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  1. Jr for Birdy

    Early admission with a friend

    I don't see why people are making a big deal about it, if I brought a friend and the attendant so go ahead and bring him in with you it's fine I would be thankful as I'm sure even those complaining would be as well, just don't ruin your day by trying to sneak someone in.
  2. Jr for Birdy

    Early admission with a friend

    They'd lose money, I highly doubt that's a high priority for them to focus on stopping a few random folks from getting into ert when their making money with the shops open. My X wife would head straight to Star Bucks and then shop around while I went straight to DB,Banshee,etc. That's a great way to make money for those who are there early but can't or don't care to get to ert.
  3. Jr for Birdy

    Kings Island 2017 Discussion Thread

    No probably about it, and if those dozen or so people bring their wallet or purse into the park when they used those passes they'd actually make money. I want dipping dots now after watching that video and of course to get the latest top secret info! Haha
  4. Jr for Birdy

    How is it like working at KI

    I'm learning a lot reading this thread! I plan on doing this reversed. I retire in 15 years and plan to work at GABP and possibly Kings Island. Jr for Birdy...who has a hard time sitting still, I imagine even after retirement!
  5. Jr for Birdy

    Meal Deals, and meal deals

    That's crazy, I'd thought coaster or Kings Island enthusiasts would treat the employees with much respect considering most of us understand what's going on there for the most part. I know I treat them all very well, even when a young employee is rude, I kill everyone with kindness. It feels better than getting upset and it throws them off!
  6. Jr for Birdy

    Kings Island 2017 Discussion Thread

    A face shield!!! Haha, the rain can be brutal at times on a coaster. Sunglasses or goggles?! remember one time on Vortex my friend and I felt like we were getting shot with bbs it was so bad.
  7. Jr for Birdy

    Preferred parking upgrade

    I've premium parked before on very hot days when general parking was packed only because I was pushing a stroller and had my three young kids with me. Sit in the air conditioning with a cooler of food and ice waters to relax and cool off the family for lunch, usually would sit in the Reds restaurant for dinner. Its worth the extra money at times.
  8. Jr for Birdy

    Theming rundown

    As long as the air conditioning works in Boo Blasters this summer I'll be happy! My kids still love it but I've been over it for several years no matter what they fix. I'm ready for a new attraction to take its place, I'd hope in the next couple years?
  9. Jr for Birdy

    Kings Island 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'll be there if it's going to be cold and rainy. Sunny and warm and I'm not going anywhere near the park unless I break down and get a Fast Lane Plus, but I usually only get one for the 4th of July.
  10. Jr for Birdy

    Preferred parking upgrade

    You read it correctly, I'm not sure if the answer was correct or not, call guest services and fill us in!
  11. Jr for Birdy

    Meal Deals, and meal deals

    That's really disgusting! I usually eat in the car an crank the air condition but when I eat in the park I always ask for fresh food if I have doubts.
  12. Jr for Birdy

    Mystic Timbers Shed Music

    Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't only be odd if it was playing a song after 1987? I still listen to music from the 1960s,70s,80's on the radio. I prefer the 80s!
  13. Jr for Birdy

    How was your ride on Mystic Timbers?

    I wonder if the shed has AC or a fan for the summer? I enjoy a relaxing break on top a lift hill or a mcbr if I'm outside with sunscreen on, that's of course there isn't a kid screaming or even worse an adult the entire time. These rides are covered with sensors, just someone losing a flip flop can stop the ride, people don't freak out!
  14. Jr for Birdy

    Kings Island 2017 Discussion Thread

    You'll be good if your patiently waiting in line. It's not Easter weekend anymore and many gold and platinum members will flood the park next Saturday, I'd say a lot more than yesterday. I'm just giving the heads up, members don't typically leave the park, they wait for everyone else, that works at times during the summer and fall, I wouldn't get my hopes up for this Saturday. It's hard to get lucky on a Saturday especially this early in the season from my years of experience. Most every gold pass in a 2 hour radius will plan to be there knowing a new coaster awaits.
  15. Jr for Birdy

    Kings Island 2017 Discussion Thread

    How long were the Fast Lane plus lines for MT this weekend? I'm curious how they mixed them into the line?