionary expenses really makes me wonder how this season is going to run. Which also begs the question, why is Chick Fil A leaving and Johnny Rockets still there? I don't doubt that the park will have some decent culinary options coming, but this is after Keat's becoming a taco joint, Pink's going the way of the dodo, and now the Juice being demo'd. Everything tied in with the lack of CP Nights which I was planning on attending for the first time this year really just sours the deal. The only ray of sunshine is that with Frontier being gutted means that the park maybe planning a new attraction in that part of the park. I'll say it once, I'll say it again, the park needs a modern GCI or MACK launch coaster, which would fit snug in that section of the park.
  13. IMO I would love to see a Farmhouse style restaurant come to Rivertown, perhaps where the Big Box-O-FUN currently is. I think adding something in the vein of country style cooking with a rustic view would be perfect for the park. I think adding a sit down with a nice view of a coaster or the woods would deliver something that the park is still lacking in; that is if they don't add a new log flume a la Kenton Cove.
  14. Ironically enough I'm heading out there for Knott's Boysenberry Festival, Disneyland and Magic Mountain that weekend. Very interested to see how the park actually manages the event and how staffed it actually will be. As for park closures, from what I've understood January-February was extremely dead, so for them to make this adjustment isn't too far fetched for me.
  15. I would much rather see a continuation of the story to an extent than a straight redux. Perhaps make it a Haunt exclusive show? Phantom Theater Encore was the first non-Winterfest show that I can genuinely say I was impressed with in years. The park honestly created something that felt inspired and timeless, which is a massive statement to what the park strived for last year. I think the park itself won't be on par with the likes of CP/Knott's entertainment value for awhile, but this was a great first step.
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