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  1. Can you get a picture of the "No Camping " sign? http://milliond0llardarkparadise.tumblr.com/image/51810517199 I hope this link works! I'm not very savvy with adding pics, I apologize.
  2. I don't know if this has been mentioned yet (probably has) but I'm in the park and hadnt been around FD yet, but passed by the construction fence just now. I also noticed some "no camping" signs. This leads me to hope the new ride is Bigfoot themed!
  3. emileeee

    Your Music Taste

    Used to play with the singers old band back like 5-6 years ago when he was still living in Columbus. Was named Call It Even, they were like a hardcore inspired pop/punk band, like New Found Glory. Used to be a really cool guy, he's turning into a toolbag as of late though. Yeah ever since he got arrested a couple months ago, he' not the same. Ronnie Radke is also a joke. Edit: Are any of these guys you? cx I still love Austin. Wanted to meet him at Warped Tour last summer but I missed him!
  4. I go to the Mcdonald's down the street. Broke college kid eats like a college kid.
  5. Waiting in line for Diamondback the other day, something caused a delay and they had to run a few empty trains. Someone in line said, "What if it hit a deer!" I really hope they were being sarcastic.
  6. This will be my first time getting my pass renewed before the park opens rather than during operating hours. Renewal passes don't even require processing, do they? My younger brother is getting his first pass and I'm driving him the the park tonight. It came with a paper he printed off, but it's been so long since I got a brand new pass I wasn't sure. Just a little confused on how that goes. Thanks!
  7. My friend and I made several visits to KI this summer and have developed a little game over these visits. We find a good group of guys our age (17/18) and hold their hands without warning. Most of the time they go with it and let us walk a ways holding their hands, but sometimes they flinch away (crazy, right?). I have also sat on a couple laps. I'd say "excuse me" and act like I was going to sit next to them, but then I'd just sit in their lap. The reactions are priceless.
  8. It's a horror videogame where you have to walk through these dark woods alone, collecting these notes hidden on the map. At any point of the game, "slenderman" could be behind you or around the corner. If he is, the game's over, unless he's far away and you can run away from him. It'll make you jump out of your skin no matter what.
  9. We'd never be able to tell! Just don't turn around...
  10. Beast. I was 8. My mom told me it was a kiddie ride. Ten years later I'm still as gullible.
  11. This is a bit off topic, but I thought of this when I saw the body suits at the mysteria entrance, plus it isn't significant enough for a whole new topic. But. Put a suit on with one of those things and you've got Slenderman. It would be so fun to see a Slenderman scaring people at the park, with Slender getting so popular these days.
  12. emileeee

    KIC enthusiast

    Since I'm only 18, I don't think it's fair to call me an "enthusiast," since I'm on the same site as people who have had waaaaay more experience with coasters and parks. I've been intrigued by coasters since I was 12, coming on this site to learn the facts and discovering RCDB years back. From there I learned how to distinguish an Intamin from a B&M, and annoyed my friends with corrections on ANYTHING they said about coasters, using coaster jargon. I've only been to KI and CP, but it is a goal of mine to visit other parks and experience some of the amazing rides you guys talk about on here. My freshman year of high school, I bought a $240 seat on Diamondback for opening day, made my mom drive me to the park to get there by 6:30 am, sat on the train with a complete stranger, and talked stats with that person until the ride began. Some people assume I don't know a lot about coasters since I'm only 18, but the ones who actually listen are surprised at how much I know. I get Kings Island's tweets to my phone. My facebook posts must seem so weird to people, when I share my thoughts toward anything about Kings Island and it just screams enthusiast. I relate every school project to roller coasters or Kings Island. People at school get weirded out when I'd look through KIC or RCDB during study hall, but roller coasters struck me as the coolest things ever when I was a kid, and I'll probably never stop being a coaster geek
  13. I got stuck on Boo Blasters back in the SDATHC days for about ten minutes. The scenery and animatronics kept cycling, though, so we ended up getting really high scores.
  14. This past Friday night, my friend and I were at the front gates, sitting against the wall and people watching by the electric chair dummy. It's great to watch people get scared when it goes off. A group of guys who looked about my age (18) came into the park as the chair went off, and the "ring leader" of the group made a thrusting motion toward the dummy right in front of it. His friends guffawed and high fived each other. I really hate my generation sometimes.
  15. Fixed it for you. That one would probably be more accurate! No coincidence that it was mostly bro-status dudes in line for that one.
  16. My friend chickened out so we only ended up going into CarnEvil and Urgent Scare. CarnEvil is more eye candy than scary. Unless you're one of those people who have a fear of clowns. Waiting in line for Urgent Scare, I was wondering where all the effects were in the queue. And the "soundtrack" of the google translate voice paging doctors wasn't as intimidating as that creepy siren they used to have. When the actor mentioned that there were rats on the loose in the hospital, I was really confused. Since when were giant rats part of this plot? Probably because I didn't get to go to Haunt last year, some of these changes might have been there already...
  17. I'd had nightmares where Viking Fury came off its supports full swing and landed in the lake... and didn't float.
  18. I've noticed it as well. I can go on a weekday and face a walk-on and a 45 minute wait on DB in the same day.
  19. At first, I was shocked that we actually HAD news about SOB's future. This is great to hear!
  20. I've been meaning to try those!
  21. That skull ghost does look pretty awesome. I think it says something about not being able to trespass and survive. And as for the air conditioning, that is one of the main reasons I go to Boo Blasters, to cool off
  22. A couple things about the ride. 1. I've noticed that the cupboard (in the "kitchen" part) that leans out toward the riders eases itself now instead of quickly flying out and allowing the chains to clack against it. Ever since SDATHC it's been making that loud noise. Did they slow it down because it is unsafe or too startling? 2. I'm suggesting this to be imaginative. In no way do I expect the park to do anything like this. But what if they made BB less cheesy and more scary? Like, took out the cartoony ghosts and made some creepy characters. Got rid of the target shooting game and made it more just a creepy haunted house. Not a realistic suggestion, but the thought does cross my mind when I'm on the ride...
  23. I never level up because I never spend money in the park. I get free ice waters. I drive to mcdonald's for food. What can I say, I'm cheap. But now I'm determined to get those perks. Maybe I'll have lunch at the park tomorrow...
  24. 1. The Maine 2. AWOLNATION 3. All Time Low Or the Black Keys. And I would be cool seeing Biebs there too.
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