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  1. I actually asked KI on Twitter when they would go on sale. I'm to lazy to post a pic of the tweet but they said before Labor Day!
  2. What ever it is can it please have a dual load like most rides at CP?
  3. Who will manufacture it? B&M What will the layout be like? Dive coaster Anything special about it? First dive will be right over WWC Any records?** No they don't want to beat Valravn What will the name or theme be? Lumberjacks
  4. To be fair looking at Fury 325 construction updates they didn't have much done in August.
  5. Been a while since my last post here but...I've been lurking in the shadows. Just want to throw my opinion in! While I highly don't believe it's a giga, or woodie. I do see how it could be a log flume. Although I hope not! What I really want (and have wanted at KI for a long time. Its a Top Thrill or Kingda Ka!
  6. Sorry if this is posted somewhere but have there been any Bring a Friend Days for gold pass members announced for July? (If this is posted somewhere on the website can someone please tell me where I could find it?) Thanks!
  7. The edit was before you commented. I added more to it right after I posted it not after you replied back. You're just adding misinformed information to this site. There's already a lot of that so we don't need more.
  8. Who cares? The person that made this thread and the many others who have posted/read it. Yes, its true we are not 'owed' any information at all. Kings Island has a right and they don't have to tell us. It's just thought full to tell the people who go to your park and who are the reason you have a park/job to at least say sorry. (It's what PR does.) Last and not least because you haven't made me a happy person, telling us you're not a fan of Drop Tower isn't the point of this thread. At least my post was.
  9. It bugs me that Don can post and "call out" false information but didn't tell us even a GUESS to when Drop Tower will open. PR at it's finest. I'm just saying that if we had a guess/reason why a lot of the "inaccurate information about the park" would stop. I could simply state "Drop Tower is down because someone died on it" (I know that's not true this is an example, nobody has ever died on DT) and although most of us are smart enough to know I'd be wrong someone might think it's true because PR hasn't come out to simply say something like "Drop Tower is down because we had to order a part that's overseas. We expect it to be up and running sometime mid June. Sorry for the inconvenience!"
  10. Don! I'm calling you out!! It's been 3 weeks with no Drop Tower and the park hasn't told us when to expect it to be up and going?!
  11. I wasn't aware of that (I tend to quickly go to the rides once I get in:p) still..that's a hassle...I don't want to have to stand by a locker to charge my phone. I want to eat some tasty (overpriced) LaRosa's pizza and charge my phone in the festhaus! lol
  12. One time at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (excited to see it coming back!) my phone was running low on battery and was please to find a charging station that was like $1 for a 1/2 charge (which can get a phone a descent charge) it would be nice of KI had some of these..maybe in the restaurants...Playing games in line can diminish your battery it would be nice to have a place to go sit, eat, charge your phone, then go ride more rides! this kinda thing!
  13. I had a small random question about Gold passes....it says free parking which is sweet...by any chance is it free preferred parking?
  14. I feel like my original point of this thread has diminished
  15. Maybe it's none of our business but I feel like we have a right to know why. Don input would be nice.
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