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  1. Haven’t been back in a while, but is the Flight Commander queue still there or was it removed?
  2. It would be a shame to see Firehawk go, but it would be fun to see how the park can use that land behind FoF and the older Action Theater for a new coaster. KI should call the new ride Phoenix to celebrate its rise from the ashes of the former.
  3. I'm thinking something along the lines of Haunted Mansion at Disney, where actors and special effects come into play. Although having actors in there for long periods of time would be no fun for them. Did anyone else notice that the track seems curved as you enter the shed? Maybe there's a slight banked turn into the station. I wouldn't think that would be possible for a wood coaster, but I like thinking creatively.
  4. Make sure to ride Blazing Fury. It's an older dark ride, but the scenery inside is incredible.
  5. I just came home from a 2 day trip to Dollywood. For my first time, it was so cool to see a park that has bought in to theming, food, and environment instead of putting in multiple roller coasters and flat rides. Dollywood seems to care about the guest's experience more than the national chains, offering free water cups, friendly service, trams, and fair prices. I enjoyed the coasters. My favorite was Mystery Mine, with Tennessee Tornado a close second. At first, I wasn't too bummed about not being able to ride Lightning Rod, but after watching a POV video it looks like a great ride. It's embarrassing that it's still not ready, but the gift shop was more than happy to sell its merchandise. I hope that the issues can be fixed for next season. Overall, it was a great change of pace from going to mostly Kings Island for 5 years. I'll have to make a trip back down there again soon.
  6. I thought the new logo looked like the Angry Orchard logo. From my personal Twitter: https://twitter.com/_maurerpower/status/758865136786415616
  7. Could Sleepy Hollow be a name idea?EDIT: KingsIsland1972 beat me to it.
  8. I've avoided asking Don Helbig about Rivertown when I've talked to him this season, but I did finally ask him about the TINMAN boat and whether it was a clue, when I saw him on my birthday last week. First, he didn't even recognize exactly what I was talking about. After I explained further, he said no, it wasn't a clue. He would know! And he is very good about not answering while not lying either, if the situation calls for it. So that was really just me wildly speculating, it never was meant to mean something. Interesting! I assumed the same, but it's usually not good to assume. Especially when Don enjoys throwing fans for a loop before announcing the new attraction. It's going to be very exciting to see what lies in the woods.
  9. Agreed. The truck is the same color as the tin man boat by Diamondback, which was never ruled out as a clue. I think the truck is being overlooked here. That leads me to think that someone is cutting down trees in the woods, and loading them into their truck. The physical clues have also been all about wood being cut, from the stumps and felled trees to the sticks. The website teaser may be a diversion. I'm going with Lumberjack.
  10. ^Someone does. Diamondbacker, being helpful. (It might be for fixing a pump or something in the splashdown.)
  11. The autospiel on The Voyage gets me really excited to ride, but that's a Holiday World perk that might not translate to each Kings Island coaster. Just imagine if Diamondback had its own autospiel. "Diamondback is ready to take you up and down, slithering its way through Rivertown, This snake travels really fast, your first ride may be your last! Enjoy your experience on Diamondback, presented by Coca-Cola." *added sponsorship into spiel because it would probably happen*
  12. Did anyone notice this tweet Friday? https://twitter.com/kingsislandpr/status/736104028271218688 I wonder why this video was shown when the Eiffel Tower's lights were green...
  13. ^ What a great throwback to a much different time at the park. I can't believe Rivertown used to look like this. It's going to look even more strange with Project 2017 going in there.
  14. Yes, just what I wanted! I also figured out that the track is invisible so we will have no idea when they begin building it.
  15. ^it's gravel. Enjoy your trip! I need to ride the Tornado and Teddy Bear soon. EDIT: Terpy beat me to it.
  16. Well, maybe, but that picture was taken on the walkway behind the Eiffel Tower and next to BLSC. Anyone could take that picture if they wanted to. (Except for this weekend, you need a Banshee Brew Festival ticket to be there)
  17. I don't think we can really use these as clues, as Snapchat is not the same type of social media site as Twitter or Facebook. While on Twitter/Facebook, businesses can link to their own website, promote themselves, interact with customers, and expand their reach. With Snapchat, though, all a business could really do is post pictures of what's happening and use that to promote their products. Snapchat doesn't have the ability to directly connect a user to a website. It's much different in that its capabilities are limited. Anyway, the person running the park's Snapchat is probably not someone with information on the construction, and what's going on behind the fence. It's probably an intern (no, Don is not an intern) who is asked to promote the park to its Snapchat followers by posting pictures of its attractions and showing off the Kings Island experience. Using a term like 'major key' (DJ Khaled said it first) is most likely not in reference to the new construction. Don is very good at his job, but his sole job is not to use every social media site to tease new attractions. The Batavia tweet possibly is a tease, but it came from his personal account.
  18. Thoughts for all involved. Hopefully the ride can also be repaired, I really liked it as well as the rest of Six Flags St. Louis.
  19. Hey KIC, glad to be back! I haven't been around the site much in the past year and a half, but new teasers got me excited again for more to come at the park. Happy hunting!
  20. ^^ i'm really tempted now to take a minor in PR and teach a class on this season. Title? 'What Not To Do in PR: Amusement Park Edition'. Who wants to be a guest speaker?
  21. Two years after the incident? I don't follow lawsuits much, but that seems to be a long time from the incident to present a lawsuit.
  22. Plot twist - Mr. Hart, in a money-saving opportunity, is the park's public relations team. It would explain the ineptitude in that facet of the park's poor management. If I were close to Mr. Hart, I would be telling him the old cop line, "Ah, tell it to the judge."
  23. I thought so, I just wanted to be sure. Diamondbacker, your typical cheapo college student.
  24. I'm finding similarities between this case and the one that closed SoB in 2009. These injuries are not to be taken lightly. Some believe that lawsuits are easy ways for scammers to make money, which causes such comments like those on the Facebook post and the ones that haunted this forum for years. I hope the two injured and their families are doing well.
  25. For anyone who has had this, it's only one all-you-can-eat session per purchase, correct? If I wanted to go back in after one meal, would I pay again or not?
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