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  1. Yep. When I worked at Beast ten years ago, the first queue house was still referred to as 'middle queue'. Holdover from when the removed queue house was present.
  2. I hope you snaged some Pics of the Track!

  3. There is dark red steel coaster track in the swan lake construction area that arrived today.
  4. The ajc.com article said no one on the ride was injured.
  5. HelixSpiral

    The Crypt

    It'll go to the ride ops and maintenance lunch/vending machine fund....
  6. HelixSpiral

    The Crypt

    LOL. Like Disaster Transport?
  7. Whatever, Tom. You know the sups on TR in '03 were complete tyrants.
  8. The Paramount Theater will be the Kings Island Theater. And the movie-named rides will be changing too.
  9. So they brought in a crane for a motherboard? Interesting. With all due respect to KI Man, chalk up the broken motherboard theory to a dippin dots guy's opinion, its just a rumor hes heard circulating around through the employees, he works in games. Tomb Raider had a bad board in the audio/show system earlier this summer which was why the show was not running for a while. The issue now is mechanical.
  10. He's not talking about the noise from the resistor banks. He means the noises from the ride unit itself. I agree the noises would seem odd to a random guest, however I think the fact that it's in a metal building makes it worse than it would be outside with ambient noise.
  11. I have no way of taking pictures on me right now, but I'm sure someone here will sometime today.
  12. Son of Beast has reopened today, July 4.
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