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  1. KI Computer Systems that create the KI Best Day

    In admissions at ticket sales I work with computers and systems every single shift. And if you need to know more you can pm me. I probably don't know as much as IT but I know quite a bit.
  2. Kentucky Kingdom

    I wonder. They said record breaking year. What was attendance?
  3. Final ride of the Season (Winterfest excluded)

    Last ride of the year was Diamondback!
  4. Member's Reputation

    I do have a question. Me being on tapatalk I used to get notifications when I got a like on my post. Now I get nothing. Is there anything to change that?
  5. Processing office hours

    Ticket windows open up approximately an hour before the park opens. By the time security opens we're open. Ticket windows close usually an hour before the park closes unless it is a crowded day. Then we stay open a bit longer. When we stop selling, guest services is where you go till the park closes. Awww thanks. it was nice giving you a pass haha.
  6. Employee Comp Ticket

    They should work until Winterfest but some of my coworkers have said the end of Haunt, so I am about as confused as anyone else.
  7. Kentucky Kingdom

    I visited Kentucky Kingdom for the first time this year and in total three times this year and it is one great park. I truly loved the place. Its such an oddly quirky place that feels all great and awesome. Has a nice theme park and a great waterpark and a park that if I am doing both parks that I may run out of time before the end of the day trying to ride everything. Ed Hart has done some great things with this place and I cant wait to come back. Here are some pictures I took on 7/5, 7/23 and 8/7/2017
  8. GM - Mike Koontz interview

    Really liked the interview!
  9. Guests Say The Darnest Things

    "I thought Mystic Timbers was just a redo of The Beast where it now goes out to the woods!!!"
  10. Best GP comments of 2017

    "I thought Mystic Timbers was just a redo of The Beast where it now goes out to the woods!!!"
  11. How is it like working at KI

    I have been working at KI for 5 months and I cannot overstate enough just how much I enjoy it. My friend circle has increased dramatically. And I learn skills that cannot be taught except when one is on the job. Haunt and Winterfest will be very interesting. And I know that there is no way I am not applying for next year to return, I just enjoy it so much. Sure some days can be long and hard and grueling, but having a bunch of coworkers you like in the same building makes everything better. I would recommend anybody who wants to work here to apply next year. Admissions is the department I work at and I enjoy almost every second of it.
  12. What could 2018 bring KI

    O miserum mattius. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Not THAT long mind you.
  13. What could 2018 bring KI

    You at least avoid 71 till past Pfeiffer by picking me up.
  14. Haunt Or WinterFest?

    Your the guy who constantly plays awesome Christmas music in his car so I can already see you'll love winterfest. [emoji4]
  15. The compliment thread

    Whomever was the ride op at Kentucky Kingdom lightning run yesterday. I would like to thank so much. See everytime I've been to Kentucky kingdom. I have NEVER been able to fit on lightning run. And have had countless walks of shames. She recognized me from the last time I was at the kingdom. And I told her. Yeah. Probably wouldn't fit. Then she had a bright idea. "Hey. We usually get them big people in on rows 6 or 7. Let's try that!" She got me out of my row and took me up to row 6 right. Pushed me down as best as she could. And she looked back. And the guy gave a thumbs up. She gave me the biggest highfive. Said you fit! And told everyone to clap and say he gets to ride! I hadn't smiled that big in a while. And after my rides on storm chaser I went to guest relations and gave her a guest compliment. She deserved it. She went out of her way for me. Great hour at Kentucky Kingdom.