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  1. I'm extremely hopeful they can keep the bowling aspect at the forefront. I used to go more often, but with their league policies and the prices I just couldn't justify going often even though it's a short jaunt. I didn't think the alley was doing too bad, just three weeks ago it was packed with customers wanting to bowl.
  2. The highlighted part is exactly what I'm talking about. Revoke pass privileges, ban for x amount of time, formal notice, trespass, etc. I understand the rehabilitation of minors, which should be supported, however in my opinion when you act in a more mature adult manor I E gang on gang violence, that's when I start to draw the line. I'm honestly not trying to call for a police state at the park, what I am calling for is more accountability on those who infringe on the rules. Because at the end of the day, if the park keeps getting these fights, then we're going to get a brand of being th
  3. So I've been pretty silent on the subject but I decided after seeing what KI has posted it's time to unload some thoughts. The whole country is hurting for people to work. Kings Island, and Cedar Fair mind you, has implemented a lot of policies and plans to accommodate their staffing issues and they are still hurting. Just based on the video, the subsequent day, and just the environment in general, I believe in the "punish the criminal, not the good intentioned populous". I myself have been to the park solo when I was a minor for years and never did I get in trouble with the park.
  4. Aaaannnnnnnnndddd let me stop you right there. So, out of most of everyone here, I might have the most hours in that waterpark and I know it like the back of my hand. Here are just some things that you guys need to keep in mind here: That lower center red zone is where the electrical lines are, AKA no water park additions are probably going to be close to it due to that proximity, plus the back roads are practically the only maintence roads to the kiddie pool pump houses. Upper area is Tasmanian Typhoon Mondo Monsoon, that thing is a relic don't touch it pls The upper
  5. Please for the love of everything good tell me that you actually said yes.
  6. My vote honestly was 50/50 between Mystic and Banshee. Mystic honestly still kicks while also filling in that theming that I honestly missed from the park. All the while creating a new creative edge to what the park has to offer with creating the three kings of each coaster era. That being said, Banshee also imo has been a huge boost to the park. Banshee just fills in that void Kings Island had, and it delivers some of the best elements in the park. I ultimately chose Banshee, but I will always say both have been instrumental in shifting the park's atmosphere and layout as without them I hones
  7. I believe we have our next decoding topic folks Genuinely I have my wish lists but at the end of the day here are the facts: We literally just got a new coaster last year that some outlets are still saying is "new" for good reason. If the time tables are still on some form of track, I believe within 2 years we will see a food/Planet Snoopy addition, 3-4 for a waterpark addition, then 5-6 for a main park attraction. IMO we do not need a new coaster, at least for awhile. I think the park just is lopsided now with Orion (which I suspected before hand). We have a good top
  8. I swear some of you guys have to be an incognito Dippin' Dots guy because some of this stuff is just too good. I do not believe CF wants to invest anything major after the pandemic. I believe if CP had something coming, they already probably bought it. They have said countless times that Capital Spending was going to be cut, without it being bought pre covid, I don't think this is going there as of now. There is no reason to think that this couldn't come to other parks, heck I wouldn't be shocked if it went to a smaller park that was farther north.
  9. There is far more than just chlorine in that water, the water you swim in is very clean and has enough chemicals already. I can't say for sure, but most of the chemicals probably combat the virus. Knowing SC LG's I wouldn't be surprised if they do some extra work on the slide complexes which tend to get the most grime. (Looking at you Trop Twist and Pine) Also, would not be surprised if they did more work on the mats they renovated a little while back. As per the mask situation, I haven't been to a park with masks in use for actively scanning lifeguards yet but I would be very interest
  10. That award probably goes to Top Gun or the whole of Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay, just saying lol.
  11. woohoo! I'm still of the opinion that this kind of theming is exactly what they need in the future, I'm pretty happy with what we got and I'm excited to get the shirt!
  12. Again I did say tin foil hat and that I was stretching it lol. (I knew that was probably it, just not a huge fan of the Brady Bunch tbh)
  13. So here's basically what I can gather from that paper: 1. It has KIC then a set of numbers 2. It is cataloged in April 20? 2019 so there could be a post from that point. Now that is a day after the Decoding 2020 topic was posted which would make sense with the notification. 3. It basically entails the same/similar document of the companies associated with the build from the original topic post about who is involved. 4. It called for an emergency meeting as the public knows? or at least is suspicious of ATLAS and Project Orion. It also declares the announcement on the day th
  14. Is it just me or does the case number look like it has KIC in front? (On the clip board) As for what it could mean, it does go on to talk about speculation being public so maybe about our Decoding 2020 mega thread.
  15. So there's a few things that could be Easter Eggs: -Captain Nemo's Flight -There's also a BB-ESP. 106 , which if you put on your tinfoil hats sounds like BB1. (It's a stretch I know I'm just poking the bear) Honestly I'm glad that the park still makes nods to the fans, they put so much theming into this area it isn't even funny. (Heck some of the paperwork I can't even read because it's such small print)
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