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Status Updates posted by stashua123

  1. I will not update this status until Kings Island gets a Giga Rollercoaster! :)

  2. I cant believe it is already march.

  3. Having a KI FEELING!

  4. Is posting regularly now.

  5. Will be in hiatus for 3 1/2 days due to a School Trip to Minden, West Virginia. No electronic devices allowed. Oh and great KICentral event.

  6. Kentucky Kingdom reopening, Flying Turns testing, Ring Racer reopening? All is well in the coaster world. All we need is holiday world to put timberliners on voyage and its perfect!

    1. VortexBFForever


      I'm so glad that KK is reopening! I can't wait to go there when that special time comes (that 'special time' would be the day of my very first trip). :)

    2. stashua123
  7. What happened to the reds hall of fame grille contest?

  8. What happened to the reds hall of fame grille contest?

  9. What happened to the reds hall of fame grille contest?

  10. What happened to the reds hall of fame grille contest?

  11. Are You Going to Opening Day ohiocolts?

    1. ohiocolts


      Maybe. If I can it will be in the afternoon, but I'm hoping I can.

    2. stashua123


      Thanks I would like to see you again like KIC Haunt day. Hope Your their-stashua123(Joshua)

  12. 33 Days until KI opens Cant wait until the FUN begins

  13. Cant wait until Opening Day!

  14. Cant wait until Opening Day!

  15. i got an ipod for my birthday!

    1. Original


      5? Get me one too.

    2. Original


      Never mind, santa got me one. ;)

  16. going to KI haunt tonite!

  17. warning anyone that gets on boo blasters... there are 2 scare actors. i learned that lesson myselft :I

  18. Going to haunt today!

  19. does anyone like my new photo?

  20. Im going either this friday or this saturday to Halloween Haunt

  21. Im going to Halloween Haunt tonite. Wish me luck O_O

  22. im going to try to go to Halloween Haunt this week

  23. My Uncle Died this morning. So i dont think ill be able to attend Halloween Haunt opening days.

  24. exactly 1 MONTH till my BirthDay! Im gonna be 13!

    1. VortexBFForever


      Hey you were born about 7.5 months after I was! Cool! (I'm 13) When you birthday comes, I'll wish you a good one. ;)

    2. stashua123
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