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  1. I believe if you upgraded(renewed) to platinum you would get your cards next year, but this may have changed this year. If it prompts at Turnstiles for you to get a new card more than likely they will get you one, otherwise you would get the new card next year.
  2. This makes me so happy! So glad you were able to get them without them knowing, pretty impressive!
  3. You would have to be present in order to pick them up at the front gate sales windows. After you get the tickets that people whom they are for do not have to go in the park at the same time as you in order to get in
  4. They would have to be present in order to get the passes processed unfortunately. If processing is ever closed, the sales windows in front can also take pictures and process
  5. WindSeeker was up and running when I was last at Carowinds on 8/3/2019. However I noticed it was running really punny, like at 1/3 speed that Kings Island's does.
  6. Coaster-net has always seemingly been more cynical with KI than most coaster and themepark fansites I have come across. Definitely reaching for a story. Their facebook article links also tend to be extremely clickbaiting in nature.
  7. Dining and Drink Plans purchased for 2020 do not work until then, and will not work for 2019.
  8. I will be at the park as a guest tommorow in full anticipation! I cannot wait!!!
  9. Kentucky kingdom hosted 32000 guests over the past weekend. Including a record breaking 18,484 guests on Saturday. This is the most the park has seen since reopening in 2014. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2019/08/11/kentucky-kingdom-sets-single-day-weekend-attendance-records/1982392001/
  10. Front gate is usually priced more than online as well but the processing fee usually evens it out if you purchase three or more tickets. And yes I will be among those making my pilgramage to Holiday World for Holiwood Nights and the Event at Kentucky Kingdom on that Sunday! I am extremely surprised I have heard very little amounts of people commenting on the fact that the trims on Racer's turnaround are gone (or were gone when I rode in early May), the second half had very strong airtime!
  11. Playing devils advocate he said Banshee was a wing coaster lol.
  12. k, you're welcome!!!!!!
  13. The sense of entitlement I am reading in this thread has driven me to post. We are incredibly lucky to be possibly getting such a great addition to the park. And those who seem bothered over what may or may not be true (those footings prints look pretty real but I have my questions about the full ride layout) just dont seem to be seeing the bigger picture. Kings Island has the perfect market to draw from. A loyal base of guests and passholders any other park in north america would dream of. Since 2007 we have consistently gotten major investment. Yes Cedar Point and carowinds may have gotten larger investments. But I don't think since before the days of paramount our park atmosphere has ever felt so complete and inviting. This year the small things... racer going trimless... the glockenspiel... the soon to be completed fountains. It all looks amazing. City population doesnt matter. Cincinnati is within a days drive to half the country's population. Why else did Amazon choose cvg as their cargo hub for prime air? I could agree with the outdoing cp sentiments if this was dick kinzel era Cedar Fair. Absolutely disagree at the moment. Mystic Timbers was a perfect addition. Banshee as well. Diamondback was amazing. All of these were perfect for our park already full of amazing rollercoasters. The terrain this coaster may take advantage of will allow for many great things in my opinion. I think we need to wait and see. It's only may. Many rides on paper dont look exciting but turn out to be blockbusters (maverick) In comparison to other former paramount parks, other than carowinds I must say we have been sweetened with major investment. When did kings dominion last get a new coaster from the ground up? 2010. Michigan's adventure? 2004(??) Believe me. We are not getting the short hand of the stick. 3 new coasters in a decade. Put things in perspective. Enjoy this season. The new changes. The little ones. Finding out what's coming. Wait and see..... And be grateful despite it possibly not being what was expected that we are getting an amazing addition. *leaves soapbox*
  14. Apologies for not saying hi! If it was Saturday that was a busy day Haha. I personally think that its partly because I have muscle underneath the fat. But the fat needs to be gone! Haha. People say that to me all the time that I dont look like I weigh as much as I do.
  15. This was me 3 years ago opening day 2016. I lost about 10 pounds and was able to start riding again with multiple pushes. Steel vengeance being a walk of shame is what motivated me to really lose weight. I peaked at 335-340 in early 2016. As late as August 2018 I weighed in at 332 pounds. As of right now I weigh in at 270. I'm 6"6 which really helps and very evenly proportioned. I'm able to fit on everything at the park without hassle. Wear really thin shorts. That should really help make the difference. Coming in and not having to be stapled to ride is such a reward. I can even buckle myself into Banshee now.
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