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  1. stashua123

    KI tickets

    Today has been extremely busy for a Wednesday. BAF Day yes but the past weeks of Wednesday's haven't even been close to these levels. Height wall had a line to the KI Theatre.... It has picked up a bit during the weekdays since the heat wave ended.
  2. stashua123

    KI tickets

    I know they did this last year through that time.
  3. stashua123

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    "I don't do rollercoasters, I do shopping." (Sassy girl at bottle cart) "Think tall thoughts" (parent to kid at height wall)
  4. stashua123

    Mystic Timbers employees rude

    KI does not have the same target market for associates and guests as Disney World does. I will say this, I love my job. I take pride in what I do. I worked in food service at LaRosas before deciding to come to work at Kings Island. It was perhaps the best decision I have made in my life in all honesty. You get to know so many amazing people. 85% of the people I talk to are people I have met because of working at Kings Island. You could say that going to work their is no different than other places for those who do not enjoy the job. But almost everyone I talk to enjoys their job and truly enjoy the people you meet while working. I come into work smiling and 99.5% of the time I leave work smiling even more. I would say the majority of people that work at Kings Island consider it a great and special place to work at. The locker policy is something I have come to agree with. Bins signficantly slow down operations and leave a chance for valuable items to be stolen. Fanny packs as of this year have been banned due to now being considered a loose article on some intense rollercoasters.
  5. stashua123

    KI tickets

    Those prices are for the Columbus area only and have to be purchased while you are PHYSICALLY IN COLUMBUS. Same with the Indy Bundle..
  6. It does seem to be industry wide with many other parks I have been to not having as much people as one would expect. Theme parks have been posting incredible growth since 2010... its bound to have a down year after so many successful and growing years. The 2018 Season during the initial Opening Weekends was incredibly slow, we did not get busy in the park in a day up until Early-Mid May... I blame this entirely on the incredibly cold spring Ohio had up until the second weekend in May. You may not think weather affects operation and attendance but it truly does. The hot weather in late June and early July discouraged many to go to the main park. Soak City was incredibly crowded but it does not "soak" in as much people like Kings Island does. The remark during Coasterstock that 2017 had the best attendance since the 1998 season is not surprising to me if found to be true. 2017 was incredibly busy. Mystic Timbers was a big part of that. The park was great and fairly consistently busy. This year has been more affected by the varying weather than last year.
  7. stashua123

    KI tickets

    Their are no discounts unforunately if you have a Knotts Gold Pass.... if you have a KI Gold Pass Member or a Platinum Pass Member with you you can get a discounted 45$ ticket on non bring a friend days. IF you are going back for two visits I highly recommend the gate ticket. While being $70 it does include two non consecutive visits. You can use your second visit any day we are publicly operating through October 28th for free.
  8. stashua123

    It's time for KI to get a new front gate!

    I personally am for a renovation of the building. But I don't think a new front gate would do too much. Being in admissions one grows accustomed to their work environment. And the front gate plaza area definitely serves it's purpose well. Handles enough crowds. A bit of a modernization would make an already good but dated design perfect.
  9. stashua123

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    "Can you give me the 5 dollars in change in quarters? I want to monopolize the white water canyon geysers" (unknown guest at my sales window) Of course I obliged.
  10. stashua123

    Coasterstock 2018

    Scattered thunderstorms that pop up due to daytime heating become norm in cincinnati by may. Theirs nothing you can really do about it. And according to the weather channel it's not an extremely high chance. Last year it rained and stormed both days but we all still had a great time! You'll find something to do during the storm.
  11. stashua123

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    'Does a gold pass get you in for free?" Nooo... you just spent $137 on a brand new pass just to get charged admission everytime. --------- I was directing guests to exit to the right this past Sunday due to the storm. Many guests just don't understand you have to go ALL the way to the right. So many were trying to cut through open admissions turnstiles and closed ones too! You should have heard my voice when redirecting. I sounded like a security guard haha. [emoji4] One of them in particular did not like being directed to the right by me. And so. She shouted... "COOOOOOOOOLLLL" and proceeded to leave. Oh the darndest things.
  12. stashua123

    Kentucky Kingdom

    They certainly have a waayyyyyyy better waterpark imho. Kk I think is starting to draw ki's attention but I don't think it's to the level of 1998 SFKK V KI.
  13. stashua123

    Kentucky Kingdom

    The thing is. They did not overbuild to that degree. They had a sharp spike and were prepared for it. Geaugua lake was not. Kentucky kingdoms downfall was the neglect and poor upkeep and service by six flags from 1998 onwards
  14. stashua123

    Kentucky Kingdom

    That ended up well for the time. Kentucky kingdom was purchased by premier parks in July 1997. Their attendance skyrocketed to 1.3 million. Because of premier parks and later six flags neglect and lack of upkeep after 2000... They allowed the park to decline.
  15. stashua123

    Kentucky Kingdom

    That didn't stop hart from being the first independent theme park company to purchase a b&m rollercoaster in 1997.