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  1. I'm probably the only one that's sad that Hollywood Nights is gone... I kinda liked the show!
  2. Thank you for having the bright idea of making a fantastic Kings Island fansite that is so much more than that. You created friendships and memories for many on here... including me. I'm glad I was finally really able to meet up with some kicers last year. Thank you for creating a website that means so much to so many people. Best of luck to you sir!
  3. 1. What is the best day ever at Kings Island that you have ever had? October 7th, 2016, bar none. With August 11th and July 28th falling in second and third respectively. 2. What is your favorite Kings Island flat-ride? (Past or Present!) Delirium of course! 3. Have you ever heard one of your favorite songs playing at Kings Island? If so then what song? Hmmm.... Ain't It Fun or Still Into You. 4. Should Kings Island make The Racer go backwards again? YES.... 5. What's the worst part of the off-season? the wait. 6. What do you think is in the shed? #WhatsInsideTheShed Special Showroom is my guess.
  4. Voyage.... by far... for me.
  5. GOT THE JOB!!! Sales Associate.... everyone in my group interview was hired.... They said they were impressed with my deep knowledge of KI things such as FunPix, etc. and everything about KI and thought I would be great in Sales... WOOOOOOOTWOOOOOT.
  6. Got the call after passing yet another Temps test... they asked me a few questions... Interview... tommorow at 2:00! Very surprised and delighted!!!! WISH ME LUCK! I HOPE I GET THE JOB!
  7. I was in the passenger seat and not driving so dont worry.
  8. Passed by ki in an afternoon rendezvous. Really nice seeing it pop out at ya! (Taken in the passenger seat of a car driving on Kings Island drive)
  9. Still so happy you got the job VortexBFForever!! And congrats to anyone else who has gotten a job! Love reading this thread.... it really provides insight to working at KI... I decided to apply because I was thinking like I am there all the time already (19 times I went last year lol) so I might as well apply to wait and see... I applied around 3 weeks ago.... hopefully I will hear back in Febuary I am going to keep my job at LaRosas and work at Kings Island as well... I need the money lol because I am getting no financial assistance for college tuition and you know other fun stuff! I am open to any position... I applied to Admissions but anything else (well except for food because I already work food at La Rosas lol) would be great... I would just be a little nervous with rides because I would feel a bit of stress putting thousands of lives on the line everyday with operating a ride safely and efficiently.... I would probably be so nervous to do that... because the OCD and anxiety inside me would drive me a bit insane.... but if I did rides I would probably get accustomed to it... I will probably be able to drive by the begining of summer.... gas isnt too much an issue... as my job at LaRosas would quite literally supplment that cost. (I live 25-35 minutes away from the park) Keeping the job at LaRosas may lead to an uncomfortable talk with my manager... but he only schedules me one shift a week and I NEED more hours than that but even when I asked to be scheduled more I didnt get it... (Saturday Nights is when I work) And a bunch of factors lead to me wanting to apply and get another job.... I have done job interviews before... I can be a little nervous but I am usually quite open by the end... heck I even uploaded my resume... I really think my MDA Camp Counselor experience is going to look good on my resume. I really really hope I get the job... if I only work day shifts I could like spend the whole day afterwords there lol.... wouldnt mind that a bit! Any advice for me?
  10. Which was discontinued for the horrible tragedy that happened at the 2003 one...
  11. 11 I believe.
  12. Guessing this is coming to other Cedar Fair parks... Looks nice!
  13. Just got my paycheck tonight and used half of it.... Purchased my ticket! 3 pm Beast Tour WOOOO.... This will be other than National Rollercoaster Day my first real enthusiast event... Cant wait.....! Will probably arrive on Friday afternoon afterschool for check in....
  14. RIP Vortex sign. Taken at 7:50 pm closing day. Just happened to take one last loop around the park. Shedding a tear even then that the season was over. Little did I know this would be the last photo I would get of The Vortex sign.
  15. Well I AM a season passholder... I guess that is what I was thinking lol