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  1. Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2020/03/16/kualoa-ranch-employee-with-no-travel-history-tests-positive-coronavirus/%3foutputType=amp
  2. ** correction to above. ^ There was the first community spread case announced today in Oahu. Source: I'm in hawaii and watch hawaii local news lol. The big island so far has had no cases.
  3. I would be very, very surprised to see KI or other April opening parks open on time.
  4. I am not speaking for the park. Just from my observations. If we get to 2000 cases nationwide before April, I would not be surprised to see such actions.
  5. And yeesh, just found this on Yahoo finance... Six Flags Deadline Alert: Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Encourages Investors Who Suffered Losses Exceeding $50,000 In Six Flags Entertainment Corporation To Contact The Firm https://finance.yahoo.com/news/six-flags-deadline-alert-faruqi-143200415.html
  6. Those results by Six Flags are incredibly atrocious, and amongst the worst earnings misses I have seen so far this year. Cedar Fair, even discounting the Schlitterbahn parks from the equation, still had 5% yoy attendance growth. I can attest personally to Kings Island being and feeling busier in 2019 than 2018, especially during the Gran Carnivale and Halloween Haunt. For Kings Island to be doing great even if it is a mature park as Zimmerman described in the earnings call speaks to the Cedar Fair model. Cedar Fair has room to relax now after 2018 being slightly challenging. I feel that they are focusing more on the bottom line than boosting the share price, which while may not cause the stock to skyrocket, leads to better long term results. Six Flags suddenly went from being HIGHLY successful in 2018 compared to Cedar Fair (at one point being priced at 70$ a share to Cedar Fair's 50 in mid-2018) to completely struggling out of nowhere. Many analysts and investors were incredibly surprised, which does not happen to the magnitude of Q4 SIX earnings often. They were expecting EPS of 30 cents per share. It ended up being negative, HUGE miss. Something seems amiss, the CFO is retiring suddenly, the CEO left too.... this often happens before things hit the fan and it seems like things may be hitting the fan. I believe the rumored offer for FUN by SIX was a last ditch hedging and bluffing of their hand in order to expand, it seems oddly similar to Six Flags circa Y2K. But after that fell through, they realized they could not outrun the can any longer.
  7. I believe if you upgraded(renewed) to platinum you would get your cards next year, but this may have changed this year. If it prompts at Turnstiles for you to get a new card more than likely they will get you one, otherwise you would get the new card next year.
  8. This makes me so happy! So glad you were able to get them without them knowing, pretty impressive!
  9. You would have to be present in order to pick them up at the front gate sales windows. After you get the tickets that people whom they are for do not have to go in the park at the same time as you in order to get in
  10. They would have to be present in order to get the passes processed unfortunately. If processing is ever closed, the sales windows in front can also take pictures and process
  11. WindSeeker was up and running when I was last at Carowinds on 8/3/2019. However I noticed it was running really punny, like at 1/3 speed that Kings Island's does.
  12. Coaster-net has always seemingly been more cynical with KI than most coaster and themepark fansites I have come across. Definitely reaching for a story. Their facebook article links also tend to be extremely clickbaiting in nature.
  13. Dining and Drink Plans purchased for 2020 do not work until then, and will not work for 2019.
  14. I will be at the park as a guest tommorow in full anticipation! I cannot wait!!!
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