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  1. I took my Brazilian exchange student friend to the park Thursday, and since she had never been there before, we had to use descriptions instead of ride names. DB was "the tall one," and FoF was "the dark one." I felt like one of the unknowing guests, but it was okay because she's from Brazil We encountered a weird guest in line for Beast. Some kid, who most likely had three Red Bulls before coming to the park, was dressed as Napoleon Dynamite. Wig, glasses, and a Vote For Pedro shirt. He kept telling everyone in line to vote for Pedro and including a little dance to go along with it. He took his wig off when he got on the train. Now my question is, why would you want to dress up in a costume with a wig to an amusement park? Who knows.
  2. On Thursday the DB ride ops were trying to break a world record of how fast they could load and dispatch a train. While we were still behind the gates, they were collecting our loose articles and putting them into the boxes for us. People got really into it, rushing on and off the trains and hurrying out of the station. Not sure which record they were trying to break, but I think they were seeing how many trains they could get through the stations in a certain amount of time.
  3. While I'm taking the very long, slow journey up Beast's lift hill, I take the time to plan my on-ride photo. Usually I just sit like I'm bored or falling asleep. It's fun to gather with the other people looking at their photos and watch them point to the young adult sleeping on The Beast. The season that DB opened, I was a single rider a lot. I liked (and still do like) pointing at my fellow single rider for the onride photo. Now that I think about it, I try to pose for every single onride photo. Even on rides like Firehawk.
  4. I try to ride FoF in the front every time as well. It's great, minus the awkward hanging feeling at the MCBR.
  5. It's not really a smoothness thing for me; it's more a matter of the open air and nobody in front of me.
  6. Are there any rides that you just have to be in the front seat, every time, or it feels weird to ride it? Maybe I'm the weird one. I first rode The Beast when I was 8, in the middle car. Ever since then, however, I've been riding in the front seat, every time. Ten years later, I just go to the front. When my friends are "too scared" to ride in the front, I force them to, because it would be too weird to ride anywhere else. My little brother's first ride was in the front seat too, because it was with me. For some coasters, I just go to the shortest line, no matter where it is. But with rides like Beast, I have to ride the front. Which coasters do you have to ride the front every time for?
  7. This was the ride I dragged my little brother on to show him that roller coasters aren't scary. He's fifteen now. I'm such a great sister
  8. I'm happy Travel Channel id doing another coaster special. Watching those "Extreme Thrill Rides" ones get old and outdated quickly. Plus, I'll need something on that channel to watch besides Ghost Adventures
  9. I checked KI's websites for events and was trying to see if any concerts were coming up, and I saw none. Usually I'm not huge about KI's concerts, but I'm discovering that a lot of bands that started up in Ohio will play at KI or CP (Dear Christie, for example). I've never paid attention to KI's concerts, but do they usually have a lot of them over the summer?
  10. Aruba Tuba wins for me. Will they have new voiceovers in Australian accents for all the slides too? Haven't been to the waterpark in years, but that part stood out to me.
  11. Remove SOB. Overgrown wooden coasters creep me out. Going to the Louisville Convention Center kills me because of the weeds growing through the tracks of the coasters at KK. I don't care if they do nothing with the space yet; just remove it. Or take a weed whacker to it all season.
  12. Hoping for at least 1 CP trip and maybe getting a pass to KI. But I have to get ready for college, so that might not happen I'm hoping to ride slingshot for the first time.
  13. Would've been better if Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin would've gone. GAC>GHI
  14. When you're launched by FoF or TTD, the bloodflow in your brain is temporarily cut off and you get temporary blindness or blackouts.
  15. Greetings! I'm new here, but I've been a coaster nerd since I was twelve, and I've read KIC stuff for years now Anyhoo, I did this project in my senior Anatomy & Physiology class about how any specific activity takes a toll on the human body, and I, of course, chose riding a coaster. I actually found out some weird stuff. Like when you're feeling negative G's or airtime, your body thinks it is in a freefall because all your organs are literally floating inside your body, and the body's response is that tingly feeling in your stomach. When you ride a roller coaster, your body thinks you're being chased by a bear and jumping off a building, even though you know it's safe. Also, the reason one would get headaches or dizziness on a ride is because of all the tiny parts in your inner ear are more sensitive than others'. Just thought it was cool to know what is happening inside your body when you ride a coaster
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